Ohio is poised to become the 2nd state to restrict gender-affirming care for adults

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced proposals this month that transgender advocates say could block access to gender-affirming care provided by independent clinics and general practitioners, leaving thousands of adults scrambling for treatment and facing health risks.

Ashton Colby, 31, fears the clinic where he gets the testosterone he has taken since age 19 would no longer offer it. The transgender Columbus man believes he could eventually be treated by another provider that would meet the new requirements. But even a few months’ wait could leave Colby experiencing a menstrual cycle for the first time in many years.

“My mental health has been stressed,” Colby said. “These are feelings related to being transgender that I have not felt in years, but now I’m thrown into feeling devastated about my experience as a transgender person.”


Just feels like a friendly reminder that you can’t be a republican and a good person at the same time.

@Zachariah@lemmy.world avatar

They’re banning boner pills and boob jobs, right?

@Default_Defect@midwest.social avatar

And hair restoration meds?

52fighters avatar

They should ban those for anything that's not restorative.

Reverendender, (edited )

Mike DeWine should die in a chemical fire. Figuratively. Definitely figuratively.


It’s OK to wish that a monster dies in a horrible way. I feel the same about Greg Abbot.


I feel great about it. I just am not sure if being banned is a concern with Lemmy. Let’s throw Ken Paxton into the flames as well.


I hope Ken rolls Abbot off a cliff and jumps down after.


World’s-most-common Ohio L.


Shocking just about nobody, this bullshit went from ‘but the children!!!’ to full anti-trans authoritarianism. What’s up next you nazi fucks?

@LinkOpensChest_wav@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

The first state to ban it was Florida.



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  • pearsaltchocolatebar,

    Fuck off, troll

    @BackOnMyBS@lemmy.world avatar

    phew! as a florida resident, i was worried my neighbor could do whatever he wanted with his body. nice to know we dont allow that kind of freedom here. i cant imagine having to modify my mental schemas to allow for gender fluidity. /s

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