Imagine a celebration meant to "unite men in "

People would lose their ever loving minds


Men want jobs so they can support themselves and their families. How awful! /s

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And women, what, want jobs just because they’re bored?


No, same reason. I’m not the one saying only one gender gets to go job hunting.

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They can go job hunting literally anywhere else, not at an event not designed for them. Women have a harder time finding jobs in tech, and these dudes are trying to take even those opportunities because they think them needing jobs trumps women needing jobs.


Women can job hunt everywhere.

The companies want the best candidate. Nothing is stolen.

The answer discrimination can’t be discrimination.

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Women are ALREADY being discriminated against in the tech job market, which is why more effort has to be made to help them get into jobs. Which is why this event was created, to counter an EXISTING discrimination. Against women.

But I guess helping women doesn’t matter to you, huh. Now when the poor mens can’t have all the exposure at ONE event.

When the initial discrimination against women stops, then this kind of “discrimination” against men will, too. So go fight against that first.


These were companies that chose to attend aaa event on getting women in tech. You really think they are discriminating against women? Did they not show up there specifically to recruit women?

In any case, it is ridiculous to blame men for the crime of job hunting. The fact is there are fewer women in STEM because fewer women go into STEM. I am an engineer. When I graduated, 16 men and 2 women joined me in getting a BSCE. This isn’t an isolated experience. Note this quote:

When considering university and VET together, in 2018 women comprised only 21% of total STEM course enrolments and 23% of total STEM course completions. In comparison, women comprised 60% of total non-STEM course enrolments and 61% of total non-STEM course completions in 2018.…/gender-gap-in-stem-not-due-to-women…

When nearly 4 out of 5 STEM students are male (when more women now go to college overall than men), it is no surprise there are more men in STEM.

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The fact is there are fewer women in STEM because fewer women go into STEM.

And of course, that has nothing to do with the discrimination women face even trying to get into STEM, and how men actively try to push them out while they’re still students! That’s not at all indicative of a systemic and well-known problem at all!

I am not at all surprised that an apparent tech bro does not see how tech bros stepping over women is a problem.


How do men push them out while students? You generalize a lot. I certainly never have.

And I am no tech bro. I just don’t get how you can deem a man sexist for trying to get a job.

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If you’ve ever talked to women in tech, they’ll tell you how badly they were treated by male students and sometimes even by teachers, trying to get them to wash out. Literally talk to any woman in tech.

But I kinda suspect they won’t actually tell you, because we know from experience how a certain type of dude will minimize and try to rationalize away everything we say, so we won’t talk to dudes like that about it.


If you’ve ever talked to women in tech, they’ll tell you how badly they were treated by male students and sometimes even by teachers, trying to get them to wash out.

I’m from Germany and after graduating from highschool, if you have sufficent grades you can choose to take another 3 years of school for a better diploma. These extra 3 years are often specialised for some topics, for example IT.

Now, there are no IT lessons in regular highschool. We did learn how to type, but that was about it. So there is really no way that women could have “pushed out” of IT in anyway, because it was never a subject.

Yet, of the roughly 120 studends that signed up for IT school, there were about 7 women.

Seems like there must be some other reason, because they definitly weren’t pushed out by other students or teachers.


That wasn’t my experience in engineering at all. One woman I graduated with in Civil Engineering was elected President of our Tau Beta Pi chapter for the whole engineering college. We had professors that verbally wished there were more women in engineering.

And some of those professors trying to get women to wash out? They are after the men, too. Many college have “gatekeeper” classes to ensure that only qualified candidates make it. For instance in my engineering program, lots of men as well as some women (proportional to the few women that took them) washed out after not being able to pass Statics or Dynamics. Those are just the nature of those courses

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That will guarantee those guys a job. And they sure taught those women a lesson in… looking for work?

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I dunno. I like employees that can follow directions;

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