cyborganism, (edited )

In Montreal, Québec, 0.045% of the population own over 30% of residential properties.

Edit: actually that’s 0.46% of property owners own 32% of rental properties in Montréal.

Source (French)


Leave major cities.

You will never own property in one.

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This is short sighted, however. It may be true in the moment, but in time, the corporate world will gobble up as much as they can and rent it forever, without regulation.

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Cities are where the jobs, the events and the people are. Most people don't want to live in suburban hell or middle of nowhere.


Most people don’t want to live in suburban hell or middle of nowhere.

Well, then they have to pay up.

Supply and demand and all that.

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Especially when all the supply has been bought by corporations intending to rent all homes.


Yeah. And what’s funny is, every single person renting gives those corporations more power to do the same thing elsewhere.

This generation failed to appreciate the value of ownership, and they’re getting fucked for it left and right.

At least they’re not alone, which is what most of them tell themselves.


All of the evils we bemoan in modern society start with consumers paying for those evils.

“But I have no choice!”

Choose helplessness, beg our bought and paid for governments to bail you out. How’s that working?

Remember how the price of gas collapsed during COIVD? Yeah, because people quit buying.

It’s hard to learn self-reliance and related skills. But don’t come crying to me saying, “We’ve never taken ownership of our issues and why won’t the government fix it?!”


beg our bought and paid for governments to bail you out.


Remember how the price of gas collapsed during COIVD? Yeah, because people quit buying.

They could quit buying because of government assistance pressuring businesses to close. And then providing assistance to those forced to stay home.


This generation failed to appreciate the value of ownership,

This is the dumbest take of the day. And it isn’t even 9am.

Stagnant/low wages, price hikes, wealth being funnelled up the chain, and more and more red tape attached to every transaction are the problem. Not people who don’t want to own. Get your head out of your ass.


Hey genius, what do you think causes wealth to funnel up the chain?


It sure as fuck isn’t an aversion to ownership.


Really? You think renting has nothing to do with it?

I mean, I guess that’s probably why you’re bad with money 🤷

Bo7a, (edited )


I will never tire of people who think they know me based on my empathy for those who are worse off.

I don’t rent. And I support myself, my wife, and two other families. THAT is why I’m bad with money. Empathy…

Statistically speaking - I probably pay more in tax than the average person makes in a year. And I am happy to do so in order to help fund the safety nets that are important to the rest of the country.

Wanna take another swing, champ?

[Edit: Removed unnecessary insulting term “moron”]


So you admit people who are proud of renting are bad with money?


If you got that out of what I typed then I probably should have left the word moron in the previous reply.

Take a hike. I won’t reply again, but if you want to spew some more idiocy here I will read it and even upvote you so you can get the little dopamine hit you obviously need.


Why even mention that you don’t rent in response to you being bad with money?


Most people don’t exactly have a choice. They kinda need places to live near their jobs which almost always dictate where they live.

Also, appreciate the value of ownership? How do you expect almost anyone in Gen Z to afford to own anything more substantial than a car? The oldest of us are just starting our professions after getting out of college/trade school, and getting into jobs that don’t pay enough to afford a house anytime soon. We never even had the option of ownership because housing is fucked.

Hell I’m one of the lucky ones. I graduated college without debt and I make really good money, but it’s gonna take me 5 years to save up a down payment for a $8k a month mortgage despite living well below my means. I can only imagine how fucked it is for the average person who will never have the chance to own anything at all.

We never had the choice to own anything.


I wish I could but that’s where my girlfriend’s job is. And she can’t find that same kind of job anywhere else. Her field is very specific.

But even smaller cities have become unaffordable now.


my wife’s a university lecturer. Do we have to move the buildings or do we just hold classes in the open fields?


Are you saying it’s impossible to live outside of major cities? Or are you trying to argue that life outside of one isn’t good enough for you?

Do you think you deserve more before others who have less? Ex: You can’t afford living in a major city, but you think someone else should help you out before everyone living outside of major cities?


1 - no

2 - life without a job (by synecdoche I actually mean “money”, by which I actually mean with all the caveats of "in the system in which we live and its attendant axioms) is no good for anyone, not just me

3 - no

4 - your assumption is incorrect (that i think that) and your example is not relevant here (not analogous to what i said) so no I don’t think that.


1 - thanks for being honest

2 - Can’t you get a job outside of a major city?

3 - thanks for being honest

4 - I think my example is very relevant. Either we put measures in place to limit the cost of property, or we spread out and reduce demand.

Our governments are built on making rich people richer as quickly as possible. There’s no way we are going to implement safeguards to prevent that unless there is a massive cultural shift.


2 - I challenge you to find 2 fine arts dept curriculum head or better vacancy posts at universities not based in major cities

4 - good idea. I pick the first one.

edit: re the other two honesty doesn’t enter into it. your questions were non sequiturs.


2 - That’s not my point. My point is that you can find a job and even own property from its salary outside of major cities easier than inside of them.

4 - Cool, so the government should step in to funnel money to you before those who have less than you? Why should you get more before people living in places you deem unworthy of you?

I’ll just answer #4 for you: Entitlement. You think you’re entitled to more while others have less. Other people should step in for you to subvert supply and demand. Where demand is low and supply is high is not good enough for you, even though millions of people live there.


2 - source on “it’s easier to find a job outside of cities?” A quick Google suggests the top places for jobseekers are Atlantic City, Charleston NC, DFW, Nashville, Atlanta and Portland, and rural West Virginia and Kentucky as the worst. Edit: and you are the one backing the argument I should move. I don’t need to find a new job or move if the area is livable, and the only thing making it unlivable is someone else’s greed.

4 - no. and they shouldn’t. Again, nonsequiturs. Also I disconcur on your “answer for me” as you freely admit you are strawmanning me with stuff I didn’t say.


source on “it’s easier to find a job outside of cities?”

2- My point is that you can “even own property from its salary.” This is much easier outside of major cities than inside of them.

4- What do you think should change then to make living in major cities more affordable?


4 - re properties: rent control. prevent companies from owning residential property. tax empty properties. regulate cost assessments. more programs for first time buyers.

re: cost of living: programs to eliminate food deserts, invest in public transport, fines for monopoly/price fixing on groceries, regulate gas prices

other ideas: fund childcare, universal Healthcare, more education/school funding.

edit: not to mention tracking wages to inflation including minimum wage, UBI, better implementation of disability services, fund carers for disabilities, tax cuts for community programs, end right to work, strengthen unions, prevent banks from sub prime lending on property and vehicles.


All that sounds good, but how does it solve the issue of scarcity in major cities? Where there is not enough supply to meet demand?

It seems to me that it would just become a first-come, first-serve basis.


the shortage is of affordable housing, not housing.

there are plenty of houses, they just aren’t affordable, so all of my points re: housing would help.


They aren’t affordable because of supply and demand.

There’s low supply and high demand which causes prices to increase.

Someone can afford them, just not you or anyone you know.

aesthelete, (edited )

You can’t afford living in a major city, but you think someone else should help you out before everyone living outside of major cities?

Not this person but, the government should encourage urban residency. You might ask why and the answers are many, many fold. City residents have significantly less of a carbon footprint is for one reason (and it’s a major one).

Right now we’re subsidizing our suburbs in the US, and it’s an environmentally destructive, regressive thing to do.


You simply commute to work. That’s what people in rural areas who work in cities have done since forever.

If you can’t afford to live in the city, then you don’t live in the city. That’s how you make ends meet and stay financially solvent.


many already commute to work. All this does is make us drive farther. What’s in it for me? Cheaper house prices - well we had cheaper house prices but they went away, so now I have to commute more. And when I move, prices go up. so I commute more. And then prices go up again. and so i move. And when I move, prices go up. so I commute more. and so i move.

You really look at the world we’re in now and think “you know what this world needs? More vehicle exhaust emissions, tire wear, and longer working hours - but hey, at least Blackstone got to create a monopoly on empty houses!”

Why do I have to take the soggy end of a short straw? Why do I have to burn fossil fuels and my free time otherwise I’m SOL? Why can’t it be the billion dollar companies who sacrifice a fraction of a percent instead of me sacrificing double-digit percents of my time and money?


Nowhere did I say that any of that “is what the world needs”

I just explained the current reality and a solution for people who might want an answer to their current problems. There’s nothing you or I can do about the prices of real estate and rent in the big cities. You can wish it was cheaper to live in the city all day but it’s not going to accomplish anything, and Congress and the President are not going to fix it for you either, probably at least in the span of a few decades from now.

So if you want to be able to afford a place to live NOW the answer is what I said.


To recap:

  • “housing prices are too expensive”
  • “Just move out of the city bro!”
  • “But we have job that’s physically located in a city”
  • “Just commute”
  • “That doesn’t solve the problem, it just replaces it with a different problem that is in some ways worse”


  • "that’s just reality, I’m trying to solve the problem here"
  • “you can’t solve this problem”
  • “I have the solution to this problem”
  • “there is no solution to this problem and no one can solve it”



That’s just a pile of shit that you made. Stop trying to make up bullshit that I did not say, when what I said is STILL FUCKING THERE FOR YOU TO READ.


I’m sorry but you “explaining the current reality” does not solve the issue that myself and I’d wager the vast majority of people cannot just move out of a city without extreme consequences.

You can “explain the current reality” as much as you like. “Just move out of a city bruh” is a phenomenally short sighted idea.


In the fields. Charlemagne it up in there!


I already did, would never want to live in one either. People living in rectangular hives on top of each other, hearing every annoying noise and bump that the others make at any hour of the day or night… Nah.

FlyingSquid, avatar

Worth noting that homeownership has never been part of the Swiss Dream like it’s part of the American Dream. Still, the average Swiss person is significantly better of financially than the average American.

Same is true to some degree in Germany.


And it keeps getting worse: crazy inflating property prices and matching rent hikes.

A French comedian did a local show. He made a joke that he was going around town looking at the shops. He saw a real estate office and was dumbfounded by the prices. He exclaimed how half a million for an apartment was insane. People laughed and someone mentioned he was way off, it’s worse than that. Half a million maybe gets you a small one-bedroom studio in a city, not an apartment.


Ben La!!



Ah my bad I misread it last time.

“0.46% of the landlords own 32% of rental properties.”

Source (French)

FlyingSquid, avatar

“Financial Influencer Grant Cardone Says He Can Make You A Billionaire. His Investors Claim He Defrauded Them.”…/grant-cardone-financial-influencer…

GrammatonCleric, avatar

This fucker is trying to establish his evil plan to make billions as an expected standard.


I listened to his audiobook before I knew who he was. I just kept thinking to myself “this guy seems like an out of touch fuckwit.” I couldn’t help but disagree with so much of what he said to the point that I lost any desire to acquire any wealth. I figured I’d rather die poor in a ditch than become anything like this human leech. I’m still a bit dirty that I gave him a couple of dollars for his book but at least I know what I don’t want to be so that’s something I guess


Hanes brand has entered the chat.


Hes not wrong, but why are we listening to a famous internet grifter?


Don’t give this moron the attention he craves.


So capitalism is turning into communism except it’s the plutocrats that end up owning everything instead of the government? Neat.


The difference between the two largely becomes academic after a certain point. Impoverished masses toiling in exchange for minimal benefits so that an oligarchy can strip the nation’s economy dry.

It’s almost like we can’t blindly trust people in power or something.


I have zero ability to vote out oligarchs, so definitely not the same past that point.


AAS (as a service) is coming in all forms. We’re almost there, in reality. Cars, houses, etc etc.

DoucheBagMcSwag, (edited )

If this happens…anyone want to be a ter—uh rebel?? silently lights up cocktail


Anyone wanna rent my pants? It only has one yellow stain.


Yeah this probably won’t happen


You will have no privacy, own nothing, and be a prisoner.


Because our money is worthless and all the wealth is in the hands of people we’ll never even see bc they live in the modern equivalent of castles? But hey at least we can finance cheap useless mass produced shit from overseas and feel so bougie


Somebody’s been reading Snow Crash again.

ChaoticEntropy, avatar

Everyone loves a planned economy pretending to be a free market. It just happens that the plan of the US economy is to give alllll the money and assets to a small selection of political sugar daddies.


Just popping in to remind everyone that ‘free market’ as commonly defined is a misnomer.

The market tilts toward imbalance always, and the notion that it regulates itself is a myth. The consolidation we see today and rave against as a ‘planned economy’ is not an aberration of the free market, it is exactly the thing it was expected to do.


no matter as long as I have my place in heaven and all my sins are forgiven… who needs money, health or even happiness? God bless america, gimme guns, freeeeedom! /s


Or…perhaps…instead of 100-year mortgages we learn from the French and start separating heads and wealth from the 1% that are trying to own everything so they can rent it to us.


Learn from the French

Seperating heads

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