Terrorists are visiting fascists

Ghostalmedia, avatar

“We are very attentive to this list and we will handle it carefully because we look at Russia as our closest friend,” Marzouk was cited as saying.

American Republicans = guy sweating over two buttons meme

qnick, avatar

I met people in the comments who support Hamas and Ukraine at the same time. They didn’t look like Republicans.

Kraven_the_Hunter, (edited )

That’s the point of his comment. Repubs looooovvve Russia and hate Hamas. Or so they thought yesterday.

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They're also "pro life" and "pro babies" while they openly harass high school mass murder survivors, hang out with the KKK and cue death threats against liquified toddlers' parents.

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They look nicely suited and well-fed,huh??

Add in Trump, a few oil barons from the US, and Bibi, and ALL these horrific New Axis bad actors can plan how to get more people to kill one another.

TechyDad, avatar

Hamas’’ leadership doesn’t live in Gaza. They run the country from Qatar. They live lives of luxury while the Palestinian people suffer (and have even before this latest round of violence).

artisanrox avatar

oh absolutely. Ffffk these guys.


How refreshing to see terrorists and murderers embrace the world’s worst authoritarian and all around bad actor. At least there is no pretense of of being victims that deserve the world’s sympathy.


All the worst people seem to be friends these days.

downpunxx avatar

the axis always find each other

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