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A project I contributed a small amount to, recently added a license: and I thought no much of it, until they started claiming that this license is “open source”

I created a pull request to replace it with “source available” but was rejected

A warning to anyone who is interested contributing that this is not GPLv3 software it’s CommonsClaused 🔒

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@lil5 I further queried some of their thoughts in, in hopes to make them understand this is not open source, otherwise some folks can be stubborn to want to give themselves competitive advantage while using "open source" for marketing.

I've also added this as a case to track for

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@danb Thanks for linking to the other pull request, and for adding the project to that list I’ll be checking that list before contributing from now on.

I was one of the contributors to approve the license PR in the first place not knowing they’d call it open source or make GitHub think it’s licensed under the GPL.

This whole thing feels disingenuous at this point.

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@lil5 yeah, I came across that thread, thought it was pretty cheeky that the commons clause was cheekily added to the end of the license file, without making that clear in discussion.

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@danb And my GitHub account has been marked as spam, I’ve sent a support ticket promising never to do anything on Mlem again with a detailed record of my experience

I can still access my account but all #oauth connections have been severed, Login with GitHub doesn’t work now


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@lil5 @danb
This is straight from

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@0xSim @lil5 yeah, this was made clear to them in

Which turned into:

They're not willing to accept it though.

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