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@mlemapp hi Mlem, how do I post in your app please?
I’m going nuts trying to figure this out

willya, avatar

You have to be in the community you’re posting to. Hit the three dots and tap new post.


Three dot menu in the top right, press that then select new post.

millions, avatar

Are there any plans to support Kbin instances or do I have to use another app for that?


untilyouarrived, avatar

They've said it would require kbin to support the Lemmy api.


I just made like 3 accounts because I thought I was doing something wrong lol


The @mlemapp iOS app in combination with a quick account setup on has been the simplest way I’ve found to het running on a fediverse powered Reddit replacement.

💫 Really loving the experience!!


mattiem, avatar

I'm checking out Lemmy as a reddit alternative. It's a little less-refined than Mastodon, but has a lot of promise. Found a few communities I like, but definitely needs more. Gonna start some 😬

Really digging @mlemapp, too!

nighthawk, avatar

@mattiem kbin is also an interesting take on it and somewhat compatible, though unfortantely @mlemapp isn't compatible with it.

Also really makes me wish the Fediverse had SSO. It's great that I can somewhat interact with Lemmy/Kbin with my Mastodon account, but kinda weird that I can’t fully interact with it.

brandonhorst, avatar

@nighthawk @mattiem @mlemapp I’d be very interested to hear how it goes for you. I don’t feel like I’ll miss Reddit much if I just give it up, but mastodon has exceeded my expectations so maybe this could too.

madjo, avatar

@mlemapp the latest version doesn't let me log in to beehaw. (version 0.0.6 (21))

But then it says that it can't log into beehaw.

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