706 people named Kyle got together in Texas. It wasn’t enough for a world record

How many people named Kyle can fit in one place? For one Texas city, not enough.

Another attempt by the city of Kyle, Texas, to break the world record for the largest gathering of people with one name fell short Saturday despite 706 Kyles of all ages turning up at a park in the suburbs of Austin.

The crown is currently held by a town in Bosnia that got 2,325 people named Ivan together in 2017, according to Guinness World Records.


Rip drywall


I wanted to go to help support the cause but didn’t because my name isn’t Kyle 🤷

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Still the world record for a gathering of people named Kyle, though.

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That’s a lotta kyles


The largest ticketed concerts have had several hundred thousand attendees. I bet if they reviewed the names on the tickets, they’d find they set world records for gatherings of people with the same name without even realizing it.


Especially maybe for common names like John

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I’d wager there are over 3,000 Kyles living in the both the New York City and Los Angeles County areas. It’s the getting them all in one place at one time that’s the problem.

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Kyle is just down the road from Austin, TX. They probably should have sought people named “Austin”, because I encountered way more of those in Texas then I did Kyle.


To be fair I would consider them separate world records due to being separate names?


Ok, but which one got to be the best Kyle? We had a Josh fight a long while ago and they ironed that one out in a day or so.

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Zerlyna, (edited )
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Only one of those two is able to ride a sand worm. I stand by my statement.

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I was trying to remember the name, I immediately thought of that when I saw this. I love how it turned into a fundraiser for a nearby children’s hospital and a canned food drive.

Winner of the Best Josh was a 4 year old kid from the hospital too: https://techcarter.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/Josh-Fight-Meme.png


I think their name was Josh.

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The crown is currently held by a town in Bosnia that got 2,325 people named Ivan together in 2017, according to Guinness World Records.

Yeah, but like every other guy in Eastern Europe is named Ivan, so that’s a lot easier.


Ivan Ivanovich

Ivan, son of Ivan

Zehzin, (edited )
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Does it not count if there are people with different names mixed in? Surely there are more than 2325 Muhammads at a large congregation in a Muslim majority country. It’s the world’s most common name


Guinness World Records are only recorded because someone pays them to come record it; happenstance records wouldn’t be accounted for.


Also what about different spellings?
Muhammad, Mohammed, etc.

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Asking the important questions! I work with 3 and they’re all spelled differently…


I think those are only different spellings because of transliteration and are spelled the same in Arabic script.


Ivan is just the Slavic form of John, a very common name in English speaking countries too.


They tried to put together more Karens but everyone of them had the absolute perfect place to host the meeting


Oh I thought there could only be two Karens, a master and an apprentice to train under her until she takes over.

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