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[Bug] `text-to-image-plugin` sometimes stuck on "Processing" until I hover over or scroll until the edge touches the image generation frame(s)

This is a problem that I’ve been encountered very often but not as inconvenient as the previous bugs I’ve been reported on this community. It was stuck on “Preparing” or “Preprocessing” even though console messages already told me that the image had already been generated successfully, and the only way to reveal the...

Advice on Warhammer Dice Roller

I wanted to try out using Perchance for one of my hobbies which is Warhammer. Wanted to try out making a dice roller. I got the user input on how much dice they are rolling, but after that I am a bit lost. Parts I need help on are how to make them roll like 10 different dice and show the individual values, how I can add...

[Question] Is there a way to style the Gallery Background? (

There is a style option and the background can be styled, but it seems to be styling a div ‘behind’ the gallery which is only visible in weird flashes when scrolling. try style = background-color:rgb(0,255,0); in a gallery to see what i’m talking about. Would love to make the background of beautiful people black to match...

Tip: If your title and/or $meta.description doesn't include the specific keywords/terms that people are likely to type in a web search, then it makes it much harder for people to find your generator

For example, if you’ve made a world building religion generator, and you title it “The Arch Bible” or something like that (i.e. something that’s more of a “brand” than a “description”), then people won’t be able to use a web search engine to find it unless they already know its name. In other words, people...

The very first reiteration of the Power Generator Manager. (

I’ve sort of quietly released my very basic, very simple, very first reiteration of the Power Generator Manager, like when this is was an ordinary minimal generator that I created the original base of the hub page and then clicking on the save button, which eventually lead to the creation of it. This was done in the...

The Comments Plugin's notifications feature + additional caveats, tips and other things

Remember when the Dev @perchance made a post months ago -, where they had just announced that feature for the comments-plugin? I was about to reply to that post, but I can’t find it on my home instance, so I decided to make a new post to address something about that feature....

[Bug?] Equals in dynamic odds warning, although I'm not assigning a value into anything

The last time I checked my Example Page Generator, I’ve found some warnings that says that I have some strange dynamic odds in the list code, even though it wasn’t all about assigning variables in those things. All I was trying to do is to filter the examples based on the user using Perchance syntax (for reference):...

Small QoL suggestion!

Hi, I’m using perchance AI image generator for a few days, and it’s excellent, something’s been bugging me. While AI is probably training itself in the process, extensively so, it doesn’t keep track of certain flags, say, color of the hat, or some shape is different. Is there a way to let AI know “Hey, I want certain...

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