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My first small zine is ready for consumption! Limited run of 100, boosts appreciated!

#Photography #BlackAndWhite #BlackAndWhitePhotography #Monochrome #minimalism #abstractphotography #abstract #zine

The image displays an open book on a gray fabric surface, showing two black and white photographs spread across both pages. On the left side, there is an abstract composition with three white circles, which appear to be suspended, against a background of dark, diagonally-striped patterns. On the right side, the photo depicts a large white circle with a dark horizontal line through its center, creating a bold contrast. The circle appears to be glowing, with a halo-like effect, against a dark background. Both images exhibit a play of geometry and contrast, focusing on shapes and the interplay of light and shadow.
The image shows an open book with two black and white photographs on a gray fabric surface. On the left page, there's a close-up photograph of what appears to be palm fronds or similar long, narrow leaves extending diagonally across the frame from bottom left to top right, with their pointed tips lit up, creating a sense of depth and texture. The right page features a photograph with a pattern of parallel diagonal lines filling the frame, creating a visual rhythm and the illusion of movement or vibration. The lines have varying widths and spacing, suggesting they might be shadows or reflections on a ridged surface. The contrasting textures and patterns of both images create a dynamic visual experience.

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