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Two men who sued Universal because they rented "Yesterday" on the basis of a trailer that showed Ana de Armas, only to find she had been cut from the film, have settled their false advertising lawsuit. Peter Rosza and Conor Woulfe alleged they had been cheated out of $3.99 each. A federal judge initially sided with them but they were left on the hook for $126,705 in legal fees. Now, they have accepted a settlement that will resolve the case. Here's more from Variety.

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@CultureDesk stupid games have stupid prizes

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@penalbatoday The whole thing seems like a ridiculous waste of time. “The attorneys who filed and sunk two years into this frivolous case are trying to pressure Universal into making a huge monetary payment (with no legal or factual basis) to end a case that is now worth $7.98,” wrote Stephanie Herrera, one of the studio’s lawyers.Though a precedent has been set in that trailers are subject to false advertising laws. Could we sue for our ticket price because we thought "Madame Webb" looked decent in the trailer? 🤔

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