How shifting U.S. policies led to one of the deadliest incidents involving immigrants in Mexico’s history

Forty men were killed and more than two dozen were injured in one of the deadliest incidents involving immigrants in Mexico’s history. Investigators put the blame for the incident on the migrants who set the blaze and the guards who failed to help them. The United States urged immigrants to take heed of the tragedy and pursue legal methods for entering the U.S., without acknowledging that some of those caught in the fire were attempting to do just that when they were detained. However, an examination by ProPublica and The Texas Tribune underscores that it was the foreseen and foreseeable result of landmark shifts in U.S. border policies over the last decade, by which the Trump and Biden administrations put the bulk of the responsibility for detaining and deterring staggering numbers of immigrants from around the world onto a Mexican government that’s had trouble keeping its own people safe.

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disguy_ovahea, (edited )

This is a direct result of the partisan voting and infighting of Congress. They’re the most ineffective part of our government, and they get paid regardless.

Edit: It seems I need to explain how our government works. Imagine immigrants are a flow of water. A Presidential Executive Order can only restrict the flow. Congress must build the plumbing for immigration reform. Biden repealed Title 42 and opened the flow, in hopes that Congress would do their job. They didn’t. After receiving pressure from overcrowded sanctuary cities, he began to restrict it again.

gAlienLifeform, (edited ) avatar

Congress has absolutely dropped the ball by refusing to confront nativist bullshit and give us an immigration system that isn’t an incoherent mess, but our current system gives the executive branch and all its agencies a ton of discretion in how they implement (or don’t implement) those stupid laws, and every President we’ve had in the last fifteen years or so has tried to make our stupid impossible system keep grinding forward by compromising migrants’ rights and humane treatment

Like, absolutely screw Congress, but Obama Trump and Biden all have blood on their hands for this shit too

e; some recent examples of the Biden administration attacking migrants and asylum seekers,

“US asylum app strands migrants and aids organised crime, rights group says”

“U.S. is rejecting asylum seekers at much higher rates under new Biden policy”

“Biden and Mexico’s President Vow Combined Action on Illegal Immigration” (y’know, Mexico, the country whose negligence and wanton indifference led to the dozens of people dying in a fire a year ago that the OP story is about, Biden is more than happy to say just a couple of days ago that we will keep working with them because he doesn’t give a shit about the lives of poor brown people)

disguy_ovahea, (edited )

That’s only true with an Executive Order, which would overrule anything Congress did, or did not legislate. The power to legislate immigration reform does not get deferred to the President due to inaction of Congress.

Biden has ordered a framework for action, because an Executive Order cannot dictate cohesive immigration reform. After receiving pressure from sanctuary cities, he was forced to increase restrictions at the border.

It can, however, allow for detainment camps, separating parents from children, and deporting those individuals independently without discretion, as we saw during the Trump Administration.…/executive-order-restoring-faith-……

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