What are you playing this weekend? 06/16

Hello Everyone!

It's time for this week's, "What are you playing" thread.

I wasn't able to give as much time to gaming as I thought, who knew running a community can take so much time. Even when all members are so great, and I don't have to moderate anything.

I am still playing The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, mainly focusing on side quests and exploration right now. With so much to explore, this is going to take a long time.

Other than that, me and wife just got NSO Expansion pass, and started the Happy Home Paradise DLC, while resuming our Animal Crossing play-through. Just cleaning the long neglected island, and helping Harv build the shops.

What about all of you? What are you playing?


I’m finally getting back to playing TOTK and my love for this game increases every single minute I spend in it.

I absolutely adore this game!

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Yeah, I wasn't expecting to love it so much after the BOTW, I mean, how can you improve the formula further, but they just did. 😀


Finished ToTK and now exploring and doing side-quests. I have a rule of no fast travel and it's so much fun

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It's taking me so long with fast travel. Without fast travel, I may never play another game. It does sound fun though. I did that in Skyrim (but not in my first play-through), and enjoyed it immensely.


Yeah I will end up spending maybe 300+ hrs in ToTK but with BotW I often found that there were quests and details that I skipped because of fast traveling. First playthrough I skipped Link's house and Tarrey town entirely.

This time I want to take in as much as I can

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Yeah, same with Tarrey Town, I for some reason didn't even stumble on it. Learned about it online, how it's the best quest line, so went back in looking for it.

I am not regularly jumping around with fast travel, but when I have to go far away, I just wrap to it, but if the place is somewhat near, I would sometimes just walk to it, and sometimes fast travel, depending on the area and urgency.


Super Mario Bros U Deluxe with friend, the princess crown powerup is a very stupid edition, why didn't they make it for all characters?


TotK now and for the foreseeable future. Must get all the koroks! 


I might try to finish Pikmin 3 before 1, 2 and 4 hit!

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Well, 1 and 2 are already available on eShop. Unless you are waiting for physical, that isn't out yet, I think.


Yes I'm waiting for the physical release, as I already have 3 in physical, and wanted to have all 4 in my drawer, for some weird reason.


I still haven't finished TotK and a couple of days ago I bought Octopath Traveler 1 & 2! It was a bit of an impulse buy but they were on sale and I've been eager to play them ever since I played the demo of the first one in 2018 I believe, I'm very excited!!

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All great choices.

I have heard Octopath Traveler 2 improves on 1 in every way, so better to hold off on that until you have had your fill of 1.

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For now, Bayonetta Next is 2 and 3

@slimerancher@lemmy.world avatar

I have only played the fist one too. Have to play the 2 and 3 yet. Maybe soon...

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Just gotten Animal Crossing and wanted to play, by curiosity.

For the rest, still moving of Cult of the Lamb, I know it had a lot of updates, but peoples says it's unplayable when you have 25+ fellows, so I'm still playing to get this number of fellows before making a review. For now, it's kinda good (15 fellows).

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Animal Crossing is a very fun game... if you like these kinds of game.

About Cult of the Lamb, is that for Switch version or in general?

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I play the Switch version. It's supposed to have bad performances but for now, everything is good (12 fellows, 1.2.4).


I've been splitting my time mostly between ToTK and Metroid Prime Remaster, feels like a pretty good combo to break things up between. Just finally picked up It Takes Two, so I'll probably see if the wife wants to game with me a bit tonight or tomorrow after she's home from work.

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That's a great combination of games. Have fun!


I was planning on finishing BoTW so I can start play ToTK, but I literally just bought another voucher and I have no idea what new games to get with it (if any at all at the moment).

Gosh it's overwhelming.

@slimerancher@lemmy.world avatar

Wait for today's direct and see if there's anything new.

Also, you don't have to play the game you buy right away (thought the temptation is very hard to resist), you can just play the older game first and come back to new one later.

Or just play what you want, and then get back to BOTW later. BOTW and TOTK aren't going anywhere. It's not like they are live service games which will be completely different in few months or years.


Been replaying Sunshine and just started Wind Waker again. I'm really loving these older games. I wish I could appreciate them more in the past. Oh well, there's always the future!

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I think we live in a great time to both witness the earliest games, and also all the advancements we are witnessing, but let's say if you have to choose between:

  1. To live in the past, to play all the games as they were launched, from NES or Atari time etc.,
  2. To live in the future, to play the newer games, with all the improvements and technology. 8K with 120 FPS, or maybe even games with full VR.

Which one would you go for?


Easily the newer games.


I'm playing Jack Jeanne, just started the game but I think I'll like it as I've been looking for a visual novel with more interactive elements than story only.

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How is it? It look a bit like Persona from the trailer and screenshots.


Still playing TTOK and Gnosia. Gnosia is a really good werewolf style game with overarching story and the KI is actually quite good.


After a few months of moving about between hotels, I finally got everything all set up a my new place, so I've been enjoying some splatoon 3 again, along with legends arceus.

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Congratulation on the new place!

How are you finding Legends Arceus? I am taking a break from Pokemon games, but I have heard it's the best Pokemon game in a long time.


I'd be playing Zelda: TotK but my wife currently has occupied the lazyboy almost every night for the past month. Thank goodness for Diablo and SF6...

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Diablo 4?

Diablo 4 and Street Fighter 6 both are really good games, and very high on my wishlist. With Final Fantasy 16 coming up, it's a jam packed summer this year.

What is your wife playing these days? Assuming she is using the Switch.


We played Pikmin 3 together prior to her picking up Tears of the Kingdom. She is absolutely addicted to whatever she plays, and then doesn't play anything for long spells. Pikmin 4 is right around the corner, so there likely won't be much of a lull between TotK and that. In general, she plays Nintendo stuff on the Switch.

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Heh, sounds like my wife, except she is not much of a gamer, and only play very few games, but when she does she gets addicted to them. For instance, I finish a Picross game in about 6-8 months, she finishes it in couple of weeks. Also finished Mario Odyssey and Yoshi's Crafted World much quicker than me.

She's back on Animal Crossing after about more than a year of break, so it's going to be a while before I need to find another game for her. She'll probably jump on next Mario and Yoshi's game, whenever they are out.

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