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I think I actually just got this, got home from work yestecday and my stomach was feelin a litte upset yeah? I kept thinking it was just gas buildup but no! I started blasting liquid ass and projectile vomiting at random. I tried drinking a glass of tapwater this morning, and it all just came back up.

Not fun at all

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Take care of yourself and feel better soon. Remember to try to keep drinking fluids and specifically ones with electrolytes. When you’re blasting out ass juice, you’re losing a lot of salts that you need.

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My SO just got back earlier with some gatorade cause they had no pedialyte left. It's the first drink I could drink without vomiting and it was so fucking nice


Pedialyte is perfect in these situations.


Banana, rice, apple sauce, and toast. BRAT diet

Will help you recover quicker, stock up now. And get some rest. Hope your feeling better soon.

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I'm staying away from most solids at the moment cause I can't keep them down. But yeah I do know about that diet cause someone in my family had to be on it for a while and will probably do the same once I can


That’s Norwalk. Sanitize surfaces and wash your hands often.

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What’s the 2020s without constant reminders of our immune systems being under siege?


Did you heae about Alaskapox? That’s a scary thing too.

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Capitalism-virus is the part that scares me the most. :-(


At least it’s animal spread and not human.

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Norovirus is fucking horrible. I caught it probably 2007, 2008 and spent 2 days violently puking everywhere.


2011-ish for me. I literally know the moment the Virus entered our lives, my 2yo son licked the Walmart shopping cart handle.

Kids got sick first, thankfully, they recovered quick.

The adults on other hand… Ooof. Ever throw up so hard that you scream? Every 3-5 minutes, for days? While also violently soiling yourself from the other end due to the forceful projectile vomiting attempts.

So. Much. Fun.


Ok that is a tiny bit funny I’m sorry you got it, but lol toddlers.


Its one of those stories I will tell for the rest of my life. Bust out at weddings to embarass my kids.

My daughter self potty trained that weekend. First from the sheer trauma of overflowing her diaper from all possible angles at once. Then later from having to fend for herself and her brother for a couple of days, while her parents tried to turn themselves inside out.


Well if you can be one thing be efficient kiddo. That’s marvelous.

foggy, (edited )

Funny you mention it.

Scream puking is a known symptom of marijuana overuse. It’s called CHS

It’s bizarrely specific.

Any weed smokers out there that read “scream puke” and knew what you meant? – cut back.

Edit: copium is cheaper than facts 🤤


Cannabis hyperemesis ends up in ER visits a lot. I saw it many times. Cannabis is not as innocent as people would have you think.


Yes, hyperactive emesis does take place in other aspects of life, indeed.

Cannabis related hyperemesis is highly controversial, and if valid, only effects a very small subset of the population, in a very obvious manner.

Nowhere is someone barfing so hard their neighbors can hear them, and thinking ‘I should smoke a fattie, it’ll help!’. At least not more than a few times before the lack of differing outcomes becomes apparent.

  1. Your assumptions are wrong. First many, many people believe marijuana is a great treatment for nausea. Including those affected by CHS
  2. Cannabis hyperemesis is… Not controversial. Cope harder? NHIS isn’t one for controversial diagnoses. They’re, in fact, an authority that reports to the CDC. There is no controversy beyond your statement.

Thanks for incorrecting me.

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That probably explains why my wife had what she insisted was just food poisoning last week, after she puked about 5 times in a row one morning, and refused to let me take her to the clinic.


I think so yeah. It’s awful, had in in the early 2000s and spent hours in the bathroom.

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Damn, that must have sucked because all you had to read back then was shampoo bottles


I’ve not had noro, but have had gastroenteritis multiple times recently and at no point was I in a state to read.

Have to say, very glad my bathtub is next to the toilet!


Buddy I brought books to every bathroom visit in my life.


We kept National Geographic’s and Scientific American in the John.

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