He’s a senile old man. Happens to be a pope.

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The tech whizz, sometimes called ‘God’s influencer,’ died of leukemia in 2006 at age 15.

So finding a cure for cancer is not one of his miracles.

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God works in mysterious ways 🌠 lol


Should’ve been Terry Davis.


The two “miracles”

Acutis was beatified by Pope Francis in October 2020 after a first miracle was attributed to him, involving a Brazilian boy born with a pancreatic defect who said he was healed after praying to Acutis.

According to Vatican News, the news portal of the Holy See, the second miracle involved a Costa Rican woman whose daughter had a bicycle accident and was given a low chance of survival by doctors.

Vatican News said the mother, Liliana, prayed at Acutis’ tomb in Assisi, Italy, and claimed that her daughter recovered soon after.

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I literally lol’d. A religious person can explain this to me but does the old testament not poo poo praying to anyone who is not God?

Fucking Catholics man. How many saints they up to? It’s it ballooning again after the great purge a while back?


It’s a marketing thing.

whereisk, (edited )

I’m not religious but I’m interested in religion.

You are applying the Protestant framework (I can save myself) to Catholicism (only through the church can I be saved) hence why you invoke Bible as a final arbiter of what is and isn’t allowed.

In the old churches (Catholic, Orthodox etc) “Canon” is a combination of early church fathers writings, tradition, the bible and pronunciations of the current head of the church. Furthermore in Catholicism the bible is largely treated as allegorical, not literal.

Now since you are definitionally a sinner, and since salvation can only be obtained through the intermediaries of God: the church, being part of the church mysteries (baptism, communion, prayer, confession etc) is far more important than following any specific part of the bible.

Praying to Saints is not considered a sin since you are under no misapprehension that you are praying to a god, or that they are anything more than humans that lived an exemplary life and are amongst God’s favourite children. It’s like asking the local lord for a favour - you are not confusing him with the king.


All religions are jokes. But this shit right here…



FlashMobOfOne, (edited )
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It’s honestly a little weird that more saints aren’t literal children, given the predilections of Catholics and the fact that the world doesn’t give a crap about said predilections.


The painting of Carlo is hilarious. I imagine it’s solemn ceremony and the painting is Carlo wearing normal clothes.

It’s going to be real disorienting looking at the portraits of Saints. It’s going to start from ancient clothing to formal more contemporary clothing to a saint were a bright red jacket with a backpack on.

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And lo did St Carlo the Broccoli Headed droppeth his divine merch upon thy gyats, absent of any fanum tax, and the fam was filled with much rizz. Sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et semper, et in saecula skibidi. Amen.


He haveth no concubines, for his rizz was only for the LORD.


You’re using slang from the wrong generation, bae. That’s so extra of you, but lowkey I still think you’re lit so don’t get salty with me or I’ll be shook.

Let’s get turnt!

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Outta sight, daddy-o. 23 skiddoo.

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Look, if my code compiles on the first try, I’d call that a miracle as well, but I ain’t no saint.


If you can make my code compile on the first try then you are


Just pray to Carlo Acutis everytime you compile


It’s a lot of work making stuff up just to have your spiritual alcohol.


“Respect the grind, man”

eran_morad, (edited )

How the fuck can anyone take this shit seriously? Religion is a scourge on all of us, turning the feeble-minded into an instrument for the benefit of evil sociopaths.



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  • lastlighthousekeeper,

    Do you really want to make that joke about a 15yo Boy who died of Leukemia?


    Wait so according to the article, someone prayed to him while in hospital and got healed? Is that all it takes to become a Saint? I wonder: if I ever get into a hospital I should pray to say Genghis Khan just to troll the Church.


    It needs to happen twice. I would help you but I still poses the indestructibility of youth.

    spoilerI think the person also needs to be Catholic.

    @jballs@sh.itjust.works avatar

    Think about how weird that is for a minute. This guy wasn’t a saint when people were praying to him. So do Catholics just go around praying to randos until 3 people pray to the same rando and then are like “aha! a saint!” ?


    They’re not exactly randos. But yup, that’s the gist of it.

    @jballs@sh.itjust.works avatar

    Sorry I’m not a Catholic. What’s the intermediate step between rando and saint?


    State of bliss


    As far as I recall, you need to perform 3 miracles that have to be verified (yes, I know lmao) by the Catholic church in order to be canonized (dubbed a saint).

    Often times these aren’t major miracles with significant outcomes but picture a statue crying or the image of the person appearing on a slice of toast or whatever.

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    Yeah but 2 of this guy’s 3 were healing people that prayed to him. Which is what spawned my question: so Catholics pray to non-saints?

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    Influencer, apparently


    I think Genghis Khan has to heal at least two people.

    @rob_t_firefly@lemmy.world avatar

    Genghis Khan was already deified in Mongolia, give someone else a chance.


    Can we go with another fictional character yet? It has been so long since Jesus was added to the lore that the fantasy of it has been waning with all these mundane saints.

    I nominate Joker for, erm… you know, always putting on a smile even when getting a beating from Batman the, umm… Dark Knight, which is definitely an evil title, right?

    @rob_t_firefly@lemmy.world avatar

    That’ll just cause more schisms as people split off to follow the various versions and incarnations of the Joker. The various sects will violently disagree on everything except the fact that it’s not fucking Jared Leto.

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    If you’re American pray to some rich fuck to clear your medical bills. Imagine the collective circle jerk if it was Saint Elon? The dick riding would be insane! Hahaha

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