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SturgiesYrFase, in The way the letters line up
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I don’t see it…


Start at the Y for they and then move down diagonally left.

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Ahhh, got it!

mastod0n, in Wire management.

I do this, too on my hobby projects. Back when Twitter was still usable one post like this (only pictures) suddenly had 14k interactions. Until then I didn’t even realize people can be into wire management.

jqubed, in 7, 70, 70,000!
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Is 7 the gear you’re in?

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It is.

AppleMango, in 7, 70, 70,000!

Is there an unexpected factorial community here yet?

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Oh I need to look, sounds like my kind of content!



Or 10^10^5.49

Powers raised to powers get big fast

Blue_Morpho, in Wire management.

I clicked on the channel to get some background and only see shorts and a single full length video about knife sharpening. Am I missing something?

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I don’t think so. I think it’s just a regular dude with a very specific hobby and not a professional YouTuber. Maybe he just streams?

dog_, in Perfect Peel at the 11'8" Bridge

I love the can opener.

ReverendIrreverence, in Perfect Peel at the 11'8" Bridge
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The driver seems to not stop afterwards. There is absolutely no way they didn’t know something (bad) involving them just happened. WTF is up with that? Tickets should be issued for things like impeding the flow of traffic and littering as a start and if I was running that trucking company the driver would be out of a job as well.

Xanis, in Perfect Peel at the 11'8" Bridge

For the innocent few who are like, “What? No way this happens that often. People read signs.” I implore you to find a position within a retail setting for a week and report back.


Well yes and no. It only happens in places where the people designing the roads dropped the ball.

Everywhere I know near me where there is a low overpass (which is avoided at all costs, but sometimes it can happen), there is a physical bar mounted well before the actual overpass. It usually has a sign with something like “If you hit this bar, you are going to hit the bridge”. People don’t read signs, misjudge the height of their load or think there is a safety margin and push through any ways. But crashing into a big wooden bar is enough to make everyone stop and is a hell of a lot cheaper than repairing a big piece of infrastructure like an overpass or bridge. The bar is normally mounted on a couple of chains, so it has some give if the speed is low.


It is crashing into a bar here as well. The bar just doesn’t really give


The red lights and “Overheight Must Turn” sign are meant to do that here. There’s not much room before the bridge, so the warning system scans for tall vehicles and tries to tell drivers with lights and an LED sign.

The road is run between some obstacles, and it’s tightly constrained in every direction, by the railway, a sewer trunk, and the other road. Despite the crashes, this may still be the best option, with the next option up to not have the road there at all.

Spaghetti_Hitchens, in Perfect Peel at the 11'8" Bridge

I can now die fulfilled. The perfect peel was what I was missing.

Mycatiskai, in Perfect Peel at the 11'8" Bridge

After more than 30 truck hits on overpasses in BC this last year the only viable solution in my opinion is to put a device just ahead of the overpasses flashes lights to tell other vehicles to get away from the truck, then stop the truck with a spike strip before it can do tens of millions of dollars of damage to infrastructure.


At least put a cross beam like the one in the video, a lot less dangerous to cars when hit than the overpasses which will have crumbling concrete falling to the road.


I think a giant swing arm with a large hooked spike on the receiving end would be best. Hit the arm with your over height load and the spike swings around and catches/destroys your trailer before you can wreck the bridge.

SubArcticTundra, in Perfect Peel at the 11'8" Bridge
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Like a fkn can of tuna

NarrativeBear, in Perfect Peel at the 11'8" Bridge

When you go to the Barber and ask for a little off the top.

JoMiran, in Perfect Peel at the 11'8" Bridge
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Looks like the truck was 11’ 8.25" tall.

KevonLooney, in Perfect Peel at the 11'8" Bridge

Why does the sign say 12’4"?


Because it’s 11’8"+8"


They raised the bridge (or lowered the street?) by 8 inches after constant complaints, so now the bridge 12 foot 4. Unfortunately (or fortunately), it’s still low enough to take the roofs off tall cars


they raised the bridge, not due to complaints, but to make it more level with other parts of the tracks so the trains can go a bit faster along that stretch.


Ah, thanks for the added context

GlitzyArmrest, in Perfect Peel at the 11'8" Bridge
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Is there an 11’8" community on here somewhere?

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