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i almost feel bad for these guys.. but i dont. its common knowledge that no good comes from going into business with trump


Pretty much. What do you expect?


Yeah, I feel nothing for these people. They knew he was a snake when they took him in.


Each one of Trump’s business partners thinks “I’m not gonna get screwed by this guy!” and in the end each one of them does.


You’d think after walking past hundreds of guys with knife stabs in their back they wouldn’t enter a business deal with the dimwit waving a bloody dagger around.


Surely the 40+ years of people saying he’s a con man narcisist are surely wrong.


nO oNe SaId He WaS a CoN uNtIl He RaN fOr PrEsIdEnT

-my parents, who give zero fucks about all the counterexamples given to this idiocy


Took him in? They pitched the idea. They deserve what they get.

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there are always the people in every horror movie who think that if they deliver their friends into the open drooling maw of the monster stalking them, they’ll get a reward.

the “reward” is usually at least as bad as their friends’ fate. it’s just narcissism really. they think they’re more like the enemy than they are like their friends, so it would be natural to spare them. but they’re all just meat to the monster.

trump is just a shitty xenomorph. small hands instead of small mouth, and substantially less physically threatening. I think they both probably have the acid blood though.

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I don’t feel bad in the slightest. Everyone knows Donald is a sociopathic grifter. These guys wanted to run a con with him and got burned. I hope their lives are full of misery.


In fact, they specifically targeted that demographic. They put their face inside a starving leopards mouth


Except me. Right? He totally promised to make me president of Puerto Rico.

Because I’m one of the good ones.

I’m the exception.



I’m sorry but your check didn’t clear.


President of Puerto Rico I’d the potus isn’t it? Puerto Rico I’d a us owned territory. Or was that the joke?


It was in reference to the fact that Trump, while president, says he "met with the “President of the Virgin Islands”

Which, despite his press room’s spin, we all know he completely didn’t know that he was the president of the Virgin Islands.


It makes me feel bad that people go into business with him, despite him telling everyone over and over again, over the largest megaphone in human history, exactly who he is.

Much less drive to the polls to voice their opinion to keep him in office.

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he wakes up in the morning, looks in the mirror: "so who are we screwing over today"

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Imagine still putting your money anywhere near the newest BS of one the biggest current con men. Too bad.


This guy’s doesn’t just bite the hand that feeds him; he’s eaten all the flesh and is gnawing on the bones.

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Breaking news: People who cozy up to face eating leopards will eventually get their faces eaten. More at 8.


Look at all these losers getting their faces eaten. I’m sure I am smart enough to not have that happen to me!


Wait until all the rubes who bought stocks find out that they’re next. The fine print actually says that your stock purchase is actually just a non-refundable donation to the Donald J. Trump legal defence fund.

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Who knew that a renowned ruthless bastard snake oil swindler, and sexual predator, would be a bad person to get in to bed with.

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He is in a legal battle every day of the week and GOP voters are like damn this guy is fit to be President again.


It broke my heart that devin nunez wasn’t included in this suit.

@Badeendje@lemmy.world avatar

May their court battle be drawn out and their legal bills astronomical. They deserve it. All of them.


But the leopards absolutely weren’t supposed to eat their faces!!

Akasazh, (edited )
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Amen brother (the break, I’m not religious)


Odelay break


First time in my life I am rooting for the lawyers to suck it all dry.


He’s going to get that money any way he can. No one is safe. He will sue his own children if it bails him out.

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Yes, truth social is completely impossible without trump. Nobody could possibly spin up a mastodon instance without a former president backing you. Just absolutely unheard of.


I mean the fact that they managed to run it in a way that was illegal was pretty uniquely impressive.

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What’s the background there? Illegal…?


Idk violating gpl isn’t hard you just have to think of it as some hippy bullshit without teeth instead of what it actually is: a pretty radical legal framework for intellectual property to be distributed freely that has plenty of teeth and a strong precedent


I like GPL, but I thought it was basically just a contract.

who pays for the lawyers? Unless you have more money than your opponent nothing has much teeth in the US.


This is from 2021. What happened? I assume nothing?


They quietly complied with the requirements


I feel like the truth is coming to Truth Social.

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