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Reddit was always this way.

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I thought Reddit killed off gold earlier this year?


That was old gold. This is NEW gold. You can tell the difference by how much more NEW this NEW gold is.


And they killed the original gold years ago when they added platinum which turned into the orgy of trophies

Deceptichum avatar

This is why I only bother with latinum, gold is worthless.


Well you’ve still got the press the latinum in something, so that’s at one use


I wonder how much gold it takes to stabilize latinum. I hope not much otherwise ferengi better’ve had some reinforced pockets for all the weight

@scrubbles@poptalk.scrubbles.tech avatar

This is “New Gold”, soon to be replaced with “Gold Classic”


Audacity aside, wtf is the difference between the $1.99 and 3.99 gold???


Slight definition on the $4 one


´⁠◔⁠‿⁠ゝ⁠◔⁠`⁠)⁠━⁠☞ $2

@Zagorath@aussie.zone avatar

$2 is flat (apart from its rounded edges). $4 rises to a raised ridge in a line down the middle.


It’s “3D”


You lose more money


Afaik, it’s multiples. So it goes 2 gold, 3 gold, 5 gold, etc. This means nothing to the vast majority of users, but a tiny minority may possibly get some of that money passed onto them if they fulfill Reddit’s myriad of requirements to be part of the “Contributor Program” .

GreenPlasticSushiGrass avatar



It’s what plants crave


One flat and the other is 3D

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How much the “designer” moved the Inner Bevel slider to the right.

@Zink@pawb.social avatar

Lmao they removed their somewhat unique award system with charm and replaced it with colored arrows

@RanchOnPancakes@lemmy.world avatar
@BunnyKnuckles@startrek.website avatar

Um excuse me are you gonna pay for that?

@Ghostalmedia@lemmy.world avatar

Hold it. Hoooooold it.


I hope people start posting pictures like this instead of paying for them


That’ll be $49.99, pal.


Which reddit probably won’t give any to the creator


Actually, they will, a part at least

squiblet avatar

Only if the person has received a total of 10 special arrows recently, or something.


Curiously enough, 99% of awards go to people ineligible for a share of the money.


Sounds like buying expensive-but-worthless loot boxes to send as gifts

squiblet avatar

I'd rather receive a loot box than a $30 special reddit png that I don't even get anything for.


And since reddit decides can change requirements at any point


I guarantee the vast majority of gold rewards will be going straight into Reddit’s pocket. The contrived requirements to get a payout are designed to keep as much of it for themselves as they can, while still saying it’s “possible” for users to get some of the money for themselves.


You mean the commentor? Or thread creator? Nothing for anyone creating the content that warranted the upvote?


Think just who it’s given too not any other part. You’ve thought this out more than reddit did

@Sonotsugipaa@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

You’ve gotta pay, pal.


Don’t call me pal. But you know what friend? I think it would be hilarious if this image started getting used ironically.


I’m not your friend buddy


I’m not your buddy, guy.

@popekingjoe@lemmy.world avatar

I’m not your guy, dude.


I’m not your dude, chief.

@wetnoodle@sopuli.xyz avatar
@ErianKalil@lemmy.world avatar

Ok, ntsc.


I love the vibrant colours of that vomit.

Nepenthe avatar

I was just thinking the same thing. More than the usual amount of love went into that one, and most people probably wouldn't even stop to notice. The subtle fade-out at the top. That is some pleasing vomit.


I had to pause for a second. Most high def emoji I’ve ever seen. Can’t believe I just typed that.


Look at that subtle off-green gradient. The tasteful thickness of it… Oh my god, it even has ornaments…


This has gotta be the stupidest (and honestly ugliest) alternative to Reddit awards.

Thanks for the crudely gold-colored-brass up vote, kind stranger.


ngl I haven’t been back to reddit since the exodus, but my youtube watching has gone up waaay too high.


Honestly, same. Between the algorithm throwing wild but entertaining YouTube shorts and me starting to watch longer more educational content, I find myself going on the reddit mobile site very rarely.


I’m in this exact same boat and I don’t love it. I don’t know if my ADHD is acting up or if YouTube has made my productivity take a nosedive (got fired a month ago due to it), but I can’t help myself from watching hours of YouTube a day. I feel like reddit was at least easier to disengage from in order to be productive.

@Octopus1348@lemy.lol avatar


Well, today you learned that this is the current state of Reddit.

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Has no one here heard of redreader

Its still up due to an exemption iirc


Re-dreader? What a strange name.

I too dread going back to that site.


Yep. Still not interested.

@ahriboy@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

Reddit wouldn’t exist without the third-party clients. The state of Reddit is already being doomed to fail.

@MECHAGIC@lemmy.world avatar

Oh okay 👍


When I need something, I go through my self-hosted libreddit instance.

I’ve also set up autoforwarding in case I accidentally click a Reddit link in the wild.


QuantumBadger’s RedReader for Android was the way I used Reddit for 6 years because the official app was hot trash and it still is shit.

I still stopped using Reddit entirely after July, because it that site sucks donkey balls. Lemmy all the way, baby.

Don’t forget the fact that Redditcorp was treating RedReader along with the rest of the app developers with a “put up or shut up” attitude, despite them eventually caving and providing an exception from the blackout. There are still some good communities there I’m sure, but the site as a whole has lost my trust, so they don’t get my contributions anymore.


If you use the official app that’s on you.


There’s no other apps anymore. Which of course is the whole point.


Of course there are. I’m still using Infinity.


If you think you are using a third party app then you are even more stupid than you appear. All the third party apps are now controlled by Reddit which means they’re essentially first party apps for all intents and purposes.

Good luck with that. Let me know when it inevitably leaks all your data


Possibly the most clueless comment I’ve ever read.


Really still going to tell me that you have access to a first party app that isn’t controlled by Reddit?

Bearing in mind of course that I cannot be possibly held responsible for doing your thinking for you


By the looks of it you haven’t ever done any thinking for anyone.



@FlyingSquid@lemmy.world avatar

“You people who use the Reddit app that Reddit recommends you use after shutting down almost every other app that you can use to check Reddit? You people are idiots!”


Yes, mainly for still using Reddit at all.


I can’t even open reddit on a phone nowadays, cause my preferred sub have 18+ posts and reddit don’t let you access that if you not logged in. Also, there a notification, that I need to use shitty official mobile app. Also, there notification to login via google. Also, there a notification… Nope, I not using this shit ever again.


For the occasional time where I’m troubleshooting something and Reddit has the only solution on an “unmoderated sub” or one with 18+ posts, I just change the “www” in the URL to “old”, and get the old, non mobile friendly UI. It lets you bypass the other app popups, etc. Sometimes when you go into a post you’re back in the new UI, and might get another pop up, but backing out or changing the url to “old” usually solves it in my experience.


Firefox mobile now has a full suite of extensions, including old reddit redirect to bypass all that bs. It’s the only way I access reddit anymore for answers/the last few niche communities that haven’t been built up on lemmy yet.


I thought about doing that but then I decided that I don’t care about the opinions of people who somehow put up with all that shit


What’s your favorite sub (asking for a friend)

tja, (edited )
@tja@sh.itjust.works avatar

These arrows look like they were AI generated. “Make the arrow look more golden”

@RoseRose56@lemmy.world avatar

Now says it’s more bots than humans, only small subs have more real humans IMO.

@MargotRobbie@lemmy.world avatar

On another topic, what kind of complete nonsense is that comment section?

It reads like if my phone’s autocomplete decided to go haywire one day and start spitting out random associated phrases: “Pablo Escobar… Colombian Drug Lord… District of Columbia…hungry hungry hippo…”

I don’t even know which is worse, that these are all bots, or there are actually multiple people who thinks posting these in public is a good idea.


Maybe they’re bots that don’t know they are bots

lingh0e, (edited )

Pablo Escobar lived in Columbia and owned hippos.

Just because you don’t get a joke doesn’t mean it was written by a bot, you goon.

edit - I just realized that I called esteemed character performer Margot Robbie a goon. Many apologies. I respect your dedication to the craft.

@dvlsg@lemmy.world avatar

He lived in Colombia*, which I assume is how D.C. snuck into the comments. Took me a sec to follow that jump.


Yes. The DC in Washington DC stands for District of Columbia.

@MargotRobbie@lemmy.world avatar

I get all the references, but making a chain of references without any jokes isn’t exactly funny.

Meta comedy is overused to the degree that it is difficult to do it well.


I think it looks like AI bots talking to each other.


Not all of us are blessed with the incredible talent of the writers of the nine-time Golden Globe-nominated motion picture Barbie, two-time Critic’s Choice Movie Award-winning actor Margot Robbie.


Doesn’t it feel weird that people feel guilty when being mean to you only because you are famous? You probably also have more anominous accounts so I wonder, how different does the internet feel as Margot Robbie and Jane Doe?

@MargotRobbie@lemmy.world avatar

Doesn’t it feel weird that people feel guilty when being mean to you only because you are famous?

No, because there are plenty more people in life who won’t feel guilty about being mean to you at all. It’s more stressful in the days knowing a Twitter mob is ready to “slam” you for every little thing you say or do in life 24/7.

Besides, it’s not like anything I say here can be tied back to me anyways. Why do you think I refuse to get verified?

You probably also have more anominous accounts

Ugh… That Letterboxd account…

Daefsdeda, (edited )

No, because there are plenty more people in life who won’t feel guilty about being mean to you at all. It’s more stressful in the days knowing a Twitter mob is ready to “slam” you for every little thing you say or do in life 24/7.

Really understandable. Haters will always be a louder minority and when you have 9 positive comments and a single negative one, the negative one will stick out.

Besides, it’s not like anything I say here can be tied back to me anyways. Why do you think I refuse to get verified?

That is probably the smart move. I have a unbsession with celebrities and such and when I hear people obsessing over every single detail of their lives, I feel sorry for the celebrities. If a single mishap gets blown up and reported of my life, I don’t think I would handle. It feels like people enjoy the story of the mental degradation of celebrity X. It is disheartening.

That Letterboxd account I wasn’t aware of this and it is one of those things where I don’t want to click the articles explaing it. I personally have ADHD and if I was watched like that 24/7, I would slip up. Furthermore, all my social media accounts use the same name so it can easily be tracked, luckily no one cares.

Any how, good luck with it all. Sorry for my short sighted thought and thanks for explaining. Remember that most people see you in a really great way. These people just aren’t the loudest.


Besides, it’s not like anything I say here can be tied back to me anyways. Why do you think I refuse to get verified?

I wouldn’t be so sure about that. On one hand, I totally don’t believe you’re the real Margot Robbie, so you do have plausable deniability, but if anyone gains access to your server either being the owner of it, hacking it, or having a warrant, it might be trivial to connect you to your account with your IP if you aren’t using a VPN or Tor. Not that you’d likely be in that situation, but it is good to be aware of.


I just realized that I called esteemed character performer Margot Robbie a goon. Many apologies. I respect your dedication to the craft.

You should do an AMA. How did it feel being touched by god?

@MargotRobbie@lemmy.world avatar

Now you should do an AMA too!


alright, be cool be cool be cool, it’s just Margot Robbie.

Yeah I could totally do those one of AMA dooda thingies.

what the fuck was that abomination of a sentence? Okay okay okay, let’s just try to smooth our way out of it.



I just realized that I called esteemed character performer Margot Robbie a goon. Many apologies.

What’s wrong with her posting on Something Awful?!


Are reddit paying contributors, moderators or people creating posts¿? If no then how are they claiming that buying a golden upvote supports contributors


Very good point!

I am not a lawyer but isn’t this something that is technically illegal? Or perhaps not, do donations need to be truthful in plain terms of how the funds are used ?

The only way I can see donating to reddit could be argued as helping/supporting contrubiters by having the platform and audience available.


do donations need to be truthful in plain terms of how the funds are used ?

I think in 2023 parlance the claim is probably plain enough to be “truthful”.

Giving gold supports the contributors you love

It’s pretty well established that receiving gold on reddit is perks like… a gold star or something, rather than actual real gold.


It pays them in exposure!


Exposure Ü


About 3 months ago? They killed off the old award system. Gold, platinum, ternium , and the 100 other things you could add to posts or comments with reddit coins were Thanos snapped out of existence.

Now theres golden up votes where somehow if I spend real money and give something a golden upvote, the writer could receive real money (only for some countries). Don’t know all the details as I figured I wouldn’t be receiving any and wasn’t going to be giving any.


Reddit embracing tipping and gig culture.


Never heard of that website

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