Ted Cruz wants lawmakers to get security escorts through America’s airports

Cruz told POLITICO that his amendment is about ensuring that political VIPs aren’t endangered as they pass through public spaces in airports.

Viral photos of politicians jetting off to a tropical hideaway during a deadly cold wave might become a lot rarer under legislation being pushed by Sen. Ted Cruz.

The Texas Republican — infamously photographed by a gawker while en route to Cancún in 2021 — is proposing a bill amendment that would offer lawmakers a dedicated security escort at airports, along with expedited screening outside of public view. That could make it much less likely that the politicians’ comings and goings would become fodder for embarrassing news reports and late-night comedy mockery.

The measure would also provide the same special treatment to federal judges and Cabinet members, as well as a limited number of their family and staff. Cruz is trying to attach the amendment to a major aviation policy bill, S. 1939, that is expected to be marked up in the Senate Commerce Committee on Thursday.


“I would like an act of law shield me from the consequences of my actions and accountability to my constituency.” -Ted Cruz probably


“While also being a pussy that needs a security escort when I flee a disaster area I am responsible for” Ted “Tough As Texas” Cruz


“I would also like this paid for by taxpayers or any other form of Socialism for us fat tax wasting leeches…”

—Rafael Cruz


His constituency is already refusing to hold him accountable, so…


Can’t risk interacting with the peasants, their poverty might be contagious. That’s how that works, right?

@ClopClopMcFuckwad@lemmy.world avatar

Yes just like the mega church pastor who has a private jet so he “doesn’t have to fly with the demons.”


Kenneth Copeland. The URL for this is a little unwieldy since it was archived with a bunch of parameters but here’s the video where he says it. Little after 2:50 if you want to skip to that part, first few minutes have some interesting weirdness too though.

There’s also this interview about the quote where he does a pretty good reenactment of the Fellowship of the Rings movie scene where Bilbo lunges at the ring around Frodo’s neck (timestamp 4:15).

@EdibleFriend@lemmy.world avatar

I like that he’s scared. That headline warms my heart a little


Is the coward suddenly afraid of the general public? What reason might people have that they would dislike him?

Talaraine avatar

Maybe he's tired of wiping other people's spit off his clothes and face


Hmm, what would cause people doing such vile deeds? /s

@FlyingSquid@lemmy.world avatar

I can’t figure it out. I mean everyone down in Cancun loves him!


Yea, but he was talking about airports, which implies leaving Cancun.

@Whiskey_iicarus@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

I saw this rat faced fuck at IAH back in October. Not a single person was trying to interact with him and he already had a state trooper escort with a wide buffer zone around him. He had that smarmy, stupid smile on that stupid dumb face of his. It ruined my whole day.

@_wizard@lemmy.world avatar

And what’s not been mentioned yet here is that one has to be checked by TSA before being in this area. Aside from his snowflake feelies, what’s he worried bout?


Ted Cruz is a big tough manly man. Just look at that beard! He ain’t ‘fraid of nuthin exceptin’ them there pesky constituents.


I’d prefer if Ted Cruz became the reason they get security escorts.


So I’m supposed to pay for this man’s private security cuz he’s scared of actually facing his constituents?

@captain_aggravated@sh.itjust.works avatar

Better idea: It should be illegal for politicians to hire bodyguards or be protected by police or military.


These fucking fascists are scared, they know they are HATED by the majority of Americans.


Even if only 5% of people hated me, it would be pretty scary knowing 5% of people hate me.


Just ask people with anxiety how it’s like


Good. It’s bad enough that at this point, they deserve to fear for their lives as theyre making decisions to make life specifically worse for thousands of people


No fucking way. Power to the people

SharkAttak avatar

If you have nothing to hide..


If you have nothing to hide

… then you don’t get it.

@SpaceCowboy@lemmy.ca avatar

Unfortunately this is probably needed. Just Ted Cruz is the worst person to propose it given the whole Cancun debacle.

Imagine if someone like AOC (or whoever is your favourite politician) said the exact same thing? There are a lot of psychos out there and a lot shit on the propaganda egging people on to do crazy shit.

Swatting politicians (on both sides of the aisle) is becoming commonplace. Harassing elected officials in public is becoming commonplace too. And then there was that guy that broke into Nancy Pelosi’s house and attacked her husband.

People are more and more thinking that doing an end-run around democracy to remove elected officials by taking matters into their own hands.

I want Ted Cruz gone, but I want him gone because of a humiliating election loss. Not from some psycho hanging around airports.


But what weapons are they coming at him with in an airport?

A stale baguette from a sandwich shop?


So instead of addressing the problems underpinning increased violence, you think the right solution is to have the population pay (via taxes) provide protection to the political elite that most of the population can’t afford to provide for themselves?


It doesn’t bother me that they are yelled at in public. Half those shits aren’t even elected by us. Did you vote for the Supreme Court? Did you vote for the Federal Reserve chairperson?

If they are going to break women’s body autonomy and wreck the middle class then maybe they shouldn’t have a nice dinner. Maybe they should face a bit of anger.


My main argument against this is ROI. These people provide no real value to the government. They choose to be on an extreme side in order to get elected. No one wants to harass the moderates. So let them hire thier own security to fly with them.
Also since the airport is a secured setting, their presence is unpredictable and everyone else needs a ticket, it is safe from targeted interactions with psychos. And mostly safe from unplanned as well.


A man much smarter than I once said “violence is the language of the unheard”

This “solution” is just another con to allow your lawmakers to ignore you in more ways.


Just strike the word security from the title and enjoy the implication.


Go back under whatever rock you crawled from, pendejo.

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