Couldn’t he just refused? Why kill yourself?


He was just a plane ride away from providing actual help with NGOs. The passion is remarkable but suicide is almost always a tragic waste of life.


Looks like he was fighting for justice and not against it


So what happen to this guy?

@seahorse@midwest.social avatar

Air force member who self-immolated outside the Israeli embassy



… ya cuz that will definitely stop them.


It is literally currently impacting US policy regarding Israel


What changes have been implemented as a result of this?


The Democratic Party is currently shifting its policies toward being tougher on Israel, focusing more on a ceasefire, etc


They were already doing that, though.


Not really!


We can’t ever know these things for sure, but President Biden’s rhetoric on Late Night sounded a lot tougher toward Israel than anything he’s said in public before. (That could also be the result of the Michigan primary today. Either way, it seems protest has had some effect.)


How dare you trivialize this person’s sacrifice you fucking waste of oxygen


He was a mentally ill person who committed suicide in public. The idf sucks dead donkey dicks but this has done absolutely nothing to stop them from killing and raping kids.


Being an able bodied young man this guy could have hopped on a plane and been a huge help to any NGO operating in the Israel/Gaza area providing actual direct help to people in their worst moments. The concern and passion about the situation is remarkable but there are way better ways to go about it than simply offing yourself publicly.


Protests do work. The reason that protests work is because they carry an inherent threat, that a group of people X care enough about situation Y to do Z act. Self-immolation is one of the absolute most extreme forms of protests, which carries an inherent message that people are willing to do a massive amount to upset the status quo if it continues.

I don’t think Self-immolation is a good thing, there are definitely better pathways to getting change, but in martyring himself, he’s put a huge slant against the IDF.


No he really hasn’t. Nobody outside of the gop and the idf themselves likes them. This was just a mentally ill person committing suicide in a grand fashion.


The DNC likes them too, it’s the American people that don’t. The American political apparatus still supports the IDF and genocide.


This is what they bring it down to:

An incident report filed by a Secret Service agent states that they “received a distress call regarding an individual exhibiting signs of mental distress outside the Israeli embassy.”

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I take it he was from Ohio?

@Ascrod@midwest.social avatar

Seems he was from Massachusetts, but apparently had connections to several Ohio groups. I had to hunt a bit for it.

“He seems to be associated with at least two Ohio-based anarchist organizations, Mutual Aid Street Solidarity and Burning River Anarchist Collective. Bushnell had the groups bookmarked on Facebook.”



He was my age…


Fuckin hell. So young and a brutal way to go.


I will no longer be complicit in genocide. Say it out loud.


How does a voting us citizen abstain from genocide?


I guess by burning yourself


What if I burn something that isn’t myself?


You guys really need some anti-genocide options on your ballot. I’m gonna get called Antigen for this, aren’t I?

Daft_ish, (edited )

Our ballot needs options, period. Ranked choice would go a long way but oppressors will never give the people theyre oppressing the tools to escape oppression.

The US ballot is damage control. You vote to minimize people’s suffering and that’s all you can basically do. It’s such bunk that we even get so worked up over the general election. We should spend more time focusing on our communities. Except the powers that be keep us busy with toil so we never get a chance to even field our local governments. Being a productive citizen takes a good amount of time. Capitalism refuses to budget us that time.

I am a firm believer if we kept everything about the US government the same but gave people back their free time we would see the country go through a whole new enlightenment.

It won’t happen. Except, I’ve been wrong.


Like what if we just stopped trying to make a buck for the Musk’s and Bezo’s. What if we focused our labor force on the essentials. Work from home, cripple the auto industry. Content yourself with having more processing power than you’ll ever need just in the palm of your hand. Reteach ourselves to cook for ourselves. Invest in infustracture and refurbish our run down cities.

Sorry, I was dreaming to myself again.


You are fighting an uphill battle. The mind rape is strong. Keep expressing truth and hope for the idea to reach critical mass. The bad thing about this is that US has so many firearms the potencial change could be bloody af. The “ruling” class and their cult-like followers will excite violence before relinquish their fake power.

Daft_ish, (edited )

Long gone are the days when love could conquer all. Long gone is my opportunity to live in an enlightened America. For all the other geezers out there; maybe we ought to prepare the ones who come after. They still have a chance.


Thanks for the reminder 🙏 Cheers

@DABDA@lemmy.world avatar

The most important thing to take away is that Hearsay Evidence deserves top billing in this message and their copyright must always be respected.


I too hope to die a horrible death one day so hearsay evidence can use my image for their messaging.


I’m actually scheduled to die specifically for a Hearsay message this Tuesday!
I’m their 10:45—had to schedule a month ahead

DarkNightoftheSoul, (edited )

I call it: “How to respect the rights of copyrights holders”, by DarkNightoftheSoul

I mean they did desaturate and cel-shade one of his facebook photos. C’mon, be cool, bro. Respect their rights. Do you have any idea how much time it takes to select a good font?


Desaturated, cel-shaded, and then added the orange glow of flames to one of his Facebook photos…


In fairness, I think Bushnell would not have minded that orange glow of flames bit.

@DABDA@lemmy.world avatar

Good point. We mustn’t let their efforts and sacrifice be forgotten or overshadowed by less important matters.


Well, you didn’t crop it


That’s because I’m very respectful of their rights as copyright holders. What’s this country come to if you cant make derivative works of original images without claiming copyrights?


Minor but important correction: “Free Palestine!” was vehemently exclaimed, not merely stated.

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