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Welcome to Post & Roast Hub, where you can post about any topic you want and roast each other freely in the comments!

Whether you’re looking to share your opinions, ask questions, or just drop a random thought, you’re in the right place.

But beware—this community thrives on playful trolling, witty banter, and good-natured ribbing.

Here, no topic is off-limits, and no post is safe from roasting.

So buckle up, bring your thick skin, and let the fun begin!


I mean, your average Lemmy user has skin the thickness of a cobweb, and a developmentally-stunted sense of humour from growing up watching bland American sitcoms

Unless the comments are coming with a laugh-track this can only go horribly wrong

(Insert /s here due to poor reading comprehension on one side of the Atlantic)

Alice, avatar

I mean, you’re not wrong.

I guess I got carried away. I was thinking if there was a dedicated community where trolling is allowed, they’d understand that’s like the ‘safe’ zone, for people to be dicks to eachother without worrying about reports and bans.

But you’re right.

Man. That really sucks about lemmy and social media in general. It’s so fucking lame now omg

Can’t stand that shit lighten up fuck


Stick to UK based communities, every comment is read as sarcasm by default, it makes life so much easier 😂

Alice, avatar

That’s hilarious 😂 I didn’t think of that it makes sense though lol good idea for sure


I love the idea. Feddit UK would be a good place for this, could see that taking off

Alice, avatar

Shit, thank you ! ❤️🎀 We’ll fuck it, imma go join over there and create it !


Don’t blame me if it doesn’t work, you talentless cunt

If I need an /s here you can pull one out of your arse

Alice, avatar

🤣 I don’t even know the fuck this /s bullshit even is.

Is this a new part of y’all’s ‘European’ complicated ass imperial system bullshit?

I know yall love measuring literally fucking everything in your precious centimeters and fucking Celsius and shit.

But I’m in A.M.E.R.I.C.A ok ? Where we use the actual correct metric system that doesn’t require A goddamn quantum physics degree to figure out.


You’re funny lol I love this so much. Anyway I signed up and made the banner I’m just waiting for pending approval I guess. I’m excited!

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