The US military tried this tactic with the Vietcong tunnels in Vietnam. How’d that work out?

@BombOmOm@lemmy.world avatar

Worked better than sending soldiers into the tunnels to perform one-on-one combat in a very confined space.

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I mean, tunnel rats did that work largely to capture intel and the sort, which flooding sort of destroys.


Pretty well actually, the war itself doesn’t go so well


… they know ants have been dealing with that same problem for millions of years? There’s design tricks that limit how effective it can be. And blast doors are a thing.

It’d be the first thing anyone thought of, though. This isn’t a creative solution or something.


No no no no the Israeli military is the most incredible, most effective, best trained, most moral military in the world. They are super creative, innovative geniuses. How else would they have come to the conclusion that they could be more effective in their genocide efforts by bombing hospitals and refugee camps and then justify it by claiming they’re so scared and everyone looks like a scary terrorist?

Hopefully, my sarcasm drips off of every phrase.

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That's reductive to absurdity, It has nothing to do with whether they're scared or not, it has to do with Hamas using them for terrorist shit, which has been pretty well established at this point.


If I am holding a hostage are you justified to kill the hostage to kill me?

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If a hostage dies when taking you out as collateral damage, absolutely. Otherwise, If this tactic is proven to work as a deterrent, we're just going to get more hostage taking.


That’s where we differ.

Journey before destination!

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Journey before destination

The real hostages were the friends we made along the way

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Yes, particularly if you've made it abundantly clear that if I allow you to escape, you'll do everything you can to target and murder even more civilians and take even more hostages.

Did you have a more challenging question available?


Nah, you’re OK with killing children as long as you get what you want.

BraveSirZaphod avatar

Sure Jan.


Idk what that reference is to.


Itt: realization that humans still say anything to justify blood lust.


I guess fuck the groundwater?


Yeah let’s just salt the earth


Salting the earth. So the Palestinian people that didn’t get murdered by the IDF can’t come back to farm their land.

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What could go wrong.


Yeah seriously. But if there are so many of these tunnels, maybe the water will be a better approach than blowing everything above the tunnels to shit. Or maybe that would be too little, too late.

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