Entertainment Sector Unites to Oppose European Law That Would Ban Geo-Blocking

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Warner Bros. Discovery, NBCUniversal and Sony Pictures join forces with StudioCanal, soccer’s English Premier League and the MPA to oppose new legislation that would end geo-blocking of film and TV content across the European Union.

Via neme@lemm.ee


Fuck the entertainment world. As if they’re not rich as Croesus.

And if they want to whine that selection would go down and prices up? Fuck 'em. There’s more media than a human can reasonably intake, no matter one’s likes.

And if they hike the price? Well, I’m already stealing their shit due to pricing. Only thing I pay for is Spotify. Cheap enough, convenient enough, all that. Jack the price. Test me.

Got Amazon Prime for the shipping, but I still steal the shit they have on there. I want that data on my drives, not theirs.


Plus most of everything produced is garbage, anyway.

@DivineChaos100@hexbear.net avatar

Let them fight


With all those VPN ads everywhere, everybody should be able to prevent getting geo-blocked… not?


I don’t know why the EU has been making all of these massive W laws recently, but its awesome. They’ve also shown they don’t give a fuck about what the companies think about it, then joining together to oppose the law probably only makes them want it more


Geoblock all you want. The second I notice it impact me is the second I switch to piracy options.

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Cope harder, Hollywood. Your business models are parasitic and predatory, and it’s nice that at least one governing body on this planet is looking out for consumers.


Geo blocking has never been a real obstacle…

@ElectroLisa@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

Try using Spotify registered in the EU


Never going to use Spotify. Prefer to own the physical media and have it digitalized as FLAC. iPod 5th gen with rockbox. Stick the finger to all Spotifys.

@ElectroLisa@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

Well you won’t encounter geo-blocks, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist though.


Not to people like us, but most haven’t a clue how to dodge it.

@LazaroFilm@lemmy.world avatar

It really needs to end. Studios and producers are really turning evil all the way. Opposing workers and forcing them to year long strikes, this, raising subscription prices.

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