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The last thing I need is to get pulled over because some used car dealership didn't submit the paperwork (

They said they submitted it online and gave me the temporary registration paper. That was at the end of last month. I checked the status tonight and it is still not under my name in the dmv database. The last thing I need is an ex-boyfriend abusing the badge to pull me over and harass me because the registration is late from the...

Because only women are worried about becoming step-parents? (This prolly could've been an Ask Lemmy.) (

I’m looking for some good reading on how to, eventually, best help be a step parent to my partner’s children and NEARLY ALL books are geared toward the woman’s perspective as though men don’t want to be a strong teacher and develop these kids into healthy adults. Ugh!...

The EFF is missing the point with the American Privacy Rights Act (

The EFF has been calling for national private legislation for a while but now that we have something on the table they are criticizing it. They are calling for state level laws but the problem with local laws is that there are 50 different states for companies to try to keep track of. The other problem with local legislation is...

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