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@DemocracySpot that is such an awesome photo - first thing that popped into my head is... It's the End of the World as we know it. . .

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Thanks for saying so! That's always great to hear. 😊

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Waldorf-Astoria Hotel (with neighbors), NYC, 2017.

Luxury pixels at

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@plantarum There are two main differences: first, perspective in post eats a lot of pixels, and requires that you have sufficient space in the frame around the subject to work with.

Second, it's almost impossible to do accurately, especially if you don't have extremely accurate orientation sensors in the camera (and they go out of calibration easily). MUCH more reliable to level the camera on the X/Y axes with a spirit level when capturing the image.

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I make mostly (but not exclusively) B&W images (at least for my fine art work). Is it worth using a dedicated monochrome sensor?

Most digital cameras are designed to record color, using a special mask in front of the sensor called a "Bayer filter". This allows color information to be derived from the raw sensor output, which otherwise would just record brightness. But the Bayer filter can also reduce effective resolution of the image a bit.

So what's the tradeoff?

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I should also mention that I'm only considering technical tradeoffs here. You might decide you want to use an achromatic sensor because you prefer the traditional B&W workflow or to maintain compatibility with a particular film or whatever, and that's absolutely legitimate. I'm discussing here only how the choice of sensor affects the final image.

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It's also worth noting that almost everything mentioned here about workflow applies equally well to the question of whether you should shoot with color film to make B&W prints.

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Today I tried working with f stop and a sprinkler. 3.2 is pretty as is 32 but 14 was kind of ugly so I didn't post it.

#Photography #BloomScrolling #Iris

Same basil plant at f stop 32 the water droplet pathways leave a line across the image
A purple iris is shown up close and personal


A couple of fly agarics (Amanita Muscaria) growing among blueberry shrubs

#fungifriday #photography #nature #naturephotography #mosstodon #macrophotography

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📷 New post on @glass I posted on my blog about my DIY indoor greenhouse built in an IKEA cabinet 🪴(link in profile)

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Friday, May 24 🌺

  1. Homemade won ton soup last night but made with P.F. Chang dumplings, which I guess makes it dumpling soup. TGTBTASE (Too Good To Be True And So Easy)!
  2. I’m a big fan of Aussie film/tv and of actor Simon Baker - found two newish movies of his: “Limbo,” which was EXCELLENT, and “Blaze” which I saved to watch today. Yay. 🍿🍿
  3. Vagabond son & DIL sent these pics of Canyonlands NP.

Black-and-white image of desert hills with a bare, dead tree as the center focal point. A few clouds dot the gray sky.
Two sedimentary monument structures divided by a U-shaped empty area in the Southwest desert. Sagebrush & mesquite fill the foreground.

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@cynblogger ooh I love Simon Baker too, adding those movies to my list 👍

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(“Limbo” didn’t come up on (Prime) search for me, but it did appear in Baker’s list of movies & was rentable from Amazon — weird little glitch.)

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snapped these cats napping on the steps in Chefchaouen

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I enjoyed this view from my bedroom window when staying in Buonconvento at the end of April. I shot several rolls of film on my trusty Rollei AFM, but hand-delivered most of them to a local lab. I did, however, mail a short, short roll (three exposures) to a faster processor. Here's one frame.

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A couple of weeks ago, I was able to witness the #NorthernLights over #RathlinIsland, I managed to capture this image, you could feel the ambience.

#photography #NorthernIreland #island #nature #landscape #seascape #scenery #stilllife #aurora #borealis #auroraborealis

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nice! 🤩

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