Needs more zat.


There goes my hero


I want to share this with someone but I'm not sure I know someone with the requisite knowledge to find this funny

Transporter_Room_3, avatar

Literally my first thought.

All the people with appropriate meme knowledge don’t watch Stargate.

All the people in my life who watch Stargate wouldn’t get the meme. They might get a chuckle from “lol random” type humor but that’s it.


How could this happpppen to meeeee ive made my mistakes


Pfffffff muskets and cannons would still be better. Tally Ho indeed!

Transporter_Room_3, avatar

Depending on which year of the show it was, this could be true!


Ah yes, the P90. Famous for only having a single 5.7x28mm bullet in the magazine.

bloopernova, avatar

That’s all they can afford.

captain_aggravated, avatar

You know I wonder how much they spent in blank ammunition for this show.


At least $5.


Technically none for the first season or two when they were using the P90. FN didn’t make blank 5.7mm stateside yet, so the armorers were buying regular ammo and converting it to blank ammo.

Semi-Hemi-Demigod avatar

Now I want to hear Christopher Judge shout "tally ho!"


I can’t properly express how much I love this.


POW! Right in the symbiote!


They do make civilian p90, called ps90. For all your home defense needs.


I feel that the whole point of the P90 is the small form factor and the full auto combined with a small fast projectile that is unlikely to over penetrate. Given the longer barrel and lack of full auto of the PS90 you might as well get a five seven for home defense if you want that Gucci factor.


I’m not any kinda fun person. But I did once get a chance to use an FN FiveSeven at a range once and it was fun. I was shocked at how much more I liked it over the 9mm’s.


Don’t they fire 9mm pistol rounds?



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