The thought of home internet with a limit gives me cold sweats


We live in an era where data caps at this point are fascist violence. Like we can handle streaming and torrenting no problem, there’s no excuse.


I would riot if I were faced with usage caps.

I just checked and 6 days into my billing cycle, my ISP reports that I’ve downloaded 160 gigs of data. That seems miss-estimated, but I’ll check the router logs later.

(2 WFH adults who put on streaming services for the dogs. No piracy, incidentally - only 6 gigs uploaded.)


…you put on shows for your dogs?


The noise is supposed to help with their separation anxiety.

I haven’t researched if there’s scientific studies backing it, but that’s the reason.


They would do the same for you.


You don’t?


I mean, yeah. Absolutely. In addition to separation anxiety, they both just get bored while we’re stuck working.

Our pitbull likes Disney movies. Our heeler really likes to watch large animals and dog herding shows, but gets too excited when small animals are on screen. Both of them really seem to enjoy dog agility competitions.


Managed to snatch a 50g plan for cheap and it included an option to carry over what hasn’t been used the previous month… I usually use about 2g/month now that I work from home 😂


I don’t think any isp were i live negoatiates because they are all bots all the way down . Wouldn’t be suprised if some AI who is gained sentient is secretly owning it.


wrong post.


You wouldn’t be buying internet access from Delamain, would you?

ThatWeirdGuy1001, avatar

All these tips in the comments are just giving me PTSD flashbacks from all the customers in my life that make things so much more difficult for me just to save the tiniest amount of money.

I get why y’all do it but man I’m just tryna do my job 😭


wrong post.


I have a unlimited plan for years now and couldn’t go back now.

The_Picard_Maneuver, avatar

Same. I’ve also heard that a lot of people have data caps on their home internet. That seems outrageous to me.


Yeah, that’s just bonkers. Imagine having a family of like 4 or 5 that all want watch youtube, tiktok and other stuff? Damn, i think you’ll be out of data in no time.

MentalEdge, (edited ) avatar

It feels so wrong that this is still a problem for so many around the world.

In Finland, completely unlimited data is the standard.

My biggest gripe with my internet connection at home is that I have to upgrade to the 20€/m plan to get 200m upload, because while the 10€/m plan comes with 300m down, it “only” has 50 up, making it quite slow to grab a few gigs of media files off my home server from outside my wifi. The building has fiber, there is NO REASON for the connection to be asymmetric!

But that feels like such a small problem compared to having my use of the internet rationed like it’s some limited resource we have to be careful “consuming”.

Reading about how the ISPs of the US literally just took money from the federal government, earmarked for internet infrastructure and literally did nothing with it, is infuriating!


Tell me about it, I just switched from 600Mbps down cable with frequent service loss to 50Mbps down cell but always available, and the cost for either is ridiculous, like 5-10x what you’re paying. AT&T offers fiber for the same price to my next door neighbor, but not to my address.


I pay 85 USD monthly, for Gig service down and get a whopping 40 up -_-

MentalEdge, avatar

Damn, that makes no fucking sense.

My situation used to be similar. The old plans went up to a gig down (now they go past even that) but the upload was the same 50 no matter what plan you got. Complete bullshit, average joe wouldn’t even notice the difference, it’s literally just a big “fuck you” to power users.


Not really a US thing, most carriers here offer unlimited data. More of a Canadian and European issue.

MentalEdge, (edited ) avatar

They offer it, yes.

But in Finland it’s difficult to get a plan that doesn’t have unlimited data.

Even prepaid sims work by deducting a cost off the balance each day you use data, but the actual amount used can be as much as you like for the duration of that day.


making it quite slow to grab a few gigs of media files off my home server from outside my wifi

Just admit it’s for uploading moe to lemmy :p

MentalEdge, avatar


MrJameGumb, avatar

I didn’t think any of the carriers still had tiered data plans! I haven’t heard about anyone running out of data in years lol

Fiivemacs, (edited )

You don’t run out, they just throttle you down to aol dialup. It’s better for the mega corps this way because if can use it but your frustrated so your more included to say yes to the speed upgrade for more money.

crony, (edited ) avatar

They do here, 1gb plan for 10 euro. Fuck Croatia.

My unlimited plan is about 35 euro. I have a lot of discounts so it is only 25 euro luckilly


I’m on a prepaid plan so I run out sometimes. Worth it for $15/mo service

Undearius, avatar

Up until about 6 months ago, Canada didn’t really have much more than 10GB plans for a decent price.

When providers started offering those 10GB plans for $60 a couple years ago, there were lineups out the door.

We finally entered the modern era where we can get 20GB for $34.


The worst is when you’re running low on data and then happen to get disconnected from Wi-Fi without realising.

A couple of YouTube videos and it’s all gone 😞


You should be able to set the resolution to automatically drop when on data. I can on Revanced at least, and I know it used to be an option in the normal app years ago.


If I was in your shoes, I would get in to the habit of toggling off my data to stop this happening.

Your phone should also allow you to set limits to stop data being used when you reach them.

Toes, (edited )

Here’s a tip for anyone who feels this meme is them.

You gotta negotiate and haggle with your provider. Yes it’s uncomfortable and you will likely need to lie about switching. But it’s the game that you gotta play for a better package.

You should be able to have at least 1GB for every 50¢ you’re spending above $20, depending on your region.

Edit: the best time to do this is on holiday weekends and the first business day of the month.

MentalEdge, avatar

I do this when I get phone calls from ISPs trying to sell me mobile plans.

I look up prices while the call is still on, then bullshit that I’ve received slightly cheaper offers than that and lie about planning on switching.

Usually leads to “give me a moment to check with someone” and them coming back and offering me the plan I wanted with about 10 bucks off the monthly cost

The reduced price always expires in a year or two, but by then I’ve usually pulled it off again.


$20? For that money it should be unlimited!


My plan gives me unlimited data, and I can’t imagine what plans other people are suffering with if they don’t have unlimited data 🤔


My mobile plan doesn’t give me unlimited data, but the tradeoff is that it’s $10 per line per month and then just charges extra for how much data I use (in $10 blocks). Add in taxes and it ends up usually being $35/month total for two people, which I think is pretty good.


I don’t have unlimited (10€/month) but after 186GB I’ll get throttled, or so I’ve heard.

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