She was a queen who spoke for children abused by the Catholic Church and she was shunned for it. She told the truth when others didn’t want to hear. Rest in peace.


She was fighting the good fight before a lot of us knew there was a fight.


She was a Fuckin legendary bad ass


This makes me so sad

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“Ms O’Connor converted to Islam in 2018 and changed her name to Shuhada Sadaqat, though continued to perform under the name Sinead O’Connor.”

That’s utterly bizarre. Thought she was against the church and child abuse.


She was against the catholic church. Islam does not have the same abysmal record of child abuse.

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Didn’t the prophet literally marry a child and then wrote that it was an ok thing to do and so now there is rampant child marriage in Muslim communities?

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Sorry to inform you that it just hasn't surfaced globally yet...
Source: I live in a place ruled by an Islamic mafia state.
Abrahamic religions all suck ass.

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I’m so sorry to hear that. Stay safe.

All religions suck and the world will be a better place once they die out. It’s going to take some time but the numbers already show it trending downward.

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She was a contrarian. Sometimes that works out; sometimes it looks awful.

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She was incredibly unwell mentally and emotionally over the last decade or two, being diagnosed with bi-polar at some point. Those who end up in that position often end up "finding religion" eventually. Kanye, for example, put out a whole christian themed gospel album a few years after he really started going off the deep end.

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