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Ente: Open-Source, E2E Encrypted, Google Photos Alternative



It’s a paid service with free trial.

Penguincoder, (edited )

Any connection to EteSync?

delirious_owl, (edited ) avatar

What’s the benefit of this over shotwell?

Why does it need to be encrypted if it never leaves my device? I dont get it


I don’t think it has anything to do with shotwell. This is a server software that you can now self host to host your photos


It does leave your device, it’s connecting to either self hosted or paid service cloud


Almost impossible to google for german users.




I’m looking a for photo-storage option for the long-run.

Open-source is not a must, but nice. E2E encryption is not a must, but nice.

I just want to place to store, edit(?), categorize, search, share my photos. And I don’t want to the place to be Google, Apple, or Microsoft. So, this does look interesting.

However, I also want to low-maintenance, low-cost, stable long-term solution. I value convenience.

What options should I consider?


Proton Drive just added photo backup to their app. It’s new, and lacking features, but automatic backups and sharing are working.

The whole proton suite is pretty good, I’ve been very pleased.


Indeed I’m very please by this new feature as well, I was waiting for it for quite some time. Although Proton values privacy, it’s still proprietary software, centralized and not self-hosted

bdonvr, (edited )

Immich is a perfect photos app, and although still under heavy development it is quite polished already.

Low maintenance depends on your definition I suppose. As it’s under heavy development you do need to often change the config with a new update.

But it has a Google Photos like interface, facial recognition and object/scene recognition and searchability (all of this is done locally on the server), etc.

reap, (edited )

What would be the best way to set it up on a raspberry pi, keeping in mind privacy & security?


Run the docker container rootless, password protect it, and don’t expose it to the Internet? Pretty much applies to any Docker container.


Immich is absolutely not perfect yet for every use case. A lot of people are looking for a photo server that can be used together with an existing Digikam archive and while Immich has recently added a read-only mode it still does not have good support for hierarchical tags which is necessary for that use case. I hope they will add that feature soon.


I’m looking a for photo-storage option for the long-run.

Open-source is not a must

If you’re looking for anything “for the long run” then open source should be a must, because everything else will eventually become unsupported and without source code access you’d have no recourse to continue maintaining it.


Agree for self-hosted apps. However I’m also looking for a service like that one by Here it’s more important that they continue to operate. Sure, with open-source you can self-host or find someone else, but this only works if the service is popular. Less popular open source apps disappaer when the developer gives up. The code would still available, but no one will keep it up-to-date.


And exactly this is why I use Google Photos in addition to hosting Photoprism. Google photos is too big to disappear overnight, but over the years I’ve seen nearly every open-source app I use go through the cycle of lost development interest. Eventually a dependency breaks and you’re back to searching for a new open source alternative or coffee to manually use some outdated dependency which from a security standpoint isn’t great.


I’m glad that they chose the AGPL when open-sourcing their server. I don’t see that many companies, especially ones offering a “product”, open-sourcing their work with a copyleft license.

poVoq, avatar

For now it seems like you need to modify and build the apps yourself to be able to use the newly open sourced backend server. This doesn’t make it very realistic to use for self-hosters.

If they ever change that, it might be worth another look.

grue, (edited )

If they’re nice enough to use the AGPL, I have some faith that they’ll also improve it for self-hosting.


Why should I use this over Immich?

PeachMan, avatar

Looks like it’s not really designed to be self hosted yet. So, if you’re self hosting, Immich is still probably the way.

avidamoeba, avatar

The amount of marketing on their pages is triggering my sus radar a bit.


Also, this exact post, down to the word structure, shows up in these and similar communities every once in a while. I’m convinced this is a dark pattern marketing scheme - pretending to be a good faith user in these communities while secretly pushing this app as the prime directive.

This is probably the third or fourth time I’m seeing this post.

Contend6248, (edited )

Some kind of marketing is better than having some or no documentation what it even does.

To be fair though, calling an open-source project “product” is really weird and gives away how they see it. As long as it’s free and the code is all there, the worst thing would be that the users have to migrate to a fork.

It is a paid service.

I’ll give it a spin

Nevermind, this isn’t self hosted. There is no way i upload all my pictures to anyone else, encrypted or not.

If anyone cares about a self-hosted solution:


It was a paid service and it still is a paid service. However, now that they open-sourced the server, you can self-host.

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