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MushuChupacabra, in Florida man bludgeons father to death after learning he got 'the vaccine:' Investigators | WCHS avatar

This murder goes out to all the high profile right wingers who have worked tirelessly to whip up their base with anti vaccine propaganda.

A little more blood on your hands. Nice work.


And they’ll be proud of it.


Exactly. They won’t look at this and go “oh no!”, but “fuck yes!”


…that also got the vaccine.

DarkGamer avatar

All the Herman Cain award winners couldn't have done it without their help

issastrayngewerldkbin, in ‘On life support’: Hospital officials warn dozens of rural Alabama hospitals are at risk of closing their doors

Rural hospital aren't eligible to receive the same pricing on drugs as large metropolitan hospitals bc they are unable to satisfy the indigent designation that falls under 340b. This gives large metropolitan hospitals an enormous advantage in "profit" off of steeply discounted drugs. Hence the reason why many of the small hospitals are assimilated by large hospital networks. Also the large hospital networks have a lot of buying power bc of their purchase power (volume) and can negotiate volume discounts with manufacturers furthering their advantage. The US uses a system called average sales price (ASP) by CMS (medicaid and medicare)to determine the amount the government will reimburse for any drug. As these enormous hospital entities negotiate steep discounts, this lowers the overall reimbursement price (ASP) for any drug which makes it almost impossible for the small hospitals to even make enough to pay for the drugs as reimbursement by CMS falls much less have enough to pay for administration ( IV infusion, nursing, pharmacy, overall care, etc). It is a very unfair system. The large hospital networks aren't incentivized to provide care to rural residents bc there is literally no money in it. So they force those residents to travel to larger hospitals to receive care. Its a tragedy that these small hospitals are dying. This limits healthcare access to people who live in these areas. many of whom cannot afford to live in large metropolitan areas due to the high cost of living. Small rural hospitals also have a very difficult time finding staff. Physicians, NPs, PAs, Nurses etc. The cards are stacked against them. This isn't a handout. This is a failure of a capitalistic system that is unfairly applied to the human right to receive healthcare. Large hospitals should be required to provide care to residents in these underserved areas. Particularly when their C suite administrators are taking in millions in bonuses every year.

EdibleFriend, in Florida man bludgeons father to death after learning he got 'the vaccine:' Investigators | WCHS avatar

The vaccine is dangerous. It’s tearing families apart.

-Fox News


“Dead within hours of receiving the vaccine”

Rodeo, in Millennials on course to become ‘richest generation in history’

This just means the very few people who are filthy rich will be even filthier in the next generation.

This is not a statement about average wealth, it’s about the total punt of wealth held by millennials, and conveniently ignores that all of that wealth will be held by just a few individuals while the rest of generation languishes.

But halfwits will read this and think “See, everything is fine! We’re going to be rich!”


So something like “Richest individuals to be in the Millennial generation with current trends”

Which, if you think about it, makes sense. As billionaires/millionares age/die and pass down assets and wealth the trend will shift to the next generations, etc.

Blaster_M, in Judge in Trump civil fraud case sent envelope with white powder, source says

misleading headline. The judge was sent a tainted envelope, he did not send the envelope.

darth_tiktaalik, avatar

I wouldn’t have interpreted as the judge being the sender.


That’s how I interpreted it. There are many ways to write that which completely avoid confusion, but they chose the only way that allows that confusion.

davel, avatar

I mean, the core of the sentence—if it were normal English and not newspaper headline English—is “judge sent envelope.” Their copy editor can and should do better.


I interpreted your interpretation differently


As I’ve said for years, English is a shit language.

Bob sent a birthday card

Means Bob mailed it to someone

Bob was sent a birthday card

Means Bob received it.

We still keep headlines short, so the “was” gets dropped, and we’re left with an ambiguous sentence that literally means the opposite of what context clues tell us it means.

It makes sense when you realize headlines start out as full sentences but then get trimmed down as short as possible.

livus avatar

@davel is right though.

Envelope With White Powder Sent To Judge In Trump Civil Fraud Case, Source Says

Exact same length and unambiguous.

davel, avatar

Yeah, it’s all shit our brains account for like 99% of the time so we don’t even realize it.

If you don’t learn it when your little, it’s always going to be weird.

But if people stop to think about it, most can’t explain why it still makes sense.

Sabata11792, in Lauren Boebert’s son arrested, faces 22 charges
Sabata11792 avatar

So, show us his laptop...

darth_tiktaalik, avatar

Sch-longing for dirt on the Beoberts?

not_that_guy05, in Illinois judge who reversed rape conviction removed from bench after panel finds he circumvented law

Ok, now go through all his cases and reevaluate them since you already caught him going this.


This is America, we don’t go back and redo things just because they were done illegally! Trial results, elections, arrest records… Once they’re done, they’re done! Nothing to be done about it! Except taxes, they can always redo your taxes.

I wish I could add a /s I really really do

DarkMessiah, in After 2-year-old girl shoots self, man becomes first person charged under Michigan's gun storage law

Just once, I’d like there to be safety laws that people follow before they’re written in blood.


Nah, conservatives love their ignorant freedom.

It’s in the constitution, we have to allow dipshits to possess guns, didn’t you know!?


Not even political - just everyone, you know? I’ve met a liberal (true liberal, not American liberal) forklift operator that sped through the warehouse all day until they ran someone over. I’ve met a conservative site manager who walked around without a hard hat all the time, I came to find out after I left that they died when a piece of our stock fell on their head. I’ve met a guy who described himself as “apolitical” who kept his gun unsecured in case he needed it - didn’t check his target and ended up shooting his wife.

Human fucking stupidity is the problem, not what politics they have. If American-style conservatives were able to make absolutely certain that human stupidity would not end up getting people killed, I would vote them every day of the week. Same with America’s center-right party, same with the most extreme of the left in the most left-wing country in the world.

I’m just fucking tired of seeing people die because they refuse to use their brains. I’m tired of people letting their ego or their politics or their greed get in the way of survival, let alone progress.


Yes, human stupidity, but only one side seems to glorify a lack of education…

As you say, stupidity is a human problem: We should probably stop enabling the particularly stupid… In fact, I would say the fact conservatism is treated with ANY respect is a PERFECT example of how stupid humans are in general. … and enlightened centrism for that matter. There is no enlightenment when triangulating from morons.


Read the article. This guy was breaking far more laws than just the storage one.

Semi-Hemi-Demigod avatar

There’s a reason they say “Regulations are written in blood”

pennomi, in After 2-year-old girl shoots self, man becomes first person charged under Michigan's gun storage law

What a scumbag, apparently this is not the first firearms related felony on his record. People like that should not be allowed to keep their children.


Or guns.


Yeah I am okay with guns! They are our right but also the gun owners have to be people that know they are dangerous on the wrong hands and should be store properly.


He wasn’t allowed to keep his guns, he’s being charged for that also.


So no enforcement until two-year-olds nearly kill themselves, got it.


He wasn’t caught until his daughter nearly killed herself.


Yes, that’s what I was referring to. Why was he able to acquire firearms?


Your guess is as good as mine, but there aren’t exactly hard to get.


Right, so that’s the problem. That’s why. That’s the answer to my question.


Because believe it or not, gun laws don’t stop criminals from doing criminal shit. They only affect law abiding citizens. Criminals will do as they please, some word of paper don’t stop them.


If only enforcement were a thing.

Also, if there weren’t more guns than people in the country, it wouldn’t be so easy to get one.

Alto avatar

Yeah even as someone who is aggressively pro 2a (don't disarm the workers), why the fuck does he still have them.


Maybe they shouldn’t be allowed to keep something else as well.

downpunxx, in Commerce cop repeatedly charged innocent drivers with DUI
downpunxx avatar

No one from any of the police supervisors or chief of police thought to ask why "In 2023, Wood made 69 DUI arrests. That’s twice as many (31) as the rest of the Commerce Police Department combined". no one noticed? this is a completely corrupt force in commerce and they should all be dismissed, sued, and charged.

Pons_Aelius, in Scientists find about a quarter million invisible nanoplastic particles in a liter of bottled water

Much of the plastic seems to be coming from the bottle.

Enough said.

HelixDab2, in Leaked Nashville shooter manifesto shows motivation behind attack: 'Kill all you little f******'

Article cites Steven Crowder–who should generally not be considered to be credible–as a source. While Crowder and the article claim that it’s been authenticated, other, more credible news sources, say that police have refused to say that it’s authentic.

I’m going to wait until this hits a credible source that that actually authenticates things.

Whiskey_iicarus, in Leaked Nashville shooter manifesto shows motivation behind attack: 'Kill all you little f******' avatar

Every quote of that manifesto sounds fake. Why would a transgender person use a gay slur to describe white children? And what person about to go on a homicidal rampage would censor the word cracker which doesn’t hold nearly the weight of most racial slurs?

Sounds like something made up by people like Steven Crowder


… just because you don’t like how things sound, doesn’t mean it’s fake. That’s some MAGA logic. This story from the outset seemed like this scenario was likely. Wild, in America, even ultra leftist can be school shooters. Absolutely shocking.


Based on the excerpt the censoring is likely learned behavior from online text communications. Some younger people have gotten in the habit of censoring on their own to get it through content filters and still convey their message.


That should terrify everyone.

Urbanfox, in Paper and bamboo straws contain PFAS chemicals more often than plastic straws do, study finds

I now need to use 4 paper straws for a drink rather than one plastic one because they go squishy. I’m not sure that’s any better.

mindbleach, in Italian teenage computer wizard set to become the first saint of the millennial generation
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