Old Computers

Psion Organizer II technical manual (sites.google.com)

The contents of this republished manual were salvaged from the Archived PSION2.ORG website created by Dave Woolnough and maintained by Jaap Scherphuis and Boris Cornet (RIP). It was compiled from various sources to give a complete description of how the operating system and hardware work together.

sprite animation toolkit (1992-1999) | dev-nonsense (dev-nonsense.com)

Ingemar Ragnemalm first released the Sprite Animation Toolkit (SAT) in 1992. “I have always liked to make computer games,” Ingemar wrote in the SAT manual. “It has been one of my hobbies since the late 70’s. When I started using Macs, of course I wanted to make some games for it too.” After writing many games, he had...

Teardown/Démontage d'un Minitel 2 (www.jelora.fr) French

Je dois avoir ce Minitel depuis au moins une dizaines d’années ! Je l’avais trouvé pour pas cher dans un vide-grenier. Mais ça faisait 8 ou 9 mois qu’il m'a laché après que j’ai fait joujou avec lui pendant pas mal de temps sur divers projets électroniques. Quand on appuyait sur la touche d’allumage [...]

Artdink Corp. – Developer Interviews (shmuplations.com)

Founded in 1986 and still active today, Artdink is a Japanese pc/console developer famous (in Japan, at least) for their simulation games. The first of these two interviews touches on the origins of Artdink and the A-train games. The second is an unusual interview for shmuplations in that it is focuses on the advertising and...

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