Kolanaki, (edited )
@Kolanaki@yiffit.net avatar

And they only did it because of bad press. Had this gone completely under the radar, I don’t think they would have paid shit. This doesn’t change my mind about them since it is so obviously just to try and save face.

JohnnyEnzyme, (edited )

And then all they do is pay for the bare cost of the ingredients.

They could have tipped an extra $1000 and made a lot of people cheer. But no

@FinishingDutch@lemmy.world avatar

Man, what a bunch of dickheads. Granted, the bakery are dummies in not waiting for the payment to clear, but still. Two grand means nothing to Tesla, so they should’ve paid regardless. The bad publicity costs them way more than that.


Tesla already has so much bad press that this was hardly even a drop in the bucket for them.


Simply because they realized that someday they might want to order more.


Nah. 2k$ was a cheap PR face save for them. Pay 2k$ or deal for weeks and months with “remember how Tesla was a stingy bad corporate and cancelled a large order to a small business without compensation”.

Noh they can go “Well yeah the cancellation wasn’t exactly gracefully, but hey we compensated the business for it. Our bad.”

Mind you even just paying the while 15k$ would have been small change for them. So I guess they are not utterly (business relations wise) horrible company, but still a cheap conglomerate.

Deceptichum avatar

Fuck Tesla, I'll never buy one.


Most of my friends who owned Teslas have written them off too around the pandemic. Even I stopped wanting one. Musk really shot himself in the foot.


I’ll never buy a first one.


I’ll never buy even less than either of you


That implies buying more than none, which would be at least one. Is that what you meant?


“Hey, everybody. This assholes gonna buy multiple Teslas!”


Deceptichum avatar

Fuck! Well spotted.


Narrowed it down to either zero or >1 lmao

@Kolanaki@yiffit.net avatar

Why would you even want just a piece of a Tesla?


Sorry, I wasn’t thinking rationally xP

ixodis, (edited )

What a cheap mother fucker Tesla and Elon are. Could have just paid for the pies and come out looking good. But instead nickel and dimes for just the ingredients. When you’re a billionaire. Fuck outta here.


Because money does not create class.

@FuglyDuck@lemmy.world avatar

what’s sad is… the small business owner is at least publicly grateful.


Kinda has to be. Too easy for Elon to turn it into a shit storm against her otherwise

@GladiusB@lemmy.world avatar

Well others have ordered from all over the place. The bad publicity actually helped her business.


Yeah but if Elon could make her look like the unreasonable one, he could essentially start a witch hunt from within his own cult. That can do worse things than just negatively impact the bottom line.


He could start it just by tweaking the twitter algrothium. He could make them disappear from twitter just as easily as well.

@dojan@lemmy.world avatar

It’s absolutely ridiculous.


Tbf, this time it didn’t seem like Elon was behind this, probably some manager in the dealership. The article also said he commented they would pay her when he heard the news.


Yeah, this isn’t really a “Tesla Bad” type story. It’s a “every multibillionaire dollar company is out of touch and doesn’t care” type story.


Honestly, I think it’s a store manager is an asshole, but happens to work for a company that’s an easy target story.


Hope they get their contracts sorted for future scenarios; this could’ve ended far worse


Yeah! Get a deposit. Enough so as not to be ruined.


They definitely need more strict and clear terms of service sorted out. But to think that this business has dealt with dozens of huge tech corporations like Google, Meta, Amazon, Apple, and many others before and this is the first time this has ever happened to them says a lot about Tesla’s financial culture.


What about the cost of labor and lost sales?


I am not defending Tesla’s actions, but I don’t think any sales were actually lost. After the press coverage, people started showing up en masse to buy from them.


The original article I read about this quoted the owner regarding sales that were turned down in order to fulfill Tesla’s order.

I’m glad to hear the community has rallied around the business, but that doesn’t excuse Tesla from bilking them.

@FuglyDuck@lemmy.world avatar

*cancelled. the owner canceled prior orders to make time.


So, exactly the same effect.

FuglyDuck, (edited )
@FuglyDuck@lemmy.world avatar

Not exactly.

Let me ask you this. Which would make you more upset: A business saying “We’re sorry but we can’t take any more orders at this time,” when you called in presumably weeks (or at least days,) ahead of time, or after having put in an order weeks or at least days ahead of time, getting a phone call the day before valentines day- the same day you were getting something special for the loved one; and that business saying “We’re sorry but we have to cancel your order.”>

I’ll give you a hint. one lets you place an order elsewhere, the other means your getting your pie or cookie or whatever from the grocery store’s pre-baked section.

Chances are the customers that are upset were likely to be repeat customers where it’s very dubious that Tesla will place another order there again. she may have in fact lost returning customers with that; or, at the very least provide something to make up for it, a discount for next time, or something.

Edit to clarify: a good way of dealing with being booked up is to offer them first dibs on reservations for another day. sure, they can’t take care of them on valentines, but Easter is right around the corner. it gets them to feel special; and a lot of times, even if they decline a different order, they’ll remember the effort and come back. the other response… not so much.


Ah, so it’s even worse for the business than I had previously thought.

@FuglyDuck@lemmy.world avatar

She’s fortunate that people hate Tesla. it made it go viral.

beyond that, yeah. lets just say lessons were probably learned. (lessons that every SBO learns at some point, more or less.)

@Transporter_Room_3@startrek.website avatar

Lesson: fuck you, pay me now or no work.

@FuglyDuck@lemmy.world avatar

I mean, maybe phrase that a bit…uh… more tactfully.

but, absolutely.


I’m glad to hear the community has rallied around the business, but that doesn’t excuse Tesla from bilking them.

Exactly. Excuses like these are just a stone throw away from “You should pay Tesla to give your business work. Just think of the expose you get!” rhetoric. Tesla is essentially riding into the sunset on the back of the wonderful community that came in to show support for a local business. It’s a happy end only in spite of Teslas awful role in it.

@Transporter_Room_3@startrek.website avatar

What, you don’t get paid in exposure?

If anyone knows the conversion rate for exposures to USD, can you let me know? I’m having trouble getting anyone to accept it as currency…


That’s not how this works, but thank you for the silver lining here. People try to be good, even if Elon and Tesla are bad.


They literally turned down other businesses to fill Tesla’s order. What do you call that? Tesla needed to pay their full bill.

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