😲 😮 😲 😮 🤨


Good for you, Bozo !


Good attention to detail.


Whats the context? Thats 1/2 of the Oracle games right?


It’s the opening of Links Awakening. I named my character Bozo with a space at the end by accident. (He continues that I “snapped out of it” and gives me the shield.)


Legit question…

Is it just me, or does Link’s Awakening like always present a 3 page slow text every time you pick up a jar?

That was my custom message mod, I shortened those annoying repetitive messages down to one single short message.

Was I somehow playing the game wrong and missed a tutorial stage, or is it really like that for every damn jar?


Yes, it does/no, you didn't/yes, it is. Not the best decision they made, but the Oracles and probably LA/LADX have Text Speed settings that at least make it less time-consuming if you accidentally trigger one.


No I didn’t? No I didn’t what? Mod the messages?

I most certainly did mod the messages, hex editors ain’t exactly rocket science, especially when it comes to editing simple plain text in a ROM file.


I believe they were answering your questions in order. So no you didn’t play the game wrong or miss a tutorial.


Oh, okie dokie. I dunno, their comment read a little confusing to me, my bad.


It goes away if you get the first bracelet. I think. It’s been awhile since I played it in Gameboy form. I replayed it when the Switch version got released but I imagine that’s got some quality of life improvements.


Interesting, I wasn’t aware of that. One of these days I might try playing the OG game again to see what you mean, apparently I must have missed something.

Still annoying AF right? No reason to tell players over and over, at the speed of Morse Code, how game objects work.

amio, (edited )

Yes. The remake on Switch is less like that, but the original GB version and "DX" on GBC both keep the (very long) "info texts" if you brush up against a pot/weird crystal/whatever without the appropriate item.

Edit: btw, don't all these have Text Speed settings? Max them out to make it a bit less annoying.


People keep saying there’s a text speed setting? Where the hell are you people finding any settings in this game?

You folks must be playing a new port on the Switch or something, because I’ve got the original GBC version loaded up in an emulator and there are absolutely no settings to this game.

It starts up with its intro animation screen, then the title screen, then goes to the player select save game screen, then straight into the game. No settings, like anywhere.


Nah, you're right. I'm thinking of the Oracle games, they're virtually the same engine but even LADX doesn't actually have this.


I remember when the game came out. It seemed astonishingly complex given the hardware. They might have ran out of memory and had no choice but to just run the same code each time a rock was touched. I think the original gameboy had 8 KB of RAM. The cartridges could expand on that by a decent amount but every byte cost money and I’m sure their bosses weren’t letting them go nuts on manufacturing costs.

Toribor, avatar

Links Awakening feels the need to explain pieces of power and defense acorn thingies every time to pick one up, even after you’ve gotten hundreds of them in a single playthrough.


Comes back around in Skyward Sword. HOLY CRAP A RUPEE


Oh good, I’m not the only one to mod the messages in this game 👍


It's just the player name, like basically every Zelda


I get that now, I just don’t recall any message in that game that ever used the word snapped, but then again it’s been ages since I played the game. Oh well, my bad.


As someone who has beaten that game probably in the double digits, I’m pretty sure the next few words are “out of it”. The start of the game/intro you’re unconscious from a shipwreck.


Yeah, I see now. I hadn’t played the game in years, but I just dug up my ROM files and emulator to check it out again.

I remember getting royally frustrated with the game when I couldn’t figure out how to get to the other side of the room where the grappling hook treasure chest is. Was I like supposed to drop in from the floor above or what? I never could figure that crap out LOL!


Oh god this brings me back to when I would use a hex editor to make my own custom dialogue in GB games!


I don’t think there’s any mods here


Yeah, I’ve kinda gathered that since my initial comment. It’s been ages since I’ve played the game, I don’t particularly recall this exact message, my bad.

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