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I thinked create a thread to talk about music and movies site ratings FOSS , since dont exist any good thing about it. Hope your project going well. Wish you all the sucess.

I hope someday , someone can do that but for music. I dont understand anything about programming , so yeah. Maybe I should learn…


Very cool, thanks for sharing! Might be a better alternative to manually tracking them on IMDB, or Letterboxed like I currently do


This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, sometimes I get a couple people together to binge watch a bunch of movies by X actor and we rank all the movies they were in

I’m watching two specific issues on this repo that would be very helpful for that use case


I recently set up and started using MediaTracker for this purpose. It’s kind of barebones, but functional. Seems like its biggest difference with movary is that it also covers TV, ebooks, audiobooks, and games.

I have a little section for movies and books on my website and i’ve been working on a script to automatically pull those lists and reviews from MediaTrackers api each time I build my site.

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I think another difference is that Movary has some more social features, web sites to track the media you consume often allow you to follow people with the same tastes, see how other people rated things, have recommendations, stats, etc.

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Looking at the installation instructions, it requires you to run database migrations manually with every image docker image update. Does this mean that running watchtower is going to bork this thing?

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It’s still in alpha, so maybe, I guess you could open an issue and ask about it, maybe even help. 😁

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That's not a bad idea. Surely it could be automated within the image. If my ADHD allows me I might take a look at it later. :D

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