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Companies are evading Minnesota's interest rate caps. Lawmakers may leave the loophole open. (minnesotareformer.com)

Minnesota lawmakers imposed strong limits on payday lenders last session, capping interest rates at 33% for loans between $350 and $1,000, and even lower for smaller loans — but a federal law allows banks based in other states to offer short-term loans with triple-digit interest rates....

Kathy Cargill finally reveals her plan for Park Point and the reason she’s scrapping it (m.startribune.com)

After months of wondering, speculating — and writing letters to ask — why Kathy Cargill was buying up so many properties on Duluth’s Park Point, the city’s mayor and residents may have an answer from the apparently peeved member of the billionaire Cargill family....

State response to misclassification is ‘uncoordinated and inadequate’ — and other labor news (minnesotareformer.com)

Take a seat in the Break Room, our weekly round-up of labor news in Minnesota and beyond. This week: Employers rarely penalized for misclassifying workers; Minneapolis sends Uber and Lyft packing; Workers sue manure company for wage theft; Striking workers would get unemployment benefits under state bill; state legislatures have...

DFL lawmakers propose redistricting commission, 2024 ballot question to modify constitution (minnesotareformer.com)

Key Democratic lawmakers want to place a question on the 2024 general election ballot that would create an independent redistricting commission to prevent the common practice — including in neighboring Wisconsin — of majority parties drawing highly favorable legislative and congressional district maps that can lock in those...

Smudging in schools bill provides mental health benefits, according to supporters (www.minnpost.com)

For Indigenous students in Minnesota, taking care of their mental and spiritual health in a culturally specific manner may soon be viable, thanks to a bill introduced by Sen. Mary Kunesh (DFL-New Brighton). This bill, S.F. 2998, would permit Indigenous students to smudge in Minnesota public schools with staff supervision. Prior...

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