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I was listening to my own music last night, which is not unusual, I listen to my own music quite a bit. I like it. But as I listened to it last night, I began to view it for the first time as a body of work. I’m not sure what it was before that moment, but as I played through the almost-hour long collection of my original songs, I was struck with the feeling that this is… a thing, a representation of something, I’m not sure what. I’m usually good with words, but I’m finding it difficult to describe the shift I felt. I know I must continue to add to this body of work, and that the work must stay true to itself. Music for the sake of music, and tunes that I personally enjoy listening to over and over again. I’m not sure if it was because I’d just binged on Ween, or maybe had too much sugar, but it was like an epiphany, and The Dgar Project has taken a new seat in my own consciousness. I am a songwriter, and this year, I’m writing songs.

Here’s the link if you’d like to open up the for yourself and see what’s inside.


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@dgar Sounds like the art has taken its hold over you.

Now you must make music for the remainder of your years, or else suffer a severe permanent mood penalty.

Art is like that. It just grabs people and makes them produce more works.

There's nothing you can do to cure this, I'm afraid.

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… my precious…😵‍💫

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@dgar Hmm... Sometimes when I read books, I often wonder how the writers poured in.

I don't encourage people to use alcohol or recreational drugs, but when a person feels strong emotionally, that's when they should pour their emotions into something else, whether it be essays, paintings, songs, etc.

Just like Lee Child. A pot of black coffee and some cigarettes helped him to write many books.

By the way, I like the minimalistic production. 👍

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@ray1705 Thank you for listening!! I’m glad you like it!!

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@dgar Spotify added "Little Black Hatchback" song in my release radar playlist! You are officially famous now.

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Thanks for listening! I hope you enjoy it!!

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@dgar All my pleasure! And yes I did like it. Thanks for making nice music.

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@nop2net You’re welcome! So happy you like it!!

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@dgar As a painting artist, I can undrstand.

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@Leefellerguy Yes! Absolutely! I have fine art painters in my family and it’s easy to see that a “body of work” is exactly what you create.

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@dgar followed on soundcloud…

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@Ghandralph Thank you!
NumericNoise? I appreciate you following, and I followed you back.

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