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I think an elongated seat/toilet makes sitting down much easier and more comfortable. Round seats/toilets really suck for a man.


Round seats are best because you can tuck your willy under the seat and there’s no chance of it popping up. Also the cool ceramic underside of the toilet seat helps stimulate urine flow


What a terrible day to be literate.

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I hear you there, you must suffer Long Dong Syndrome as well…


Nah, it's a problem across the board

Bizarroland, (edited )
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Even if you have the world's tinkiest dinky you're going to want an elongated bowl just to have some room for the pee to arc out so you don't piss all over your balls.


I’m really confused reading this thread. Why isn’t it possible to just twist and tuck it left or right? I’m a dude and have never had a problem peeing sitting down on a round toilet.


Our new place has a round bowl, rather than swap to an oval toilet I bought a split seat and replaced the full round seat. It helps a lot.


Sitting prevents the smartphone from falling into the toilet.


We conclude that the sitting posture is the best position for men with urination problems, e.g. due to an enlarged prostate to urinate in, whereas no difference was found in healthy men

Buried near the bottom. Clickbait headline.




I’m waiting for the StandUp to Poo study


Yeah, a study that compares the benefits of using a toilet vs the benefits of pooping the way East Asians traditionally do (a “hole” on the ground).


Squatty Potty enters the chat


And if I recall, the results were that squatting is actually better at lining up all of the anatomy for least effort in evacuation. As a result there was a suggestion of a lower incidence of haemorrhoids.


Be like Butters


Bend over, load torpedo, FIRE.


Boo OP


I hate when I need to shit in public and can’t find a toilet without actual excrement on the seat. No way in hell am I enduring that just to piss.



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  • KonekoSalem,

    Have fun shitting while standing.


    I know I always do


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    I would love to sit down, but my roommate’s a nasty mfer and I’d have to wash the seat every time.


    I mean just use a diaper and you can sit to pee anywhere!


    In America if you sit to pee, your dick touches the water


    Long dick daddy from Cincinnati


    Yeah…totally…hate it when that happens😒

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    I don’t even sit when I shit

    gapbetweenus, (edited )

    When I’m in a hurry I stand, when I’m chill I sit down - obviously not in public restrooms.

    Also German insider: you will find passive aggressive signs for people to sit down to pee in quite some homes.


    Damn sitzpinklers and their elitist signage


    I’m a woman now and technically, they didn’t say it’s wrong for a woman to stand while she pees.

    Oops this is Men’s Liberation. Sorry. Back to lurking. Good luck, men.


    In public I use the urinal or sit down. At home I sit down. Sometimes peeing makes me want to shit anyway even if I wasn’t planning to originally.


    I just enjoy the short break! If I start stressing myself while peeing, where do I stop?!


    when shitting


    My sons were toilet trained by their daycare, for which I am eternally grateful. But they taught my boys to pee standing up, which they probably won’t give up until they get phones.

    Their accuracy is 95% at best.


    I feel like 95% is pretty good lol.

    Also, only just recently I taught my little guy to hold and aim while he pees in the shower with me (we’re just starting to toilet train him) and now it’s one of his favorite things to do, it’s pretty cute.


    put a couple of pieces of serial in the toilet for him to aim at when the time comes. heck, leave a supply on the back of the commode, it’s good fun for all the boys in the house.

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    Ironic that the surveys said that older men say down less to pee while it's more beneficial to them.


    Sitting down just becomes harder as you get older. Especially with toilets as they are relatively low.

    Installing an elevated toilet seat and some handrails next to it can be a significant life improvement for older people.


    Add an elevated platform for the feet to get the knees up a bit and you have the best of both worlds.

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    Ah that's a good point. I was thinking it'd be the other way around and they'd sit down because it's too much effort to stand


    A proper throne


    Millions of years of peeing while standing, but now sitting is better?


    Squatting to do all the deeds simultaneously is far more universal, cross cultural and even cross species among mammals.


    Humans haven’t been standing to pee for millions of years.


    Bipedal specializations are found in Australopithecus fossils from 4.2 to 3.9 million years ago and recent studies have suggested that obligate bipedal hominid species were present as early as 7 million years ago.


    With that logic, you could also argue that all cavemen showed nazi salute, because they had arms.

    You can’t just jump from “can in principle stand upright” to “pee upright”, that’s bonkers.


    I would think it's safe to assume that a pursuit predator like us or our ancestors would at least piss while running, no?




    Care to elaborate?


    Care to elaborate your initial statement? It doesn’t make sense, if you think just 5 seconds about it. Humans hunt in groups, and the point of endurance hunting is not to be very fast. It’s absolutely no problem, if a single member literally pisses of for a minute.


    I was thinking it would be more convenient if the group didn't have to stop and wait for someone to piss. Even stopping for 5 minutes would potentially mean another half mile of ground that could be covered that day.


    If you’re taking 5 minutes to piss, you won’t make any ground anyway.

    If a group hunts, one guy can stop for a minute and just catch up with the rest.

    Also, that mode of hunting doesn’t involve covering ground in the sense of moving somewhere, the goal is to exhaust the prey, that could be done within a circle of 1km. Or 20km.


    This is true. There is no way of knowing whether early homo male stood up to urinate, or sat down on a toilet.


    Not sure what your point is. It’s not because a species is bipedal they do their business standing up straight.


    Millions of years of eating raw food and now cooking is better? Millions of years going by foot and now traveling by things with wheels is faster?

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