[ APP STORE UPDATE ] Mlem for Lemmy 1.1.1: 0.19 Compatibility

Mlem 1.1.1 is now available on the App Store, bringing 0.19 compatibility, new icons, and some highly-requested features!

Major Features

  • 0.19 compatibility. Mlem is now up to date with the latest Lemmy (0.19.0-rc.12, as of this posting), meaning that users on lemmy.ml, lemmy.sdf.org, and other instances running bleeding-edge beta builds can once again use Mlem!
  • New default app icon designed by our very own Sjmarf. The classic Clay/s icons are still available in Settings > Appearance > App Icon, where you will find another new icon (Alien) and a neater icon organization system.
  • Tapping the Feeds, Inbox, and Profile icon now scrolls to the top if you are already in that tab

Minor Features

  • Updated the image viewer. It now appears much faster, and allows saving and sharing the image via context menu (long press).
  • Jump button can now be placed in the center
  • User labels can now display multiple flairs, including a new "banned” flair
  • Added top 3/6/9 months sort modes
  • Rewrote inbox backend. It should still behave the same, but it’s much more efficient now.
  • Added context menus to search results
  • Search bar is now always shown in the search tab
  • Improved “no posts found” message
  • Added a reset button to the Widget Wizard
  • Adjusted haptic feedback
  • Improved account deletion page

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed compact comments not appropriately displaying vote status when net votes are displayed
  • Fixed crashes and state loss when moving to the background on iPad


The Mlem Group

Mlem is a free and open source project. 100% of our funding, which pays for things like server time, comes from our generous donors; we do not, and will never, run ads or sell data. If you’d like to help support Mlem, you can donate here.

@VanillaDrink@lemmy.world avatar

The ability to change the app icon isn’t functioning as it should after this update.

Also, the icon for saved status indicator for posts seems to be present whether you want it or not.

@ericbandrews@lemmy.ml avatar

Thanks for the bug reports!

Would you mind sharing some more info to help us debug?

  • Device
  • iOS version
  • Affected icons (can you not change the icon at all, or is it only particular icons that are broken?)
  • Affected post sizes


@VanillaDrink@lemmy.world avatar

• iPhone 14 Pro

• iOS 17.1.2

• icons just don’t change on the home screen. Doesn’t matter which. However, upon updating to iOS 17.2 it seems to be working again.

•Compact posts will show the saved status. Headline and Large are unaffected.

@ericbandrews@lemmy.ml avatar


Glad to hear the icons are working–I’m going to put that down as an iOS issue and reopen it if it reappears. We’ll take a look at compact posts, customization should work in the next build.


Really love the continuous stream of improvements 🙌 I just feel the new image viewer has taken features away and placed them behind additional taps… I know it’s not a major thing but I wish we could toggle in the settings which viewer we want to use 🙏

@ericbandrews@lemmy.ml avatar

Thanks for the feedback! We’re always trying to balance efficient engineering and streamlined design with a rich feature set–which features have you wish were more immediately available? For engineering reasons, the sheet is here to stay, but we can look into extracting key features up to the top level.


Ah that’s a bummer… I liked having the option to edit the image and extract subjects right from the get go, which now requires an extra long press to access ‘quick look’. I’d like to have quick look open by default

@ericbandrews@lemmy.ml avatar

We’ll look a little deeper into whether that’s a feasible toggle–if it can be done without introducing too much technical overhead, I can see the use case justifying the added complexity.


Thanks! It’s great!


I really like the new icon and image viewer!

Awesome work!

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