IDF appears to push back on ‘irresponsible’ US claim Hamas refusing to release raped hostages

The Israel Defense Forces says public discussions about the state of captives held in Gaza has moved into reckless territory, urging those responsible to knock it off.

“The conversation around the issue is irresponsible, inaccurate and should be avoided,” the IDF says in a rare statement.

The pushback is apparently in response to comments from US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller Monday that Hamas terrorists likely held back on freeing female hostages because it did not want them to speak publicly about being subjected to rape and other sexual violence.


Sooo… the people literally perpetrating genocide is telling their US benefactors to dial back the hysterical propaganda.

This belongs on !nottheonion.


The whole rape narrative is just a way to push local politicians into unquestioning support of Israel. A way to dehumanize Palestinians by painting with a broad brush. Ironically these “left leaning” outlets pushing this narrative are doing EXACTLY what Trump did by calling Mexicans murderers and rapists.

queermunist, avatar

They’re telling on themselves lol


By itself it is a weird thing to say, like I thought the usual strategy (and apparently the Israelis’) is to publicly assume good behavior so they have something to lose.

You can say this situation is different, but still the only use for that kind of speculation is to emotionally load support for Israel (which is already high), and it may certainly further endanger the hostages, regardless of gender.

spider, (edited )

irresponsible, inaccurate and should be avoided

This better describes the IDF’s own aerial bombing campaign.

The pushback is apparently in response to comments from US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller

In other words, they’re biting the hand that feeds them.

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