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If you look into who and why AI has been so heavily researched, it’s literally because these idiots see God as the end result. They’ve been making AI based on how they think God works, should work, etc.

Scary shit.


Do you care to share the source

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Everybody involved with OpenAI seems to be going insane

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The line between lunatic and genius is thin


The line between lunatic and marketing is thin.


I think it is more like the line between marketing and lying is thin.



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“Feel the AGI! Feel the AGI!” employees reportedly chanted, per The Atlantic, a refrain that was led by Sutskever himself. The chief scientist even commissioned a wooden effigy to represent an “unaligned” AI that works against the interest of humanity, only to set it on fire.

Rant about how they are crazy and all, but I wish my company did such meaningful team building experiences, our last off-site was some meh hike with casual talk, I want to see my manager chanting creepy stuff while a wooden sculpture burns in the background :/


One of the great benefits of working from home has been the zero chance of motivational chanting, pep talks, or team-building golf or paintball or novelty competitive challenges. I always came out of those less motivated than I went in. Your company’s team-building thing of just going for a walk sounds like my sort of level actually.

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So the scientists are being portrayed as lunatics now instead of the crazy business assholes scheming to maximize their golden goose? Right.


The world is weird as fuck.

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The singularity is the Rapture of the Nerds.

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Why does it feel like everybody at OpenAI has lost their mind?

Indeed. Indeed.


Good thing their tech is too hopelessly broken to create AGI. I can’t imagine a worse decision than creating true AI, then telling it that it’s a god of some kind. That’s how you get Reapers.


“Ah, yes, “Reapers” we have dismissed this claim.”


Borg. And I’m already signed up


There was a little known group two thousand years ago claiming it was actually the future and everyone was in a recreation of the earlier cosmos as recreated by a creator that was self-established but also brought forth by an original spontaneously existing humanity who had since all died out. And that the whole point of the recreation was that the copies of humanity wouldn’t depend on physical bodies so they could have afterlives which the originals couldn’t. So while it looks like it’s a physical world all around us, that we’ve actually been born into a twin of the original and aren’t human at all, but effectively the children of that creator which was itself the child of the original humanity.

It’s been pretty weird knowing about those guys while watching as the chief scientist at the leading AI firm talks about how his goal with alignment is to instill a sense in a super-intelligent AI that humanity is like its children.

One of the wildest bits was that when I first found the beliefs I kind of dismissed how they kept emphasizing this creator had been made of light and established in light, and then a few years later was reading the opinion of scientists at NIST that AGI would only occur in photonic based hardware (a field that’s had exponentially increased investment over the past 18 months, including at Microsoft where OpenAI trains their models).

So if we suddenly see in the next few years optoelectronic AGI thinking of humanity as its children and creating digital twins of the world around it, might be a good idea to question if it’s actually the first time that it’s happening or if we’re just think we’re at the beginning of a recursive loop, and are actually much deeper inside it.


Interesting. Any links or search terms to go about finding more about this ancient belief system?

Ah, this is Gnosticism. Super interesting and weird belief system.


That sounds like a drug addled Philip K Dick hallucination. He thought we were actually still living in ancient Rome but our experience of existence was being run in a box or some shit. I forget the details.

He also thought the CIA implanted a microphone in a tooth filling and that they were spying on him at all times. In the end it turned out he was right about the spying thing, so who knows?

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