So, too much butter and something about baking powder?


What is wrong with the baking powder? Too much? Too little? Too expired?

Cheesus, (edited )

Usually cookies need baking soda, not baking powder. If they call for both, it’s at least 2x baking soda. People mix it up and add baking powder instead of soda.

Or if the cookie requires levening from the powder and it’s expired, it will not rise and spread.

Soda helps with browning and powder is for levening


This is right about the mix-up, etc. But, they are both levening agents. Powder includes an acidic reactor, and soda requires one to be included separately. Using both is a way to fine tune the reaction.


You’re right they’re both levening agents but my understanding was in cookies soda is used for browning and not levening because there is no acid for it to react with.


Yes! It does help with browning, too. But there is lactic acid in the butter. You’ll notice a flatter cookie without soda. I like those sometimes too, flat buttery crispy bois.


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Op looks better

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Never noticed the image icon to the left of the link could be clicked like that. Thanks.


I’m on Boost and can’t zoom in to the embed, so I prefer links so I can actually read the text :)

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Where penis

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I don’t really know what you did, but this site has 9 reasons why cookies can go flat.



WTF is overmixed? What does this mean?!


Shouldn’t have mixed so much


Some recipes depend on the dough being mixed just until the ingredients are combined, and not any longer. Other commenters are saying that overmixing cookies can warm the butter too much. With some recipes, like muffins, mixing creates gluten chains that lead to chewey-ness and toughness. So in order to avoid that you stop mixing asap.

Baking is a chemical reaction and the quantities, order, and methods really do have a huge impact on the result!


I was always so confused in Overcooked when the mixer could be left on too long and kill your dish

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did you try reading the article?

If you’re sure you used butter at the correct temperature, you may have accidentally ‘warmed’ your butter by mixing it with an electric mixer for too long.

Many cookie recipes start by creaming together the butter and sugar – this is just to combine the ingredients.

If you do this for too long, your room temperature butter will get super warm – and then you’ll face problem 1. all over again.


Sorry homie, replied to the wrong comment instead of the other comment with the image including overmixed which I didn’t comprehend

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Oh, lol, sorry for the sass in that case.


That’s a great resource, thanks!


They evolved.


I guess they unionised :D


It might be an altitude issue, higher elevation can make cookies look like that. I found high altitude cookie recipes and they puff up nicely.


If this isn’t consistent across the batch, then I’d say you didn’t mix the dough very well. Some of the gobs got a lot of extra butter.

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I did not, they were in there… I should’ve used more though


Everyone is telling you too much butter, but if this only happened to part of your batch, it’s more likely you didn’t scrape the sides of your bowl while mixing.

When mixing anything with creamed butter, especially, you need to mix about a third of the time, scrape all the sides and fold the dough, mix, scrape, mix, and do a final scrape/ mix/ fold by hand to make sure all the butter is incorporated.

Stand mixers have this problem more than hand mixers.


This is the right answer, when using a stand mixer you want to keep the speed level low (after creaming the butter/sugar/milk) and scraping the sides down to ensure an even distribution of wets/drys. Chilling can help with maintaining a shape, but it’s by no means mandatory. How did they taste? 😁


Too much butter. Dough wasn’t chilled. Oven too high. Cooked too long.


This one bakes.


I hungry! It looks quite appetizing compared to the pastries I made.

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you probably put too much butter in the dough. 1 stick is half a cup.


The recipe called for a cup. I linked it somewhere else in the comments


Sticks also come in 1 cup sizes, so don’t just go by “stick” unless you know for sure what size of stick you have.

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Just. Use. Grams.


OK but can grams convert between scales easily like how 1 stick is 3 thumbs or 5-1/3 sticks is a stump? Yeah, didn’t think so


So you’re saying it’s not just how you use it, but size matters too?


If anyone tells you differently, they are lying ;)

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Chill the dough first my dude and use shortening.


Yup, that’s what happens when you make your cookies all different sizes and don’t properly space them out.

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Its the taste that’s most important, as long as they taste good they can be a bit wonky.


Most of them were fine, these were more like pralines or lace cookies though, and they are delicious like this

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They were victims of the “qwomp” spongebob sound effect.

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