Sir Anthony Hopkins to play man who saved 669 children (in new film).

For the millions watching at home it was an unforgettable moment in British TV history.

In February 1988 on BBC's That's Life! a man called Nicholas Winton came face-to-face with some of the 669 Jewish children he had saved from the Nazis prior to World War Two.

A surprise reunion, it brought to light a remarkable story - one which has now been turned into a Hollywood film.

And it is set to star Port Talbot's Sir Anthony Hopkins as the Holocaust hero dubbed the British Schindler.

Entitled One Life, the movie will tell of how Sir Nicholas, a London stockbroker who was knighted for his humanitarian accomplishments in 2003, helped get young Jewish refugees out of occupied Czechoslovakia in 1938. (...)


I love that clip, brings a tear to my eyes every time.

But I just don’t see how this story will translate to an enjoyable screen experience. Still, heap more honour on that man. He deserves all of it.

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