well deserved. glad to see denver finally get that monkey off their back

boondock avatar

Love seeing Joker and Murray getting their time to shine. Joker absolutely should have been the mvp this season so it’s a nice f you to the Perkins of the world who swayed the vote against him.

b00m avatar

What a great ending to a wild 2023 playoffs!

JustAllan777 avatar

It's so sweet having a team that have never won the championship finally be able to lift the trophy and become the best!


We took two games off the champs and all it took was Booker shooting 130% for 2 straight games. Happy you guys won it all, much deserved.


Booker was incredible, he looked like a top tier defender playing against Denver. The Suns future is bright.


Hurts a little less knowing your team lost to the champs. Nuggets didn’t just get hot at the right time, they stayed hot all year. Glad my boy kcp got another one.


The Joker and Jamal Murray are NBA Champions, LFG!!!


Was rooting for the Heat, but Denver is just too good. Great to see them win it, especially with Jamal Murray returning from injury.


From not having a proper draft coverage to an NBA champion. Nikola Jokic singlehandedly changed Denvers odd at a ring that night.

He also hugged and shaked hands with all Miami players before everything else.

Mr_Jabroni avatar

What an incredible run by the Nuggets. Congratulations and looking forward to watching them perform in the coming seasons.


Feels different celebrating it here, but congrats denver


That start of a couple new eras


Incredible game. I wish I were back in Denver to celebrate.

jclinares avatar

Excellent job by the Nuggets. They played a hell of a series, and really showed that they were the better team on the court, not just on paper.

I have a feeling that something similar is going to play out tomorrow in the NHL, when another gold-themed team from the West will play the cinderella team from Florida in game 5, lol.


How will this affect Lebron’s legacy?

Gargleblaster avatar

How will it affect Conor McGregor's?


Do you think Tom Brady might come back to try to win one more now?

Limes avatar

Congrats Nuggies. Well deserved!

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