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Godnroc, in The third place

If libraries were open late they would be filled with homeless people looking for a safe, warm place.

What I’m saying is we need safe warm places for the homeless AND libraries to be open late.


That and stressed-out students pulling all-nighters.

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They’re already full of homeless people 😐


Crazy idea : let’s use churches to accommodate homeless people since you can find them fucking everywhere, surely they’re not used after 8pm, and that’s basically the point of them in the first place, no?


As much as I despise organized religion they aren’t fully to blame for the situation. Some of them have really made an effort.

Religion even at its very very best can’t do that job. That is why we need the government.


Yeah agreed. There are some small churches with actually kind people who help the homeless and do good stuff.


As much as I despise organized religion they aren’t fully to blame for the situation.

They are if they don’t pay the taxes that would have been used to help with situations such as this.


Most churches can’t keep the lights on. For every LDS or RCC there are a thousand places on the verge of bankruptcy. Every atheist I know makes a big deal about the big players but not one has shown me the raw the numbers that proves that if they paid corporate tax rates it would be mean more than a few more cruise missiles used to blow up weddings in Pakistan.

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Proposal: taxes that scale with income… You could call it, I dunno, some sort of income tax.


Cool. My employer now pays the bulk of my earnings in stock and corporate perks.

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Prayer is not a corporate perk ;)


A car is


Income tax is paid by church employees. The thing that isn’t taxed is their profits.


Government can’t do that job either. We already have homeless shelters. I don’t know why people talk like this is a new idea. We have homeless shelters in our society. They’re government funded in some cases, or church-funded in other cases.

We still have homeless people. We do provide free shelter and food to people. And we still have people sleeping on the street.


The governments barely do anything, in general not putting more than a token effort into helping.

There’s never enough support for the increasing number of homeless people.


You aren’t allowed to do drugs in homeless shelters which is why a lot of homeless people don’t use them.

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we need places to accommodate them. like how restaurants used to have smoking sections. there should also be access to drug abuse healthcare with no mandate and allow long term residency in shelters, including the ability to receive mail and use it as a legal address for ID documents and employment. if we did all that we could see a fraction of them, perhaps even a large fraction, eventually getting back on their feet and out of the system.


We need the government: to stop blocking housing development


I agree but on no other neoliberal positions. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.


I think monks aren’t excited about washing off piss in the morning


Then they should provide access to toilets. Where are they going when they want to take a piss? Also isn’t helping the poor in anyway they can a charitable act revered by their religion?

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Maybe for the Sikhs?

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Every major religion reveres helping the needy, for example in Islam, zakat, giving money for charity (if you have enough wealth to afford it) is a requirement.


I get the idea and I think it’s wonderful but have you ever been to a homeless shelter? They need staff to break up fights, protect women, clean up the mess made by drug users and alcoholics, and all sorts of other difficult things your average old lady pew duster isn’t capable of dealing with.


You are making the mistake of assuming homeless people’s actions are rational.


Are you aware that churches do some of the most public outreach for homeless people in the united states?

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some of the most?


We’ve been doing extended openings 0700-2200 for several years in Oslo. As do libraries all over Norway. You need to use your library-card or app to open the door, so there’s some control (data lives for 7 days). We have very little problems - maybe there’s some homeless there but they are as welcome as anyone else. We do have security guard, or one that strays between branches. And yes we do have homeless people in Oslo.


Go Norway! I whish we had a library law here in Germany like you do - our places are underfunded and understaffed… a lot of my colleagues are very passionate about their jobs, we could do so much more with our local libraries.


A lot of Norwegian libraries are underfunded as well.

In Oslo public library (Deichman) we’ve been given more money the last 10 years than previously. And we have shown what that money can do.

During Covid shutdown the Library was what kept open except for two weeks - that really showed what kind of back-bone we were for Oslo.

It was very tough on our frontline workers as we were swamped with students ignoring any precautions. Working in libraries are still low paying compared to the education

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the housing crisis and resulting homelessness have dramatic downstream effects on everything


Truthfully, putting the homeless in a safe warm place that enables them to have access to a library at night sounds like a smart combo.

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except I’m not likely to spend much time in my local library if it is constantly filled with homeless people.

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My local library has security guards because people keep shooting up heroin in the bathrooms.

This would exacerbate that


Sounds like my kind of party!


Almost nowhere in Seattle offers public bathrooms anymore because of this. It’s a massive problem that still doesn’t have a solution

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we know the solution. it's building a shit ton of cheap housing and handing it out to people and charging them 30% of the income, not counting the first $20k. it's just rich psychopaths who run the country would rather profit off of prison and let them die instead.


that’s a good point, we should also end the drug war


Same. The homeless population has unfortunately made libraries where I live pretty dangerous places and I can only imagine how much worse that would be if they were open all night. My city doesn’t seem to care at all about people shooting up and ruining public spaces.

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And also, the heroin.


We should absolutely have safe housing for homeless people with UBI and transitional programs. We should also offer mental health and substance abuse treatment – and in extreme cases humane involuntary treatment for people that are a danger to themselves and others.

And none of this should take place in shared, public spaces for the safety and dignity of everyone involved. This is a failure of society and needs to be treated as such. Placing the burden on individuals isn’t the solution. Expecting public spaces designed for other uses to pick the slack of a broken societal safety net is insane.


humane involuntary treatment

You can’t have humane involuntary treatment. In cases where somebody is threatening someone else, I would say involuntary treatment is called for. But we shouldn’t decide when its okay to imprison people for exercising their bodily autonomy.


Or fix the housing crisis lmao

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hire the homeless to build housing for homeless people


Yeah, nothing against that idea in theory, but in practice, places like that end up full of urine-soaked drug addicts that are high on meth, making it an extremely unattractive place to hang out and socialize.

Denver’s Union station downtown is a perfect example. It’s a “public private” space that tries to stay open late on weekends to cater to the crowd but ends up being a hellhole.


places like that end up full of urine-soaked drug addicts that are high on meth,

You’re putting all homeless into a box. Not all are homeless because they are addicts. Some are legitimately forgotten by the system and for different reasons lost job/domestic abuse/no fam/disability/health issue/financial issues. And even at that : addiction is also a symptom of a shit society. Not the same issue as what causes other homeless people but there can be more than one problem in a poorly designed system that comes up with the same result of being homeless.

Society built on capitalistic ideals for more than just survival as a goal has an extremely narrow scope for who it is interested in serving.

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also more homeless drug addicts started after they became homeless, not before. being on the street like that deteriorates your mental health. the longer we let this go unaddressed the worse it gets.


You’re putting all homeless into a box. Not all are homeless because they are addicts.

Are we not allowed to make generalizations at all? I promise you if you open a homeless center in any major city you will find out very quick that psycho behavior comes with homeless people at scale. It’s a guarantee that you will have meth addicts ruin whatever infrastructure you provide them. It doesn’t matter that there are some good homeless people when you are almost guaranteed to face the bad ones.


You’re putting all homeless into a box.

With the exception of your first sentence (me putting homeless people in a box, which I’m not sure if you’re making a pun or not), all of other the things you said are correct and I agree with. The things you said and the things I said are not mutually exclusive.

In other words, not all homeless are the same, not all are drug addicts, and society should do better at preventing homelessness, and you might still have a late-night library filled with urine-soaked drug addicts.

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Homeless people usually don’t have the peace of mind required for reading books, they are kinda busy surviving.

charonn0, in Wonder
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I have a friend who’s an artist and has sometimes taken a view which I don’t agree with very well. He’ll hold up a flower and say “look how beautiful it is,” and I’ll agree.

Then he says “I as an artist can see how beautiful this is but you as a scientist take this all apart and it becomes a dull thing,” and I think that he’s kind of nutty. First of all, the beauty that he sees is available to other people and to me too, I believe. Although I may not be quite as refined aesthetically as he is … I can appreciate the beauty of a flower.

At the same time, I see much more about the flower than he sees. I could imagine the cells in there, the complicated actions inside, which also have a beauty. I mean it’s not just beauty at this dimension, at one centimeter; there’s also beauty at smaller dimensions, the inner structure, also the processes.

The fact that the colors in the flower evolved in order to attract insects to pollinate it is interesting; it means that insects can see the color. It adds a question: does this aesthetic sense also exist in the lower forms? Why is it aesthetic? All kinds of interesting questions which the science knowledge only adds to the excitement, the mystery and the awe of a flower. It only adds. I don’t understand how it subtracts.

-Richard Feynman

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As someone who went to art school, a fairly common view that artists have is that they have a unique view of the world and can see it in a way others cannot. Maybe that’s true, but then the thinking goes that the way others see the world is inferior, and I think there’s nothing further from the truth than that. Everyone sees beauty in different ways.

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Too many artists perceived the world in us vs them terms. Art or science. Too this I say: da Vinci. He considered himself an engineer, not an artist but married both in a fascinating way.

(Educated in fine arts myself, but damn if I don’t love science, logic and even a good snippet of code every now and then)

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Da Vinci is a great example. There is science in art, and art in science.


And there is art in fart


Science 1, art 0.

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You can’t spell fart without it!

SatanicNotMessianic, (edited )

I’m not educated in fine arts. As a scientist, my biggest criticism of artists (particularly those with formal education) is when they insist that the art is contained within the mind of the person viewing it.

There were two sentences that completely transformed my appreciation of modern art (and I’m using that as a very general, layman’s version of the term). The first was “liberating paint from representationalism.” The idea that you could explore visual dimensions in color, shading, geometry, texture and so on without having to make it look like people at a picnic was really interesting to me. That there was a very deliberative and exploratory side to applying paint to canvas for some reason never really occurred to me, even though I studied literature in addition to science and had been developing a sense of the craft of prose and poetry.

The second was a statement from Jackson Pollock on his transformation from realism to abstract art. During the Depression (I know you know this, but I’m clarifying my experience of understanding), Pollock painted in a style I believe is called social realism. A lot of the art done via WPA (the depression-era government work program) showed average people living their lives and doing their jobs. Without getting too deeply into it, that was the aesthetic. After WWII, Pollock said something along the lines of representationalism having no place in a world with nuclear weapons. It was a horror beyond the ability of an artist to depict. He moved into non-representational works as a result. As someone who (at the time) was working in the defense industry with strategic weapons systems and plans, that also really resonated with me.

My point is that without those and other, later insights from people educated in art and art history, I’d have no framework for appreciation. It’s like reading Shakespeare with no knowledge of literature. At best, you can get a surface level of appreciation based on what you’ve seen in movies or read in modern novels, but there’s a vast dimensionality that you’re simply not equipped to notice.

When we see a flower or the exotic plumage of a bird, we can only see what evolution has equipped us to see. Other than the cases where we as humans have taken over the role of natural selection and started breeding for our own aesthetic purposes, we don’t generally realize that those beautiful things have evolved for reasons completely apart from what we see, and that they might look completely different to the species they evolved for.

I actually like it when someone with an arts background can take a painting I like and tell me why it’s a cringe-filled collection of tropes. I might even continue to like it, but I do want to know I’m looking at Goosebumps and not War and Peace.


Thank you and everyone else that contributed to such a lovely comment chain. I had a great time and learned new things but I also really appreciated your respectful and different perspectives. Art really does bring us together doesn’t it?

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It only subtracts for those with less knowledge, to many of those people are content with being ignorant. And for the ignorant, there’s nothing they enjoy more than overcompensating and trying to drag others down to their level.

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Heck, science has shown that some flowers are even more dramatically colored outside our visible spectrum!


I recently watched a YouTube about the nature of reality and how bees, for example, see flowers’ colors invisible to us (not that color actually exists, but that’s an adjacent topic), and the video colorized a white flower to show what might see; absolutely stunning.

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@Maeve @RickiTarr @ReadyUser31 @charonn0 @snooggums This was one of my favorite episodes of 3-2-1 Contact back in the day!

@RickiTarr@beige.party avatar

@Maeve @ReadyUser31 @charonn0 @snooggums Oh that sounds really cool!

@_ohcoco_@mastodon.social avatar

@Maeve @RickiTarr @ReadyUser31 @charonn0 @snooggums Send a link if you find it!


I’m not sure if this was it or not: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HU6LfXNeQM4

It may have been one titled “hacking reality,” but I’m not logged in, but I highly recommend either of those videos, flower or not.

@_ohcoco_@mastodon.social avatar

My pleasure.


I know it’s just a Mastodon thing, but it looks like you’re summoning a squad of friends to help you find it.

Kid_Thunder, in Amazon: We can't make money if our workers get bathroom breaks

Don't forget about Meta somehow committing mass copyright infringement of books but playing the 'information should be free but only for this specific instance of rocketing our AI training' bullshit.


Oh no, the machine that speaks English read every book in the library. How terrible for some reason.

BreadstickNinja, in The game is still twelve days away

Who would be attracted to this billionaire sex symbol, who’s one of the most successful performers on the planet? Madness, I tell you.

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Only a gay man, that’s who!

CADmonkey, in It's so strange that this is even a thing

Men, proudly drag that battered and cracked android phone out on the first date, it’s a litmus test for shallow people, apparently.

I went on a first date with a girl I met from work. She farted loud enough to be heard over drunken yelling and music in the steakhouse we were in, immediately after saying “I don’t get embarassed”.

In a couple of weeks, we will have been together for 16 years. We’ve been married for 14 years. We cook together every evening, we hold each other whenever we are in the same room for more than five minutes, and on the rare nights where we aren’t taking each other’s clothes off, we fall asleep wrapped around each other. I would have missed out on a perfect relationship if I had judged her for a phone.


I’m gonna have to get myself an old android phone I suppose

@Dio@lemy.lol avatar

In your situation, it had nothing to do with a phone, haha. Swell on you for not judging her though.


Judging someone for a bodily function is just stupid.

@FlyingSquid@lemmy.world avatar

I take it with a grain of salt because he’s a humorist, but in Dave Barry Does Japan, his wife tells him at one point, “I heard three farts today. It’s okay here.” I haven’t read that book in decades and I still remember that line because I thought, how nice to live in a place where people don’t hide basic bodily functions.

MxM111 avatar

But you see, you had genders swapped here. It’s OK for a woman to show hers, just don’t show yours (/s, obviously)


/s but not really. Men aren’t supposed to have standards when it comes to women according to many women

guyrocket avatar

Aren't allowed to have standards...cuz womenz can do absolutely anything and men MUST luuuurve them...right?


I will say it seems perfectly normalized for women to say they don’t like overweight/skinny guys, but it’s taboo for men to say the same.


RIP craigslist personals

aeronmelon, in Not to get too political but...

It would be kinda cool if there was a rule where you have to at least try to post a link to the original post. Especially when it’s so easy to determine where it is by the picture.



It's a legacy of reddit, facebook, insta, twitter, etc.

You weren't able to easily link to the original post there, so people simply screenshotted it.

I agree that there's no such excuse here. Thanks for linking to the original post.


I mean, to follow suit OP here has to make this repost worse than OOP. Perhaps that’s their way?

@FlyingSquid@lemmy.world avatar

If it was original art or something, I would agree. But this is just microblogging for the amusement of others. It’s not a work that takes real creative energy.

@obinice@lemmy.world avatar

But why?

The image conveys everything I need, I don’t have any reason to load my browser up and visit a whole other website I don’t even use, when I’ve already gotten everything I could possibly need from the quote already.


To credit the creator and give people the opportunity to interact/follow them or the conversation on that platform.

ZeroCool, (edited )

To credit the creator and give people the opportunity to interact/follow them or the conversation on that platform.

The creator is fully credited in the screenshot and it tells you exactly where to find them on Mastodon if you choose to do so. I have no obligation to cater to your laziness.


Interesting accusations given you were too lazy to just copy and paste the URL you were already on, two keystrokes, and calling others lazy for not wanting to type it by hand.

Luci, in JP is unamused
@Luci@lemmy.ca avatar

Maybe he’d be less angry if he cleaned his room

@Luci@lemmy.ca avatar

Jesus Christ!

@Luci@lemmy.ca avatar

This guys makes me regret being born Canadian.

Fuck it, he makes me regret being born.


Oh c’mon, you are way better than this douche canoe! Now go drink some maple syrup and ride your moose, you’ll feel better.


Benzos are no joke.


Benzos are an excuse for a horribly broken man.


Don’t forget that he’s potentially permanently brain fried thanks to his cold-turkey medical coma detox.


And this guy is some sort of influencer? wtf

someguy3, in New life hack
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Sheep… They’re woolly… It’s wool!

@UnderpantsWeevil@lemmy.world avatar

Fucking eggs come out of their arses!

Fuckin’ 'ell!

Zehzin, in He was in a couple of other things too, but you probably haven't heard of them.
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@rbos@lemmy.ca avatar

That gif is screaming for a supergalactic treatment.


I love the way he revs up for it but also is trying to keep from laughing

@Zehzin@lemmy.world avatar

Tim: Fellas, can we do another shot

Director: Don’t you fucking dare


Probably the other way around.


He seems like he had an absolute blast with that role.


He definitely did. There are some outtake videos and he and George Takei were just hamming it up

TropicalDingdong, in Living the high life

chair too high for eye level, sit on floor.

hperrin, in The game is still twelve days away

I mean, the most manly and masculine thing you can do is exclusively have sex with big, masculine, manly men, right? Having sex with a woman is so emasculating, because you’re enjoying someone’s femininity, and that’s the worst possible thing for a man, so I’ve been told. Therefore, it’s super gay to have sex with women. Be a real man and exclusively have sex with your manly bros.


I’ve heard a stand up routine that was basically this and I’ve been trying to find it again ever since. I find this concept hilarious.


Steve Hughes



“I’m offended”

“I don’t care”


Yes! Thank you! Absolute fantastic bit.


Steve Hughes: youtu.be/6xxiK6Z4eXs


It’s true. The most alpha thing a dude can do if fuckin doing another dude.


Even better if the other dude is a lion.


This sounds like the logic of a philosopher living in a city state in old timey Greece


That was actually the ideology of an famous German Nazi from the 80s: Michael Kühnen (German source)

Bonus: he was part of the FAP.

NegativeLookBehind, in Regional pizza
NegativeLookBehind avatar

Detroit style is the best, fight me.


Thick, crispy, cheese-overloaded crust, that shit is awesome. I still think sauce-on-cheese is freaking stupid, but aside from that it's a 10/10.

meowMix2525, (edited )

I am born and raised in metro Detroit and the only place I think I’ve seen this “sauce on cheese” you speak of is just now, in the ultra staged photos that came up when I searched “detroit-style pizza” to figure out what you meant

You’re right, this is blasphemy. Let the record show that this is not at all authentic to Detroit what makes it a Detroit-style pizza

dpkonofa, (edited )

I don’t believe you. I’m also born and raised in Detroit and you’re only faking being a Detroiter if you haven’t had Jet’s Pizza, Buddy’s Pizza, or Nikki’s Pizza in Greektown. All 3 places are well-known in the metro area for their pizza and all 3 of them serve it sauce on cheese. That’s what makes a Detroit Pizza a Detroit Pizza. There’s also Shield’s Pizza which is also sauce on cheese but they weren’t in “Detroit” proper for years until 2019 (even though they originally opened in Detroit).

Did you grow up in the suburbs or something?

Edit: Shield’s and Buddy’s are the original Detroit pizzas. Anyone who tells you they know anything about Detroit pizza that hasn’t tried them is lying to you.

For the posers coming in here trying to redefine the classic, even Wikipedia knows: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Detroit-style_pizza. Note the image descriptions too:

“Detroit-style pizza showing typical lacy cheese crust edge and sauce on top”

“Detroit-style pizza showing sauce on top of some of the toppings, lacy cheese crust, and cheese to the edge”

Telodzrum, (edited )

Jets absolutely does not do sauce on cheese. Calling bullshit in your “born and raised” claim, son.


I’m sorry that your Jets sucks. The classic Detroit is a red top.


That’s Chicago pizza. Detroit has cheese on top.

dpkonofa, (edited )

False. It’s a red top with 3 stripes across the top.

Tell me you’ve never eaten a classic at Buddy’s or Shield’s without telling me.

meowMix2525, (edited )

I mean just look up jets deep dish and not a single image that comes up has any sauce over the cheese. That’s how my deep dishes have always come from there or anywhere else. Haven’t eaten at Buddy’s and haven’t heard of Nikki’s or Shield’s. I said metro Detroit so yeah I grew up in the suburbs around Pontiac but I didn’t realize that invalidated my opinion and made me a “fake detroiter” lol

Edit: also what makes it Detroit pizza is that it’s cooked in a deep square dish with little to no bare bread on the outside edges, not the toppings or sauce arrangement. You can take that or leave it and it’s still detroit-style.

dpkonofa, (edited )

I mean… Pontiac is not Detroit so yeah. If you haven’t even heard of the original Detroit Pizza, Shield’s, then you’re not a born and raised Detroiter. You’re a born and raised “Pontiacan”.

And no, what makes it a Detroit-style pizza isn’t just that it’s cooked in the square dish (which was originally an oil or drip pan). A classic Detroit-style pizza is cooked in the square, deep dish with the sauce under and on top of the cheese. It’s called a red top and the sauce is added in strips. I don’t need to take or leave anything. I’m not taking lessons on Detroit pizza from someone who wasn’t even born and raised in Detroit.

Edit: This place is worse than Reddit when it comes to people not knowing what the eff they’re talking about: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Detroit-style_pizza

“Detroit-style pizza showing typical lacy cheese crust edge and sauce on top”

“Detroit-style pizza showing sauce on top of some of the toppings, lacy cheese crust, and cheese to the edge”

The original pizzas from Buddy’s and then Shield’s were red tops.

meowMix2525, (edited )

lol sorry I didn’t realize you were the official gatekeeper of who/what is or isn’t Detroit. I guess I’ll just ignore all of the local news networks that refer to my area as metro Detroit and the rest of the world that will say I’m from Detroit and talk to me about Detroit when I point my city out on a map. I’ll just take your word for it that I don’t belong here since I didn’t come from your specific neighborhood.

Not to mention all of the pizza I’ve had, literally from the first place you personally named as having Detroit-style pizza…

YOU don’t have to take or leave or believe anything. Really not sure why you’re centering yourself in this conversation like that. Neither the world nor the detroit area revolves around you personally and I’m not about to take food lessons either from someone with their head so comfortably shoved up their own ass…


Why would anyone take you seriously when you can’t even understand that Pontiac and Detroit are two different cities?

Just because people don’t know where Pontiac is doesn’t mean it’s suddenly the same thing as Detroit, especially when we’re discussing food from that specific city.

The only person with their head shoved somewhere is you, buddy. Don’t be clowning about our culture when you have no idea what it even is.


Detroit pizza is so fucking good. New York pizza is a greasy flap of falling toppings and Chicagoans will be the first to tell you chicago deep dish is an overrated cheese pool in a piecrust

NegativeLookBehind avatar

You are so fucking right.


Chicago’s thin crust/tavern pizza is far better than deep dish. That’s what they should be promoting.


I’m from Chicago and you don’t know anything about pizza. Chicago style Pizza is wildly popular for a reason, it is incredible.



@chris@l.roofo.cc avatar

I never heard of Detroit style but I think it looks very similar to what I would call a baking tray pizza (Blechpizza) in Germany.


NegativeLookBehind avatar

Yes quite similar looking


Pretty similar, yeah.
Big difference would be that the Detroit pizza is a fair bit greasier, and the cheese goes to the edge so there’s no visible crust.
It basically makes it so that the dough is fried rather than baked.


We call this style of pizza ‘deep dish’ here in Detroit which, I suppose, is just another name for the baking tray its cooked in. Though as the other commenter said, the deep dish allows you to cover it with cheese right up to the edge, which usually ends up dark and crunchy where it touches the pan.

I’ve known people to fight over the corner pieces and I think it was Jet’s that has a whole thing with an “8-corner pizza” (as in, two smaller pizzas in a box-shaped trenchcoat, cut into quarters so that every piece is a corner piece)


No, not really. Detroit style has a much thinker crust, which is sort of what makes it unique.


That looks like what’s called a grandma pie in the NY area.

eestileib, in Americans Compensating for an Actual Personality.

This dude is a member of Congress. This is what his district wants to vote for.

theodewere avatar

it's obviously a district full of hateful people


Scared first. Then hateful because they’re scared.


While it’s good to empathize and humanize others, at a certain point, I no longer care why they’re hateful, they just need to stop.


Like Trump supporters. I’m done with people rationalizing and making excuses for them. They’re just shitty and I don’t care why any more. When people show you who they are, pay attention…


Truth. It’s exhausting.

jordanlund, in Tatertots in shambles right now
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S-Rank. Everyone knows it’s above A-Class. ;)


@NOT_RICK@lemmy.world avatar

Also known as the Sigma male. Probably my favorite meme to come out of all the alpha male toxic bs


Wasn’t that one YouTube douche who kept talking about “snoozer male (very rare)”, " sigma male (super rare)"… or are they all memes now?


shrigma, somehow mushroom-based


even better: P rank tenebre rosso sangue intensifies

@jkozaka@lemm.ee avatar

The Pi/Rho males are coming.

Rho if you want the “P” glyph, Pi if you want the “P” sound


Let’s hope the incel top brass don’t discover Devil May Cry or we’ll soon have an SS-male and an SSS-male above sigma.

lugal, in You had to hold it up to a candle.

There was a program call “Nero burning ROM”. A pun I understood much later


And these things called optical drives.


What is the pun in NERO omg


Emperor Nero is rumored to have cause the great fire of Rome in 64 AD that burned over 2/3rds of the city


and legend had it as he watched Rome burn, he played the fiddle


Pans on fire.

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Did he cause the fire, or did a fire happen while he was the leader and he completely ignored it?




Nero, the Roman emperor, burned Rome.


You made me say oh my god out loud and facepalm pretty harddd…

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ok I never thought I would need this info about CD burning but this is genuinely a cool revelation about my childhood


Go look up the loading screen for Nero. It was a burning colosseum. Such a cool branding job.


Well fuck me, that’s a name I haven’t heard for close to 20 years and it didn’t twig until just now.


My pa had it on his PC and by then it looked archaic.

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And now I just got it too lol

E: never let it be said I am not slow on the uptake. 🙄


Core memory unlocked!


I still have a copy of Nero Express on a DVD in my bookcase.

Not that I use it very much - if I ever need to burn an iso Ill use xfburn or brasero or something like that, as I run Linux now. It’s more if I need to burn data onto disk’s to get it off an older PC.

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Adaptec Easy CD Creator. Then I got a copy of Nero from a friend and never looked back.

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Ah fuck, I remember Nero, and I know why it is called Nero (because Nero and the burning of rome), but I never connect the ROM to ROME.


Exact same sentiment. Mind blown

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The logo was literally the colosseum on fire…

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Oh I know about that, just the connection of Rom and Rome.

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Ah, ok. Makes even more sense knowing that Nero is a German company, and the city is literally spelled Rom in German.