Nah it’s ilmatieteenlaitos forever for me


I use Google since that has hourly. Couldn’t get that on breezy


I use that because I can’t be bothered with a weather app.

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Just installed Breezy, it looks like only AccuWeather has hourly. Wanted to use some open source service but none of them know where Canada is apparently


Kids these days with their GUIs and fancy apps. Just curl wttr.in as Thompson intended.


They’re not always correct, tho: recently checked it, it said smth like 14C which is supposed to be comfortable (yet it felt quite hot outside), then checked another provider – 18C (yeah, that’s closer).

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Breezy Weather for no BS and ad-free weather.

maniel, (edited )

Breezy Weather all the way, also like Flowx app for it’s easy to read and condensed whole week chart also available at a widget, name and icon looks like period taking tracking app but believe me it’s a weather app, shame it’s not open source


Like a period taking app? Like tracking my menstrual cycles?

maniel, (edited )

Yeah, I’ve meant a period tracking app, autocorrect 😁


I love breezy weather, but the widget has stopped updating since the last OS update. I’ve tried all of the stuff to prevent killing background apps. Anyone know a fix?


Gross, much prefer Wx, Breezy Weather and sometimes RadarOmega to watch severe weather outbreaks.


“Breezy Weather is a weather app with a strong focus on design, with a simple, clean UX, smooth animations, and Material Design all over, plus lots of customizability.”, github.com/breezy-weather/breezy-weather


I love Breezy Weather!


Clima is nice, you can get it from F-Droid.


Get yourself a government funded (well, taxpayer funded) weather forecast page. Quite accurate forecasts for weather, rain, cloudiness (including simulated radar models). Also radar images for cloudiness and rain. And free historic data. Without ads.

But I guess that sounds too communism


I use WTForecast. It’s funny. I guess I technically also use the default Android weather app, because my lock screen has rain or snow on it when either is happening outside, it’s kinda neat.


Nobody has mentioned windy. It has multiple maps and multiple sources you can look through. Highly recommend


To add to this, very much the red icon windy app, not the blue one.


What is the blue icon?


It’s a different app of the same name but it’s very much geared toward sporting weather than active weather.
It’s probably great if you go sailing a lot or fly a plane, but it’s not the best for hourly weather and radar.
They have the same name but it’s too very different experiences.
The windy app with a red icon is far superior in my opinion.


Yeah, I like the map view so much better than the way forecasts are usually given because it gives much better context. You can see the cold and warm fronts and the various storms in the area and watch the forecasts hone in on the truth as time passes and they need to rely less on intermediate forecasts as they get replaced with actual data.


I really like Weawow. I can customize the weather source and display it without ads.


I use Weawow as well and I like it. I really like the fact that I can use the NWS as my main source of information.


I made a small feature request one time and the dev was responsive and put it in the next update! it was lovely


Weather apps, huh? Ever heard of looking out the window?

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I just use a weather rock

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I like to throw mine at a famous person to find out if there are any active alerts


I switch weather apps a lot. Actually “clima” and “Bura” are really good. Clima has a simple design and Bura looks nice with some fancy graphs.


Doesn’t seem like those are available in Android.


They are on f-droid. Maybe izzy repo.

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I use Flowx, it’s customisability and access to so many excellent weather predictive models please me greatly.


Wx is available for free on fdroid. You’re welcome.


What is WX?


Just installed f droid to check this out. I don’t like it. Way too bare bones and not really intuitive.


It’s free/libre, open source and has accurate doppler radar and forecasts. It’s one of those get what you pay for deals except he doesn’t sell your data.

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