I laughed for a solid minute prompting my partner to investigate. Can confirm this is truth and I Recieve regular scolding for my raccoon like behaviour.


I find that if the racoon people are tasked with unloading the dishwasher on a regular basis they slowly but surely learn why we don’t set glasses face up or tupperware in with lid firmly sealed. I do step in to check that the sprayer arms aren’t blocked though as that is a one and done for the motor.


Isn’t the arm usually not turned by motor but rather by water pressure?


Yep for this very reason.


Oh, is it? We had one break that way when I was a kid (in the 80s) and I was told it was the motor. I haven’t looked into it since. We just used the dishwasher as a dish cupboard after that and had to hand wash until that house was sold. Lol.



In my living situation i am single but have two roommates that CANNOT stack the dishwasher for shit. They end up running it twice on most days because they “cannot make themselves understand certain tasks due to having ADHD”. 🤔


I am both. So is my partner.

We have ADHD.

On the plus side, neither of us judges the other if we come across a task poorly done.


Which is why she’s not allowed to touch the dishwasher.


How lucky are you to live in a house where somebody other than you does the dishes.


You may not feel that way if you’re the Scandinavian architect


I think some need to see this:


I have never felt more vindicated or called out before.


Bloody hell, that was cathartic.

Thanks, you’ve brightened my day!


Gotta go fast.

Dishwasher full, dishes clean, task successful.


And both people think they’re the first one.


I don’t think “stacking” is the appropriate verb for how the high-on-meth raccoon types do it.

“Shove”, maybe “pile”, possibly “throw”.

MacNCheezus, avatar

That poses the question, which one are you, Coley? Because you don’t look like a Scandinavian architect to me…


confirmed, I am the racoon

_lilith, avatar

I’m either depending on my mood.


I live with raccoons.

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