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niktemadur, in Goodbye, everyone
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Do what you love. To wake up and dread the day ahead is no way to live.

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  • deadhead, in [ Community Update ] - Community Update & Team Introduction 2023-06-23

    Thanks for the update, and keep up the great work on the app! I love using this, and I hope to have it be my main Lemmy app

    ericbandrews, in What is the current state of Mlem development? avatar

    Progressing well! We’re hoping to have the next TestFlight build out soon.


    You are doing a great job. Thank you!!

    blanketswithsmallpox, in Suggestion: Tapping an image should open the image, not the post
    blanketswithsmallpox avatar

    For PC users people are at least starting to embed images now. It allows us IMAGUS users to quickly get through stuff like we used to be able to on Reddit. It's easily one of the best parts about browsing optimally.

    Next up would be hiding posts based on if you've upvoted or downvoted them before.

    I'm unsure if these features are on KBin. I'm still learning as I go lol.

    unrightful, in Suggestion: Tapping an image should open the image, not the post

    one of the many reasons i switch between this app and voyager, the image not opening fully and just opening the post is very annoying but love the apps look and feel

    FollowingOfStalkers, in New Mlem release in TestFlight - 0.1.0(14)!

    I still have the app on my phone but I don’t see Mlem listed in TestFlight anymore. Were testers removed?

    BrooklynMan, avatar

    Delete the old app and sign up for the NEW beta via the link at the top of the post! After the original app author left, we had to switch to a new account, but all new betas will come from the new account!


    Ah I see. The old app wasn’t showing the text body of the post. Fetched the link from browser, thanks!


    The original dev left the project and ended that TestFlight. This is the new one.

    ericbandrews, in And it’s gone… Mlem is gone from TestFlight :(

    Dev here. We're working to get a new TestFlight link up ASAP, the main blocker is Apple's review time since it technically counts as a "new app." We'll be putting out a statement to the community about all this later today.

    BrooklynMan, avatar

    to be clear, the TestFlight review process is “up to 48 hours”. in our experience, it’s been between 2-12 hours.


    There is a review process for TestFlight?


    Only when you submit a brand new app, after that all updates are super fast

    acdoe98, in Goodbye, everyone

    Thank you for bringing Mlem to life! And wish you all the best on your other projects and ones to come in the future!

    Echolot, in Thank you for making this app.

    And I especially appreciate that you chose the "harder" native app approach instead of going the simpler route of creating yet another webapp wrapper.

    Technoguyfication, avatar

    Your battery life will appreciate it as well

    Gregu, in [ Community Update ] Mlem Development and iOS Compatibility Roadmap avatar

    Are there plans to add a “mark as read on scroll” feature like other apps have?

    ericbandrews, avatar

    It’s currently live on the TestFlight beta! We’re planning to roll it out to the App Store in the next few days.

    Gregu, avatar

    Awesome! Keep up the good work!

    orangeNgreen, (edited ) in [ Community Update ] Mlem Development and iOS Compatibility Roadmap avatar

    Thank you for your work and your transparency

    daisyKutter, (edited ) in [ Community Update ] Mlem Development and iOS Compatibility Roadmap avatar

    Thanks for all the effort you guys put for us to enjoy lemmy natively. I have three questions:

    1. Do you plan to add gif scrubbing functionality to the app?
    2. Do you think iOS17 support is going to be long term?
    3. Do you plan to add post/comment search functionality?

    Thanks for the hard work!

    ericbandrews, avatar
    1. Yes! We aren’t happy with the current state of our media viewer. 2.0 is a backend-focused rewrite, so probably won’t have a new media viewer on launch, but it’s without a doubt high on our list of important features.
    2. Hard to say. Our iOS compatibility policy guarantees compatibility until iOS18 reaches 75% market share; after that, I can’t make any promises. We take the decision to drop compatibility very seriously, and try to only do so when the features offered by the newer iOS are valuable enough that we would be compromising the potential quality of the app by ignoring them.
    3. Yes. We’re still working out some UX concerns stemming from the fact that it’s very slow to search posts and comments compared to communities, but it’s in the plans.
    daisyKutter, avatar


    dlundh, in [ Community Update ] Mlem Development and iOS Compatibility Roadmap

    Very nice! I already love Mlem so I can’t wait to try out the next generation!

    gregorum, in [ Community Update ] Mlem Development and iOS Compatibility Roadmap

    Very nice. Do you have any sort of timeframe estimate for 2.0? Is it going to be a while before we see any new versions while you rework your code base?

    Best of luck!

    ericbandrews, avatar

    We’re reluctant to give concrete time estimates since our development time is constrained by our day jobs and other responsibilities, but we hope to have 2.0 in early TestFlight on a schedule roughly in line with our release cadence (~2mo).

    We don’t plan to release any new features to the 1.x codebase after 1.3, but we will continue to fix major bugs and maintain compatibility against changes to the Lemmy API while we bring 2.0 up.


    Cool. Thanks for all the hard work!

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