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jon, in Juste received this love letter from reddit's admins
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Honestly, mods should just force the issue and make Reddit replace them. It's going to be a big problem if Reddit needs to find new moderators for hundreds if not thousands of subreddits. And that's assuming all the new moderators will play along and not immediately join the protest, go on a tyrannical power trip, or just go dark after a few weeks.

Why would anyone even want to be a mod right now? It's like your boss threatening to fire you from a job you're not paid for while the building is actively on fire.

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The K-man did that : I'm flopping I'm flowing I'm all over the place. It be so


Mod of /r/homeimprovement here, that's exactly what we are doing. We are staying dark and forcing them to replace us if that's what they want to do at this point. We are at least going to make them work for it, lol.

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PS: Please setup a community here. I will join.


Did yall move to the fedeverse somewhere?


Do you have a community set up here already?

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Today could be the day!


That is what will happen though. A lot of mods have already been replaced.

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Replaced by whom?

I get that some people will step up into being Mods, but modding is hard and thankless work - I've done it a few times over the years.

There's always subs crying out for new Mods, so you'll end up scraping the barrel for Mods, then the quality will go down, people will get pissed off. With thousands of Subs suddenly needing modding, there's simply not enough volunteers to go around.

One of Reddits unsung resources was its army of Mods keeping the content of some quality (define that as you will). Reddit really is cutting its nose off right now.


Out of curiosity, how likely do you expect those reddit mods to move to lemmy? I see a bunch of retiring mods posts, but not many that have said they were moving here.


There will be lag, sometimes significant lag, in moving I think. Remember, the protests were about trying to save Reddit, and, failing that, making it as obvious as possible that Reddit's about to shoot itself in the groin. People who have invested a decade or more building and running stable and growing communities kind of have to grieve the loss of the fruit of their labours.

I do think you'll see many of them show up here relatively soon, as users. But the prospect of rebuilding from near scratch will probably take a little more time for people to wrestle with.


Good, if they insist on having things done the way they want for free, then they can take care of doing it themselves.


If they replace you, can I have the sub? And force every User to stay in character or get banned?

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Hey, one of my favorite subreddits! Get 'er done! I left with the fiasco and not turning back. I'm happy you guys are buckling up your seatbelt.

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If they aren't making enough money now, they'll just love paying people to keep popular subreddits up.


That seems like it will present a problem. If an uninformed redditor asks, “hey is it safe to move this wire?” And some troll replies, “yes”… with no one there who is knowledgeable to moderate. Might lead to some disastrous outcomes.

*edit - I agree with you forcing the admin’s hands. Im not sure they know what they will be getting themselves into.

sensibilidades, in Google distances itself from planned drag performance after employee petition

Can't trust these companies to do what's right.

This has to be drilled into the collective consciousness as much as possible. There is no such thing as an ethical corporation, or an ethical company that is for-profit -- they simply cannot be ethical, they are amoral by design. If Target or Walmart or Netflix do something that is seen as positive, the only reason is a profit motive, not because they are moving towards being 'good'.

dystop, in The official reddit app is not even supported on my device. avatar

Honestly Reddit doesn’t infuriate me anymore. I haven’t been on reddit for 2 weeks now and I no longer feel the urge to check that site. I expect I’ll still end up there occasionally when I search for stuff, but gone are the days when I spend an hour or two every night on reddit.


Same for me. When RIF stopped working I went into Lemmy and haven’t went on Reddit since. The FOMO I thought I’d get isn’t there because I’m active and welcome here. I have people to connect with, and that’s what I really only wanted out of a social site like this.


Why would I go on bad lemmy?


That’s actually been my experience as well lol.

I did actually deliberately jump on reddit on desktop recently, just to check on a few things and see how the protests were going.

There wasn’t really anything informative on the front page that hadn’t already been posted here. The quality of posts actually seemed worse overall


The quality of the posts being worse makes sense, I’m guessing some of the Reddit power users moved here and they were generating the majority of quality OC on Reddit.

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I also feel like it's become more right wing. Or at least now that some people have left, the balance has shifted further to the right. I went on yesterday, and r/WhitePeopleTwitter, a fairly left wing sub, is now having a lot of Republicans. Really killed my desire to go back. It was something I know a lot of people predicted would happen, but still sad in a way to see.

Edit: Also the fact that the main niche subs I went to are dead. They used to be pretty active, but since they reopened, a lot of users were not happy. So now it's a post every few days. I think one of the subs just got completely deleted. Sadly they're not as active here.

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The only sub I go to now is my local city’s subreddit for a good stream of local news and happenings. That hasn’t migrated to Lemmy yet and I don’t want to moderate it so I’m not making it here lol


There’s still quite a few subreddits I miss. Plus the larger community. Some communities are here, but they’re dead with no users, and I don’t really have what to contribute.
I wanted to try listing all of them, but I realized there’s like 40 of them.
Mostly, I miss r/batteries, r/ElectroBOOM, r/linuxmint, r/ManjaroLinux, r/LinuxMasterrace, r/SpaceXMasterrace, r/pcmasterrace, r/computers, r/laptops, r/amateursatellites, r/whatisthisthing and r/RTLSDR which also had cool people like developer of noaa-apt and Ryzerth, the developer of SDR++, plus many more.
Edit: Oh, how could I forget dereksgc, another cool guy who puts out lots of useful info.


Yes that’s the only thing I would miss from Reddit. The wealth of knowledge that lives on their servers and the community until they more over here

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It’ll come with time.


Things will slowly grow if we all stick with Lemmy though. It’s really just a matter of time until it reaches a critical mass.

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I can leave the larger community, but I do miss a couple subreddits.

The good thing about the Reddit before the dark times of 3 weeks ago, was that it had a large enough user graph that there were enough people with niche interests to have an active community. Facebook also has this critical user graph.

The good thing about ActivityPub based communities is that there is the potential to have much larger federated user graphs than the individual closed business-based platforms.

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Also the “actual fucking content” is a mindless repost bot, with a bunch of reposted comments trying to build fake internet points so when the accounts switch to being spam advertising bots they last a little longer.

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yeah, was gonna say that’s a user issue but it’s in the biggest scabreddit so that’s kind of on the admins too


By the way, it seems like the comments to that post could be also generated/copy-pasted by other bots… and another set of bots +1 that comments :0/


My 18mth deep depression exacerbated by doom-scrolling Reddit 12hrs per day may have been a fucking bot psyop to make me miserable. Lemmy has been a huge boost to my mood. Feel like I’m waking from a coma since coming here.

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Me too feel way better than I did on Reddit. The comments and post don’t piss me off and I enjoy posting on here. Also nice not worrying over karma and if my post our comments are getting attention.

A weight off my shoulders.


My guess is someone who really, really, really wants you to see the advertisements. With a little bit of content on the side.

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Would you like some usable content with your ads?

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just reminds me to Nolan Sorrento from ready player one

This is the first of our planned upgrades. Once we can roll back some of Halliday’s ad restrictions, we estimate we can sell up to 80% of an individual’s visual field before inducing seizures

idk which one is more sad, that reddit is actually doing this or that i had to specify “ready player one” when looking up the exact quote because otherwise it referred me to completely serious marketing articles


Hell the screen from Idiocracy rings a fucking bell seeing this.

meldroc, (edited )

Or for really old-school nerds, Max Headroom. There were the Zik Zak “Blipvert” ads that were hyper-accelerated until they literally made people’s heads explode (like in Scanners).

pannacotta__, in Musk is undeniably just trying to run twitter into the ground at this point.

Somehow I doubt it’s even that. The guy’s just a braindead, incompetent moron. I don’t think the fucker’s even smart enough to realize this is literally the worst possible decision he could’ve made.

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Yeah Occam's Razor and all that, he's probably just a fucking idiot.

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Funny enough, it's actually Hanlon's razor.


Seems naive to prioritize stupidity over malice when trying to make sense out of the actions of businessmen and politicians, but Elon has shown a penchant for stupidity lately.

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For the last eight years or so, my response to any invocation of Hanlon’s razor has always been, ¿por qué no los dos?

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True. Malice and idiocy aren't mutually exclusive, but you tell me what REPEATEDLY lighting $44B on fire is more likely to be.

yesdogishere, (edited )

im pretty certain he is being paid by the saudis to destroy twitter. it's way too powerful a vehicle to be in the hands of the proletariat.

this might sound crazy but ..... this is why kbin/lemmy etc is so important. in about 2 years+ time, there will be a gigantic global civil war as the masses rise up and seek to annihilate the billionaires. the billionaires will hide behind the use of nukes by russia, then china invades taiwan, then WW3, then Biden is cloned, Covid26 arrives, global tsunamis and geostorms, and then the aliens invade. It's all pretty much clear. we need to organise now, to just give 0.5% of our kids a miniscule chance to survive the coming extinction of humanity.


Nice tin-foil hat you have there

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Well I wasn't sure at first but you have convinced me

emc, in [Final Update] My insurance won't cover UTIs for males. Yes, I'm in the US.
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I’m not going to defend health insurance companies, but this is not because of your insurance. CVS will only see patients with simple medical problems because they 1) are not equipped for more in-depth diagnosis and treatment and 2) don’t want the liability associated with such. UTIs in males are medically complicated, by definition which has a very specific meaning. Males don’t just get UTIs like females do, because the male urethra is significantly longer, providing significantly more protection from bacterial retrogression to the bladder. The long story short is that if you are a male with a UTI you need to go to an actual healthcare facility and see a qualified professional, not an NP/PA at your local CVS.

Source: am a pharmacist


You explained how getting UTIs for men is different than women, but you don't really explain how treating it is more complicated.


Because it's much less likely for men to get a UTI in the first place, it's much more likely that if they have one, that it's not a simple "throw some bactrim at it and it will go away" situation. With a male UTI, there's a higher chance that the UTI is in fact a symptom of a more serious issue, rather than the issue itself. And determining that requires diagnostics that are beyond the scope of what can be done at a minute clinic.

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So why no referral?

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Because someone needs to collect a comprehensive history from the patient to decide what kind of/if a referral is needed. The assembly line care at CVS isn’t geared for this.

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It’s different because it requires significantly more diagnostic effort to determine the root cause, which corresponds to more effort to treat. Women have a urethra that’s extremely short. They can get a UTI from routine activities like having sex or wiping from back to front after having a bowel movement. The treatment for cases like these is extremely simple: just prescribe an antibiotic.

With males, the urethra is so long that it’s almost impossible to get a UTI because of things like these. When males get a UTI, they are caused by things like kidney stones, anatomical abnormalities, indwelling catheters, etc. Your average CVS practitioner is not going to be able to order imaging and determine whether your kidney stone needs to be broken up. Or make the determination as to whether surgery is needed to correct some other abnormality. Additionally, these complicating factors that cause UTIs in men can lead to more complications down the road. For example, if you have a kidney stone causing a UTI, you don’t have cystitis (infection of the bladder) but rather pyelonephritis (infection of the kidney). Giving an antibiotic will not treat this because the stone will continue to seed the infection. Meanwhile, you are at increased risk of having the infection spread to your blood (sepsis), which doesn’t generally happen with cystitis.

CVS cannot help you with this. Frankly I wouldn’t trust CVS with my primary care even for the categories that are in OP’s picture because CVS’s exam room care is meant to make money, not provide comprehensive care.


I'm not saying you're incorrect, but this is inconsistent with my experience. I have had about 6 or 7 UTIs, and across multiple urgent care facilities, the experience has mostly just entailed me getting urinalysis, something a MinuteClinic is capable of, and being prescribed antibiotics. Once they sent me to an ER instead and that time I was giving imaging, but it seems like plenty of places are willing to just make the call to prescribe antibiotics and recommend following up with a primary care provider afterwards. This has also always been covered by insurance. I'm not saying they've ever solved the root problem, but they have no issue treating the symptom. I'm not sure what I'm missing or if my city's healthcare just sucks or what.

And yes, I know that statistically something is wrong with me. I've talked with my new primary care provider about it and they're basically just telling me to monitor it and give them a call if it happens again.


The issue here is the clown medical delivery system that enables these scenarios. At this point, people have better chances of diagnosis and treating themselves than rely on a chain of clowns, if only medical devices and pharmaceuticals were easily available.


Riiigghhttt! I can understand that that differences in physical biology demand different attention. That's not what I'm complaining about. It's the way it's set up. I was told that at my appointment. Why not just refer me to a specialist? The website could've even just referred me to urgent care. But, no, their goal is to obfuscate and irritate until the patient gives you and pays out-of-pocket.

QubaXR, in "Sponsored recommendations": I pay for Spotify Premium, and yet somehow I'm still the product? avatar

In the immortal words of James Stephanie Sterling “corporations don’t just want some money. They want all of the money”

wesker, in higher wages for the servers... by the customers. Fnbs avatar

So it’s a mandatory tip, and it’s also suggested you voluntarily leave a secondary tip.

Tip culture in America is so aggressive.


Reminds me of how dealerships can sell cars above the MSRP ... SMH

(( They do it in US but not in Europe; or so I heard ))

WhipperSnapper, avatar

The S in MSRP is “suggested”, so I don’t see any technical problem with it. I think we need a separate term if it’s meant to be a locked price point across sellers.


Listen to this scam.
I stopped at a Starbucks kiosk to get my kid a juice box the other day. When I paid for it by card the card machine prompted for a tip, 25%, 20%, and 15%. Here’s the kicker, 25% was selected by default! You actually have to use button on the machine to move through the selections to get to NONE. To top it off the lady behind the counter casually said, “Oh you’re using a card? Just press the green accept button when the menu comes up.” which would have selected the 25 option.

wesker, avatar

Super shady!


It’s not a tip. They’ve literally just increased the prices without showing and lying about it on the menu.


Owner wants to get his cut, server wants to put gas in their car. We’re a country of 350 million attempted unique make it rich stories and it’s a goddamn mess.

We need UBI and jobs programs aka Trek after WW3…but I fear we may have to fight the war to get it


How is this any different than just raising the price of everything by 18%? But you see service charge and a percentage and its an outrage.


They are trying to tell you to not ask for a livable wage.


It does make sense to increase all menu prices in order to pay higher wages, but it’s a sleazy dishonest practice to hide that increase from the customers until it’s too late.

Squirrel, avatar

Because raising the price of everything lets you know ahead of time that you are paying more. I’m fine with a price hike if it means servers get better pay, but hiding it like this is scummy and borderline fraudulent.


It isn’t hidden. They tell you upfront there is an 18% charge, however they rely on people ignoring that or psychologically not caring and only looking at the item price.

CoderKat, (edited )

I wonder how many people would see the warning and assume it just means an 18% auto gratuity? Because that’s very common and the amount is exactly what many auto gratuities have (or at least had when I last was in the US, which was several years ago). Because if I saw something saying there was an 18% service fee, that’s what I’d assume. I would not think there’d be a tip on top of that.

That said, the US custom of not including the final price (including taxes) in the posted prices is a shitty, toxic practice and should be illegal.


I saw elsewhere that workers are suing this restaurant over this specifically. If they are doing a service charge like this it should not be revenue generating to the restaurant.


If you raise the price of everything by 18% the prices on the menu will be 18% higher, possibly discouraging people from eating there. If you add it at the end people will still choose to eat there at least once. It is practically the same as raising prices, just a lot more dishonest.

irotsoma, avatar

Also illegal. It’s called bait and switch. Advertise one price, provide the service, then change the price. What if you went to get $50 in gas, and after you put the nozzle back the price suddenly changed to $59. Unless there’s a very visible sign saying it would happen before you started pumping, it’s illegal.


I’m sure that they have a sign by the front stating that they do this. Probably on the menu as well. I doubt that most people are doing the math themselves and are more likely to see a $10 menu item and think it’s $10 + tax and fees. Basically the extra fees are an afterthought.


It’s getting stupid in Canada too despite our laws being different (as in, you cannot make less than minimum wage if you work in a place that allows tips).

I got my oil changed a few months ago and the machine prompted me for a tip. For what? The mechanic did their job, I paid for said job. Transaction concluded.

I tried Crumbl cookies for the first (and last, holy crap overpriced) time. Got asked for a tip. For what? I got six cookies in a box and then had to leave the store because there’s no seating to eat them there. The person who helped me took my order. That’s it. Another employee put six cookies in a box and put them on a counter and said my number. Not a lot of wiggle room to go “above and beyond.”

What’s next? A tip at the grocery store for the cashier scanning my groceries? A tip at the drive-thru?

Here’s a tip. Don’t work for an employer who doesn’t pay you what you’re worth.

EDIT: Actually, the tip at the drive-thru is already a thing. Starbucks prompts for a tip at the drive-thru. For what? The barista took my order and made my coffee. I drove up to a window, took it, and fucked off.


I booked a hotel online the other day and was asked if I want to leave a tip… A tip for what? I didn’t even interact with a human. Just clicked a few buttons on a website. Am I tipping the web developer?? Lol


As a developer, I never get tips. Even on my open-source stuff, I have a “tip jar” PayPal link on the very bottom of my readme files. Never asked, never required. Know how much I’ve made in tips over the years? Exactly $0.


I’ve definitely tipped developers (through the ‘buy me a coffee’ site, or occasionally patreon). But I’m unusual I think…


Have you tried walking into your software’s users’ homes to clear away empty plates and refill their water?


I know it feels gross, but asking is how you get people to do things. This is true for pretty much everything. That’s why mobile apps have a popup asking people to leave a rating, and Apple even has a standardized API for showing that popup since it’s so common.

So you should try something similar for you projects. Come up with an (ideally non-intrusive) ask that feels like a personal request rather than just a link dumped somewhere in a readme.

And if you feel bad about it, just remember that getting people to pay for OSS is a win for the whole ecosystem!

jballs, (edited ) avatar

I got prompted for a tip from an online pharmacy last week. So we’re apparently tipping on medicine now.


What’s next? A tip at the grocery store for the cashier scanning my groceries?

Nope, a tip at a self-checkout.


In the US you generally cannot make less than minimum wage, the employer can directly pay you less as long as your full compensation (pay + tips) are at least minimum wage, if not they are supposed to pay more.

I think the explosion of tip questions is due to the card processors figuring out there was an untapped area where they could pressure people to tip and skim off a percentage of that.


That’s the thing here - the employer must pay you the same regardless of tips. Tips are always a bonus, not part of your wage.


I think you misunderstood. In some states, you will be paid below minimum wage if you make enough in tips. IIRC there was a story a number of years ago about servers in Tennessee (?) only making $2.15/hr. It was legal because they made enough in tips to cover the other $5.10/hr that the restaurant is supposed to pay. So instead of the tips being extra cash on top of pay, the restaurants were literally having the customers subsidize the majority of their pay.


I understand that, but I’m talking about Canada. In Canada if you’re paid $13, $18, hell $50 an hour, it doesn’t matter whether or not you make tips. Your employer must pay you your full hourly wage no matter what.

Astroturfed, (edited )

Starbucks barista doesn’t even “make” the coffee. They use superautomatic espresso machines. Starbucks coffee sucks ass.

TheBat, avatar

Does it suck because of or despite the machines?


Superautomatic machines make inferior espresso shots objectively. For various mechanical reasons they will never make espresso as well as non-automatic machine.

That being said, I own one at my house. It’s very convenient and it’s passable espresso (when using decent beans, Starbucks burns their espresso beans and that’s the main reason it sucks). However, if I’m paying $5+ for a couple shots of espresso in whatever form I’m expecting it to be made right. Not worse than my mid range home machine makes with a couple button taps.


It clearly doesn’t suck or there wouldn’t be one on every street corner in North America.

But I’m sure you’re right about the automation. They don’t want variability in your experience. They want a coffee in Texas to taste the same as a coffee in Iqaluit.


Yup, taste like burnt ass garbage beans, coast to coast.


Service charge I would presume is primarily paid out to the non-wait staff at the restaurant. The kitchen in particular.
Tips go to the wait staff, and they will pay some of that out to other staff (e.g. front staff) depending on how the restaurant works.

These are going to be separate. The service charge is there so they can increase prices by a tightly controlled amount without needing to fuck up the carefully targeted price points ($8 or $7.99 is a lot better than $9.44). Which is shitty, to be clear: it’s a hidden way to increase prices while still advertising the same price. But it’s not something that replaces or complements the tip, it’s just a shitty price-adjustment.

A waiter or waitress is still going to be dependent on the actual tip.


So what’s to stop them from setting all prices to 1 cent and having the rest as service fee?

theneverfox, avatar

There are restaurants who don’t show you the price, so nothing I guess


Thank you for posting this you are correct the fee goes to the restaurant and they use the money to pay the back of house. In my experience it is just so the restaurant can provide the same wages as before to back of house but not out of the restaurants pocket. This tends to result in people tipping less so the server directly makes less money. There is also often no accounting/oversight into how the restaurant uses the fee. If I recall correctly the city of Los Angeles is looking into the legality of how these fees are presented to the customer and the fact there is no oversight.


Why don’t the restaurants just pay actual living wage then?


That’s a good question, and the easy answer is ‘they should.’ As the commenter above you mentioned, they use it as a tactic to advertise the same (competitive to other local restaurants) price people are used to. A more transparent way of doing business would be raising the price of the menu items to compensate staff fairly. The restaurant owners/management fear that if they do this it would drive away customers who believe the food is overpriced and look to their competitors. It’s easy to say, ‘just pay the staff a fair wage,’ but not quite as easy in practice. Most restaurants are small businesses just barely scraping by. The OP is right to be annoyed, but as always, context and a basic understanding of a situation’s underlying principles make the easy answer difficult to implement.

GizmoLion avatar

Put a banner outside saying "no gratuity necessary, the price you see is the price you pay!" and watch what happens.


I worked in restaurants for years and this is the correct answer. I also die a little inside at how many posts say to pay servers a living wage but then balk at the idea of paying extra for the meal. Where else would the money come from??! As you said, if they raise menu prices, their competition will undercut and do this. It would also affect takeout prices where tips are usually lower. People hate tipping and want a magic solution where waiters make more but also nobody’s charged more.


Because liberal mystification with fancy-sounding concepts made to make you feel dumb so you don’t realize it’s just creative surplus labor value expropriation


Because that’s not how it works in America. You know this. Don’t ask a question; it’s stupid. Declare your intention that it should be changed, and propose a way to do it.

If you actually care more than posting online, you can start a restaurant.


How come other countries can do it? Why not ours?

I posted because I want to drive discussions which lemmy sorely needs


Different cultures, minimum wage laws, and tax laws; bottom line.


Is that really what Lemmy needs? Discussion on a topic that’s been hashed out a million times before? It would be more productive to talk about the weather than to keep circling the drain on this shit ad nauseam.


I feel like there's been plenty of discussion. Everyone knows it's a problem.

It continues to happen because there's no pressure to change it. Just discussions that fall into the abyss of the internet at this point, repeating things everyone already knows.

wjrii avatar

Part of the reason there's less pressure to change it than you might imagine is that we now have a hundred years of cultural inertia working on, yes, the customers and restaurants, but also on the waitstaff labor pool. At this point, the Americans who seek work as waiters are generally the ones who feel they work with the system and even turn it to their advantage. It's far from all, of course, but the "best" servers at most restaurants probably feel like they're going to make more working the customers than negotiating with their bosses.

So, you've got restaurants keeping their list-prices low and a built-in workforce motivator, customers who expect friendly service and accept that they're culturally responsible for the staff's pay, and servers who stay at the job because they feel like they'll make more than the restaurant would be willing to pay as a "fair" wage (and they're probably right). Now, it's full-on bizarre that we have taken an entry level service job and made it an exercise in theatrical entrepreneurship, and it says some unsettling things about the underlying social order in the US, but I'm not sure that at the nuts-and-bolts level, it's as broken as the people like to imagine.


Because then they'd have to raise prices.

Especially nowadays with so many people looking up menu prices online before going somewhere, it's a way to present your prices as lower than they actually are.


It sounds like a hidden fee to me... Which is like lying to someone .. anyways at least that's what it looks like to me if not Fraud



pay them , what You want to ... And increase the price on your menu ... BUT DO NOT STICK 😞 YOUR CUSTOMER WITH A HIDDEN FEE ...
Especially when we(customers) HAVE to pay tip 😉 ... {{ Like 'TF was the person who came up with the hidden fee even thinking... 😞🤔 ? }}

flips table


Someone needs to ban this account.


Because they’re allowed not to do so. The answer is shitty yet simple.

Someone not tipping won’t change that either; all that will do is stiff a worker. This needs to be fixed by changing labor laws.


That’s entirely bullshit. A restaurant can absolutely pay a living wage and not do tips. Plenty of restaurants do it.

The simple fact is that servers don’t want that. They make more in tips.

WhipperSnapper, avatar

Point to your credit here: it’s illegal in this state to pay less than minimum wage whether the employee is tipped or not. ALL workers make at least $15.74/hr here, except for 14 and 15 year olds who can be paid 80% of minimum wage.


I hear this repeated so often and it ignores one glaringly obvious fact, servers aren’t the ones making any decisions…literally anywhere. They are the absolute bottom rung of decision-making. It is most definitely the restaurants that are just fine paying as little as possible. Servers do love mandatory gratuity however. Working a party of 10 when only one person tips on their own meal can mess up your whole night.


… I didn’t say they can’t do so. I said they’re allowed not to. Since it’s allowed, that’s what they do.


They would still have to add that living wage cost to the food prices. Hidden or not hidden only makes a difference in how surprised you are, not the cost.


If I share the little green pieces of paper, I can afford a used Toyota. If I keep them all to myself, I can buy a new Cadillac and drive past my starving workers in style.

Can’t hear them crying over a V8 exhaust right?


Or they can get a less shitty employer. I see a hidden “service” fee, that’s the tip, take it to up with the owner, I’m not responsible for this. Restaurant staff really need to start directing their anger and efforts at their employer instead of customers.

Lodra, avatar

Ya… That doesn’t seem realistic to me. Very few people will “direct their anger” toward someone with power over them. There’s always risk in a addressing issues with your employer because they can make your life worse. They can fire you, reduce your income or working hours, become inflexible with scheduling and demands, remove benefits, etc. No, it doesn’t always go this way and there are plenty of fine employers. But even if you have a reasonable employer and are free to raise concerns, there’s still risk and confrontation.

And what about alternate employers? Restaurant staff can go find a better employer, right? Except, job searches are very difficult and it’s near impossible to identify a good employer from a bad one while interviewing. Very real chance that you make a change and end up with more problems.

Don’t get me wrong. These hidden fees are 100% bs. It’s just not the employee’s responsibility to fix things. They usually have zero power in these situations. “Be good to the customer or I won’t get a tip. Be good to the employer or I won’t be scheduled to work.”


It’s not my responsibility to tip on top of a hidden 18% fee as the customer, either. That’s the point I was making. Waitstaff love to direct their anger at customers, as if it’s the customers fault. The employee does have the power to organize, campaign, and vote for politicians who could enact policy to make their situation better. Instead, they just bitch about customers somehow being terrible people because their employer doesn’t pay them a living wage.


Biden was in the news saying he wants to get rid of hidden fees. I was surprised that restaraunts weren’t on the list of industries being targeted. This kind of fee should be illegal. It should be required to be a part of the up-front price.

Hell, I feel the same about sales tax. It should be baked in to the price you see on the shelf or menu.


But then you can’t list gasoline for $1.99.99 a litre


Found their website. They use a lot of flowery words, but I think you sum it up pretty well.


Lol. this makes me want to stand in front of their restraunt with a protest sign saying " this restraunt likes to charge hidden fees "

FARTYSHARTBLAST, in Someone is going around my neighbourhood and sticking anti semitic messages to street lights.

Make Nazis Afraid Again




NarrativeBear, in T-Mobile Starting to Really Grind My Gears

This looks like a scam text message asking for banking information. Is that hyperlink going to a true T-Mobile website?

eoddc5, avatar

This this this.

Don’t interact with this message!

Go straight to Check your account for any messages like this.

I haven’t heard of this at all for anyone, including myself. T-Mobile and Apple have a deal for Apple Card to be used for that 3 percent on service payments. Why would they randomly change it without warning or publication


I've been getting the same texts. And emails. And a banner across the top of their website.

Although, it's only $10 for me, not $40.

eoddc5, avatar


blake avatar

I confirmed it with a store representative when I switched around a month or so ago. You only get the AutoPay discount with a debit card now. It was effective immediately for new customers and is now rolling out to existing customers.


I would prefer that, unfortunately, it is real.

pizza_rolls avatar

The change is real, there's a bunch of news articles about it. I still wouldn't click the link though and go to the website manually to change it


It’s legit. is their shortlink domain and 456 is the shortcode they send from.


Bonehead, (edited ) in Amazon Anti Union propaganda

The union dues from my last pay period was $32.

My pay and benefits were hard fought for and won by my union, including back pay through arbitration when we got stiffed on pay for a particular part of our job for a few years.

When I have a problem, I go to my supervisor. Usually things get fixed. If they don't want to fix it, I go to my union rep and things usually get fixed fast. If they don't, I go to my union grievance officer and things definitely get fixed fast. The last thing my supervisor wants to do is deal with the union rep, let alone the grievance officer, so having those 2 backing me up goes a VERY LONG WAY over just dealing with my supervisor by myself.

Don't believe the propaganda from people with a vested interest against your rights as an employee...


100 percent true. Going to the union is the last thing I want any of my people to do. It just complicates things.

Fortunately, I and my fellow supervisors are all union members too and we all know and are on good terms with the union officers down at the hall, so even if someone does go straight to them, it’s usually worked out with a phone call. The key is to be fair and not be a dick.

Swedneck, in How is woke a religion? avatar

reminder that every time people complain about wokeness they’re literally just complaining about being conscious about systemic racism, because that’s what woke means.

Just replace “woke” with “being a decent person” and it becomes pretty clear what these people want.


I honestly can’t believe that using this word unironically has caught on. Everything I think is just a stupid joke on the internet turns out to be the internet reflecting just how idiotic humanity really is.

Either that, or just an unpleasant shock at just how ‘mask-off’ some people have become.


I’m going with the “mask off” probability.


Hey! It’s “being a decent person in a way not sanctioned by their local culture”. If you’re decent to the correct people with enough pandering imagery that’s fine.


Except woke people aren’t decent. Some woke people have good intentions, sure, but they aren’t decent. Being woke means being evil.

Carighan, avatar

Well, do explain then.

Swedneck, avatar

this is actually incoherent

IchNichtenLichten, avatar

I have mixed feelings about Lemmy still being so small that I can recognize usernames and think, “oh, there’s that nut job again”

FlyingSquid, avatar

One of these days, I’ll pay attention to usernames. It didn’t happen on Reddit for over a decade, but you never know.

Jimbo, avatar

Haha oh yeah I’ve seen your around. Fuck off.

LazaroFilm, avatar

Atheism is refusal of forced ideas upon someone. Which means one has to use critical thinking to determine their path in life. The problem is that it’s much harder to control the masses if that population thinks for themselves.


Lots of 'woke' people are shitty people. I've had way too many experiences in the past few years with 'woke' people screaming at me about how I need to read more women authors or I'm a shitty awful human being. Or other equally absurd things, like I'm a bigot if I don't ask you what your pronoun is. If you have a pronoun preference, how about you tell me? Just like you tell someone how to pronounce your name if it's non-standard.

I know lots of progressive people, and I am progressive. But I would never say I am 'woke'. People who self-identify 'woke' tend to be mentally ill crazy people in my encounters, and use their politics as an excuse for abusive and hostile behavior just the way right-wing nazi nutbags do.

Hell I even had a transwoman assault me verbally one day while I was just reading a book in a cafe. Comes up to me and demands that I give her my table because I'm a white cis guy and I should give up my 'privileged' to her. I told her to f off. My small business has been harassed by 'woke' activists who demand we give them money or they will say we are anti-black/lgbt+, etc. That's not woke, that's blackmail.

Most 'woke' people I meet are basically 20 sometime trust-fund types who need a cause to give her their miserable lives purpose, because god knows they can't get their shit together and do something positive with their lives. If they did maybe they'd stop being such awful abusive people who threaten and harass others.

SaltySalamander avatar

Yea I don't believe any of this. =)

scrubbles, avatar

Comes up to me and demands that I give her my table because I’m a white cis guy and I should give up my ‘privileged’ to her.

I’ll take “Things that never happened” for 600, Alex


That’s not woke, that’s blackmail.

That’s worse. That sort of shit turns ignorant and gullible people anti-LGBT and makes their already difficult lives even harder.

who need a cause to give her their miserable lives purpose

Tell them to fight global warming. It is the problem that makes all other problems all but irrelevant in comparison.


Most of those people are the types to virtue signal because they know they benefit from an unjust system but won’t work to dismantle it.

I’ve never known someone to identify as “woke”.

IchNichtenLichten, avatar

Hell I even had a transwoman assault me verbally one day while I was just reading a book in a cafe. Comes up to me and demands that I give her my table because I’m a white cis guy and I should give up my ‘privileged’ to her.

I’m betting this never happened.


The other day a TrAnSGenDEr WoKe person came into my yard and kicked my dog. And I WOULD know. I’m a dog.

FlyingSquid, avatar

You do sound like a shitty awful human being if I’m to be honest.


Hell I even had a transwoman assault me verbally one day while I was just reading a book in a cafe. Comes up to me and demands that I give her my table because I’m a white cis guy and I should give up my ‘privileged’ to her. I told her to f off. My small business has been harassed by ‘woke’ activists who demand we give them money or they will say we are anti-black/lgbt+, etc. That’s not woke, that’s blackmail.

That transwoman? Albertina Einstein.


Kinda like being against anti-fascists… aka fascists.

IchNichtenLichten, avatar

“Woke” started out as a simple acknowledgment that a person is conscious of the systemic oppression of various groups. Now the right wing has got its claws into the term it’s been effectively neutered. Now all it means is, “stuff that right wingers don’t like”

It’s like “defund the police” which quickly became “abolish all policing”.

It’s a useful strategy for them and it works to prevent honest discussion on how to solve societal problems by preventing people from having a shared understanding of the language needed for such discussion.

teft, avatar

Same happened to the terms “political correctness” and “social justice”. The meaning gets twisted into something grotesque by think tanks and then it’s shipped out to talking heads so Billy-Bob can regurgitate it at the water cooler.

IchNichtenLichten, avatar

Critical Race Theory, school libraries full of porn, caravans of migrants heading to the southern border, activist judges legislating from the bench, and so on.


Except activist judges legislating from the bench is real, and they seem to be the worst possible humans doing so. “Seem” being key.

snooggums avatar

You see, when justices make ruling based on personal rights of people conservatives hate then they are activists.

When they allow conservatives to stomp all over the rights of minorities then they are just using 'common sense' or something.


You’re not wrong and that’s sad.


Ugh, “defund the police” is a terrible phrase if you actually want the movement to succeed. I wish they would have gone with something along the lines of “police reform”. Immediately every conservative glommed onto “now they want to abolish all police!”

We do need a massive overhaul to police. Unfortunately that means better marketing of the idea of it’s going to happen.

DarkGamer avatar

Unfortunately police reform doesn't necessarily imply taking police funds and diverting them to nonviolent responders instead. It's hard to make that into a catchy phrase that can't be misinterpreted. I could see cities implementing some rubber-stamp oversight board filled with ex-cops and saying, "see, we reformed the police! They have oversight now."


I like “unburden the police”. Take away things that aren’t actual policing. Cops don’t need to be out there doing animal control for example.


For better or worse, that aspect is never going away. Places with less funds, like rural counties and cities, rely on their police to do everything that gets called in to 911 and isn’t fire/ems/construction (which, thankfully, they have dedicated teams/people for).


I see that, but it doesn’t mean that bigger cities couldn’t have different departments handle it


just about every police reform has failed to provide any independent oversight, failed to address the core problems, and generally just poured more money into the already bloated and militarized police force.

IchNichtenLichten, avatar

I could be wrong but “defund the police” was just a discussion point for activists talking amongst themselves. In that context it makes sense. What happened was that this inelegant phrase was seized as a weapon by the right and then every Dem politician had to answer if they supported the idea of abolishing the police.

I’d imagine that many people would be receptive to the idea of taking some money out of police budgets so social workers and people trained in deescalation can be hired. For example cops aren’t a good fit when dealing with people facing mental health crises because they mostly turn to use of force and make a bad situation worse.

If you twist this into, “are you in favor of abolishing all police?” then most people are going to say, “hell no, what a stupid idea, you moron”.

Now any discussion about the rotten state of policing in the US had been effectively hobbled. Discussion is shut down. The right wing wins.


What happened was that this inelegant phrase was seized as a weapon by the right

I vividly remember tons of memes and posts on reddit, done in leftist grups by leftist people stating the sentence “defund the police”. The right did manipulate the meaning, but saying that they were the sole perpetrators of the popularity of the phrase is silly.

IchNichtenLichten, avatar

How many in number, would you say? 100? 200?


In number? idk, about 1-3 a day that was on the top of r/all with tons of comments, iirc it was when the Floyd protest were happening, alongside the BLM movement (not the organization). I don’t remember it too well, it’s been 3 years already, but I do remember that it was a whole thing with posts, comments, memes and so on.


this inelegant phrase was seized as a weapon by the right

Were “the right” the ones at protests holding up hundreds of signs that said “defund the police”?


That makes more sense.

I know the real idea behind it. I just never liked it being summarized as defund. It’s more like restructure. Personally, I would be much more aggressive with an overall. It’s rotten top to bottom.


Ugh, “defund the police” is a terrible phrase if you actually want the movement to succeed.

I feel like these are probably astroturfed movements. Because you can say the same thing about the “antiwork” movement, whose proponents claim to actually want to work.

The designation of your movement is kind of important.

LazaroFilm, avatar

I still have a hard time how “woke” is bad. Woke means your not asleep, it means you are not guided by others. How can people turn this into a bad thing. I’m proud to be woke.

IchNichtenLichten, avatar

Woke means that if you’re in a privileged position in a society, more equality is a threat to your status and should be suppressed.

LazaroFilm, avatar

That’s the Bs meaning they’re giving. It’s like the way they change the definition of patriotism to match nationalism.


This is 100% correct. The term has no definition in their world, it is just another form of their “boogeyman” control methods to keep the stupid and scared engaged. It only works on these fearful idiots because of this fact.

Neato avatar

acknowledgment that a person is conscious of the systemic oppression of various groups.

“stuff that right wingers don’t like”


But yes. The right has polluted yet another word and tried to turn it into a pejorative.

Uranium3006 avatar

"It’s like “defund the police” which quickly became “abolish all policing”."

It's actually the other way around. The radical demand got watered down but it didn't slow the fearmongeringbl even a little bit