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I hate to say it, but good. I feel for those losing their jobs, but it’s time to bring back smaller game dev companies that produce titles of substance.


100% agreed. We don’t need games filled with padding content and realistic graphics. We need FUN games.


What are you talking about!!! Halo, Call of Duty, and Battlefield are all really fun games and absolutely totally unique. When a sequel comes out its multiplayer is amazing right away and all the best playlists are there with tons of maps right away! I never have to ask “why didn’t they include the playlist or mode from the last one that everyone loved” just to wait a year for some DLC that is the exact thing from the prior game.

cough nuketown cough

Halo specifically even gets the community involved by letting them make maps and then using those maps to deliver new experiences for players. They never reuse parts of maps in other maps that could be seen as lazy or obvious.

Just in case people can’t tell from my tone /s.


You forgot that they also have more than one rock model!



Halo is unique. At a time when the military shooter genre was closed in terrestrial (or at best, mars) spaces, Halo presented natural environments filled with gorgeous alien architecture that presents an ancient mystery and a sense of wonder at the scale and the age of a place. Perfectly augmented by the monk-like vocalisations, Halo defies the conventions of military shooters by putting you in a beautiful place that you have to explore, and slowly come to understand.


There’s a ton of fun games out there. The number of great 5-10 hour indie/small studio games I’ve played via gamepass is huge. There’s even more fun games today than in the past, IMO, you just have to look a bit deeper.

I do feel the age of lots of great AAA games is behind us, so many of these are design by committee due to how much money is involved. There are still some great ones every few years, but it’s the exception, not the norm.


Indeed, not only indies but also AA games. I just have finished playing Risk of Rain 2. It’s been 70 hours of fun an it cost me under €20.


You finished it in 70 hours!

Damn, I’ve been at it for 700 and I still don’t have eclipse 8 on everyone.


Hehe, by finishing it I mean beating it on Moonson and unlocking all items, a few artifacts plus a couple of skins. I’m taking a break for now until i get the void and storm expansions.


“Bring back”? They already exist. There are an endless number of small devs out there. Most of them don’t have good games, let alone “titles of substance”, so you have to do some work yourself to find the good stuff rather than expecting a constant stream of approved content to just fall in your lap.

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I think you know exactly what I mean, but just want to argue.


People don’t read minds. You either write so your post is understandable, or not. Which you have failed, since yeah - plenty of smaller devs doing small things and it isn’t clear what you are advocating for. Splitting up studios? Lone wolves who make the game for 10 years?


I have absolutely no idea what you meant if you don’t think the reply is a relevant response.


Wow, that triggered my trauma really bad for a split second. I used to get told that all the time when I was a kid, just because I was curious and neurodivergent. Eventually I came to see that sentence as a symbol of the poor empathy of neurotypicals for autistic people, and of ableism in general. If you said that in my house to a member of my family you’d probably start a domestic incident, because every autistic person I know has a similar experience.

wesker, (edited )
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I’m sorry I triggered you, earnestly. And your point of view is valid.

My comment wasn’t intended to shoot down questions or discussions. I made my comment out of frustration, because on this platform there is a lot of nitpicking and assumption, but without actual open dialogue. Had the person I responded to seemed to be interested in my perspective, I would have gladly engaged. Instead, they seemed to have made an assumption about my meaning and told me I was wrong. I don’t engage with people like that.

Nevertheless, I apologize.


it's time to bring back smaller game dev companies that produce titles of substance

Just want to point out, the latest round was Microsoft closing smaller studios, with very well received titles, they had bought so that they can focus more on large "blockbuster" titles. The layoffs is the exact opposite of what you want happening

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It’s not. Microsoft owning smaller studios isn’t what I want in the first place.


Yeah, that’s part of what’s killing them. They closed the studio behind Hi-Fi Rush despite it being incredibly well received. It’s just not big enough a giant company like MS. Fuck them. We need smaller companies not under one of the three or four giants.

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