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That’s sad. Helldivers 2 slaps and the developers have to go through this because Sony fucked up.


Yeah, I’ve been on the discord yesterday for a while, and it is a constant torrent of nerd rage and hateful messages for the community manager. While I have requested a refund myself as well and am also really pissed about this change, I realize the poor schmock who is paid to talk nice to the players isnt at fault here but gets all the shit.


I feel exactly zero sympathy for them at this point. All they had to do for the narrative to be 'Fuck Sony' instead of 'Fuck Arrowhead and Sony' was nothing. Sony cannot compel speech out of employees of companies in EU member states.

Unless the objective was to generate as much hate and aggro as possible, in which case these clown tier responses were perfect.

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Nerd Rage has never accomplished anything. It hurts the wrong people and the best part is, the companies will continue to flourish, this includes the guilty ones. Gamers are some of the least consequential people on this planet after all. It is absolutely ok to vent your frustration and demand a refund. Voting with your wallet is a great way actually. But going for a community manager is just cruel and childish.


Yeah no protest ever brought about change



That community manager is also utterly incompetent at their job, which made this worse for Arrowhead than it had to be.


Make a deal with the devil, and the cost might be your soul


What did Sony do?


Requiring a PSN account to play the game.


Ah! Even on Steam? Foolish.

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as far as I’ve understood it, the main issue of the account lies in the fact that the game has been sold on regions which either cannot make a psn account, OR are allowed to link their steam account to the PSN account.

So basically, for quite a few people this means the requirement will lock them out of the game. Sure, VPN’s and linking accounts outside of their home region is apparently possible, but then they run the risk of getting their account(s?) banned.

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Does this qualify the game for a refund under Steams EULA at all?


Normally not if you played more then two hours. But Steam is making a special exception and allowing refunds anyway.


The real problem for me is the fact this could have been implemented at launch…no reason not to except it would just hurt sales. How many people actually read the fine print of all the games they buy? I would never expect to create a PSN account if I’m playing on PC. Just sneaky dirty tactics not to mention the whole point of this is not to ban players easily its so Sony can suck up that data…


The incredible stupidity and vitriol of gamers is hilarious.

Install rootkit: 😎

Create PSN account: 🤬


Yeah, I’m happy they drew any line at all. But it is perplexing why that is where they drew the line instead of at infecting their computers with a rootkit.

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I feel bad for Arrowhead. Sony fucked them over and it’s not going to take any of the backlash, they will.

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Arrowheads response to this was to sic their community managers on people and blame the community for being too lazy to “make a throwaway account to make yet another account for a game”


As far as we can tell that was never an order or anything. The CMs seem to be cracking under pressure.

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idk, helldivers going from insanely popular to universally reviled is gonna hurt future deals with Sony. why would any indie or medium sized dev risk doing business with Sony when Sony will randomly push the “destroy game and profitability and reputation” button? this will decrease the number of people willing to publish titles through Sony. “oh you went with Sony? you must want to kill your game lmao”


I was thinking about buying the game since it was a massiv hit. But guess I will pass now. Even though it wouldn’t affect me as PS5 player. I just can’t support such decisions.

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Wish people had got this animated over the discount rootkit it shipped with.

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Yes! Thank you! I’m puzzled by all these people who are revolting over a big publisher account but would take second helpings of a rootkit.


I wasn’t ecstatic about GG nPlayProtect either (though the fact that it runs in Linux userspace makes it okay for me). I don’t think people would be outraged as much if PSN account was always enforced or the timelines for how long one could “skip” the integration was made clear in game and in community announcements.

The issue I think is that Sony and Arrowhead are making it users’ fault for their arbitrary change for not reading the fine print, yet they are selling it in places that wouldn’t legally be able to access it after the enforced mandate.

I think similar hell would be raised if GG nPlayProtect or some other anticheat had a malfunction so it was disabled for sometime post launch, then later enforced and again blaming the players for not knowing better.


Good. Informative user review update for people like me who haven’t bought the game yet.



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    What else is going to increase the chances of PSN reversal or send a message that companies need to be more careful in the future in handling sudden forced requirements like this. It isn’t going to be boycotts because most don’t follow up.


    Saw that coming. No doubt Arrowhead will be taking the punishment for Sony’s poor business decisions.

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