Alabama police officer caught on video using stun gun on handcuffed man: ‘Do you want it again?’

An Alabama police officer is on leave while authorities investigate a weekend arrest captured on video in Reform showing a handcuffed man being hit with a stun gun.

The video begins with a white female officer from the Reform Police Department in Pickens County ordering the Black man to “stand up” after he was handcuffed in the roadway in Pickens County.

She then tells him to lay down on the front of a vehicle, which he does face down.

The officer then holds a stun gun to the man’s back while she goes through his pockets. She tells him to “stay still” at which point he says, “I ain’t doing shit, bro. I got a gun right there.”

The officer laughs as she retrieves the gun and says, “Oh yea.”

She then deploys the stun gun directly into the man’s back, telling him to “shut the (expletive) up” as he screams.

The man then begins to cry, repeatedly saying, “Oh my God.”

The officer then says, “Do you want it again?” as the man continues to cry. “Shut your bitch ass up,’’ the officer says


How many bad eggs are we up to now? I seriously see articles every single day about cops abusing, violating and torture people.


To be fair: there are enormous amounts of police officers in the US, more even woord wide. Seeing a hundred abuse visors feels like an extreme amount, but in reality is about a tiny about of police officers.

Granted, the percentage of abusive officers I. The US is way higher than in other countries but it would do you well to remember that many, maybe even most, are pretty straight shooters (pun intended) who want to make the world a little better but also just have a job and a family to come home to afterwards…


This would be more comforting if it seemed like there were efforts to remove these abusive cops from the force. Instead, all too often we hear of them getting put on paid leave while their “investigation” goes nowhere, or rarely they’ll get fired, just to immediately start working in the next county over.


Fucking beautiful Muricaaaaaaa!! “proud eagle noises”


It’s weird how since George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, cops haven’t done anything mean to black people. No reason to have a protest/riot about police brutality since the problem got fixed!


The core issue is unions and police training. If they’re not trained to be professionals that approach everyone equally, then they won’t. And we can’t change the training until we abolish the unions, but I genuinely don’t know how we do that while also increasing professionalism across the board.

My thoughts on the matter are around salary. If we paid more, more quality people would want to be police officers and they would in turn rat out bad police officers for fear of losing a decent salary.

But cops get fraternity in lieu of pay and are expected to be ‘for the blue’ before anything else. This isn’t how it should be.


Don’t worry, all those good guys with a gun will protect us from tyrants.


Well, good luck being a good guy with a gun trying to stop this kind of tyranny…


fEw bAd aPpLes


Turns out the very apple itself is poison and they’re all “bad” from the poison being an unregulated union.


I’m trying to figure out who was recording this


Tasers are effectively handheld torture devices. Put them in the hands of cops and it’s not surprising they’d be used that way.


The reason these people behave such a way is they deal with all kind of shitty people day in day out. They reach the point where there’s no humanity left in them and they look at the the same way. I don’t blame cops, the work itself is shitty. No matter if you put even Gandhi in police force after 3-4, years he’ll become Gaddafi.


Wow, that went past licking the boot, straight to taking it to the hilt.


“Their job is hard sometimes, so that’s why its okay for them to torture people.”

Shut the fuck up.


I am not saying its okay but I know why they behave in such a way

be_excellent_to_each_other avatar

I don’t blame cops

be_excellent_to_each_other avatar

I hope it is acceptable to you that I read that in the voice of Samuel L. Jackson.


Lots of people have shitty jobs. Most of us wouldn’t blow off a little steam by torturing a handcuffed person?

You’re a fucking dope.


OMG! Bro most shitty jobs doesn’t require you to deal with criminals.


Nurses deal with criminals, mentally ill, homeless, and people resisting their help for 12 hours a shift on weekdays, weekends, and nights. They don’t go crazy on people.


You’re comparing apple to oranges.


And you are comparing assholes to normal people. The assholes being the people who torture others, cops or otherwise, and normal people being people who don’t.

Which category do you fall under?


The fact that they’re doubling down on this stance really says it all


Look at the actual list of "most dangerous jobs."

Police are nowhere near the top 10.

FlyingSquid, avatar

ER nurses deal with far more criminals, mentally ill people and homeless people than any single cop because all the cops drop those people off at the ER when they don’t want to deal with them.

And nurses still don’t act like power-hungry monsters whenever they face those people.

Maybe the problem isn’t the job, maybe the problem is the sort of people who would be willing to take the job.

M0oP0o, avatar

Oh not to mention the fact that the cops have a safer job then nurses, get paid more, get issued weapons and a car. In fact I would say the average retail worker has to deal with more criminals per shift (going on number of people interacted vs the % of criminals in the population) and have little to no tools other then de-escalation. I guess since cops hang out with each other they do deal with more assholes though…

be_excellent_to_each_other avatar

Break out your bingo cards everyone!


I don’t think you’re wrong. It doesn’t make their actions excusable, but it does make me wonder if there’s something we can do at the societal level to make their jobs less… dehumanizing. I’m also gonna be that guy and point out the irony that the people who are so bent on fixing systemic oppression at the societal level are the same ones who treat cops as if they’re all evil individuals operating in a vacuum and wanna “defund the police.” Like ok… then what. Victimization is a drug for these people.

Obviously police work is going to attract narcissists and sociopaths, and obviously there will always be an abuse of power at play. We need practical laws and regulations to keep them in check. And we definitely need to stop letting them investigate themselves lol.


It would probably be a big help if they actually bothered to train Police officers properly in the US. An average of 21 weeks of training – especially with more focus on firearm training than deescalation – is not enough for a job that often involves lethal force.


I’m glad we can find ways to defend these poor officers who literally get away with murdering kids!


Just paid gang members


Watch protectandserve and other such xommunitiea defend this shit.


NENathaniel, avatar

Apparently they called it a “citizens arrest”

I’m confused, anyone have an explanation as to how an office arresting someone can be a citizens arrest

Whattrees, avatar

I think they meant “citizen*'s* arrest” as in “arrest of a citizen”. Not a citizen doing the arrest, as in “citizens arrest” .

NENathaniel, avatar

Oooh, what confusing wording but yea sounds right, thx


…except both you and the Chief have your apostrophe use backwards, and the way its used would be the arrest belonging to the citizen. So no.


Oh, I’ve got this: some people don’t mean things when they say words.


The complete and utter lack of humanity while she does it too, what a psycho, she really got off on that.


You can see her soaking it in.


The job of police officer attracts psychopaths and sadists.


The job of police officer has gone to the supreme court to actively defend passing on actual, qualified candidates to who know the law, just so they can hire the lowest common denominators like this cop, too.

verdantbanana, avatar

why is this news again?

is anyone in charge going to care or go on national broadcast in outrage and or demand citizens protest?

why do we keep having to reread these articles with no conclusion?

seeing these articles use to make me feel something but now just makes me want to see comics and weather instead of news repeats that never show the ending

yes we might see he got fired or maybe something but it will not be a nation wide fix

and no voting is not an answer when people like myself are not allowed to participate

agent_flounder, avatar

If we want improvement, we all gotta do more than just vote. Donate time or money to local politics, write letters, run for office, or something else.

FlyingSquid, avatar

or demand citizens protest

Were you living under a rock in 2020 or what?


Because even though people often won’t be held accountable for their actions, we should collectively make it as difficult as possible for such scum to sweep their evil deeds under the rug.

girlfreddy, avatar

Reform police Chief Richard Black and Mayor Melody Davis sent out a statement Monday acknowledging they are aware of the video involving a “citizen’s arrest” that took place on Saturday.

WTF is with the “citizen’s arrest” bullshit? She’s a cop ffs.


ikidd, avatar

They arrested a citizen. The phrasing is a bit confusing because the term “citizen’s arrest” usually refers to an ordinary citizen arresting another.

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